Nvidia just announced the GTX 1070, a card based on the new Pascal 16nm FinFET architecture that outperforms the Titan X and it’ll retail for $379. Plus, you’ll be be able to buy it from June 10th.

We were expecting big things from Nvidia at their special event in Austin, Texas today and they do seem to have delivered in spades. Hot on the heels of the announcement of a new flagship GPU based on the company’s new 16nm ‘Pascal’ process, the GTX 1080. But NVIDIA’s CEO saved the best for last.

The entry-level GTX 970 will be replaced come June 10th this year with the new Pascal-based GTX 1070, a card that, according to Nvidia, outperforms the current flagship GPU the ‘Maxwell’ based Titan X but will be available to buy from June 10th for just $379, not far from the current GTX 970 costs right now.

The current GTX 970 is cited in both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive recommended specifications for Nvidia cards, now it looks as if the entry-level card of choice has been soundly usurped.

This story is breaking and will develop.

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  • Sebastien Mathieu

    WWWWWHHHAATTTTTTT Awesome!!!! can’t wait!!!

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    WOW!!! Looks like I’ll be upgrading! I currently have the 970, which I just bought a couple months ago when I was building a VR capable rig. I knew pascal was coming, which is why I didn’t go with anything more expensive, now I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on a 980ti.

    • Firestorm185

      Agreed. Bought my 970 to just a few months ago. Guess I may be selling it soon.

    • TaxPayer

      Exactly what I said too, great news for VR too, it just got cheaper considering you will be able to get a used 970 for like 100 bucks..

    • cdm283813

      I did the same last November when I bought my 970. So I’m glad I didn’t get the 980ti knowing that Pascal was right around the corner. I’m gunning for the 1080 and it will be my card for the next 2 years at minimum.

    • Psycold

      I just bought a 980ti and I literally the day my 30 day return window ended, they announced the 1070 and 1080. I’ve already seen my $650 card going for $525 used on Ebay. I just lost out big time, really should have waited.

  • lanthas

    If the 970 is “entry level”, what do you call the 960 and 950..?

    Good to know the new models are coming so soon though. Guess I’ll hold off on upgrading from my current 560 a bit longer :)

    • realtrisk

      970 is the entry level to VIRTUAL REALITY, as was clearly stated in the article. Non VR-capable cards need not apply. That should be obvious if you’ve been even remotely paying attention for the last year.

      • lanthas

        Right, my bad :)

  • Doctor Bambi

    Was literally about to order a 970 today! I can hold off till June for this baby.

  • TaxPayer

    Wow… Was debating on getting a 970 or 980…. So glad I waited. The used sellers will be unhappy too. 970s will go for like 100 now.

  • Bryan Ischo

    What we really need is something based on the Pascal architecture that is as performant as the 970 for much less. If the GTX 1070 is $379, then how much would something in the GTX 970 performance realm be? $200? That would really help with VR adoption, if the graphics card you needed to upgrade to to meet VR requirements was only $200 …

    • Benjamin Denes Hoyt

      I believe that the card you are describing will be called the GTX 970…

  • Luke

    IMO entry level for vr is really expensive.

    maybe I will wait until a good GPU VR will cost 150 euro + vat.

    also VR HMD are really expensive. Oculus had to be cheap for everyone but now it’s relased is expensive.

    maybe, not for me.

  • Tyrus Gail

    Great cards. It was worth waiting. But very expensive – and for average gamer – totally not worth to buy right now (if he have a decent card now) .
    Especially when we don’t have any AAA games for VR (and we will not have for another year or so…). Or HMD with no pixels… 2-3 years and maybe VR (and VR ready GPU) will be worth to buy.
    For now, spending 2x699USD is just crazy for few simple pixelated games. Belive me.

    • Raphael

      Thanks for sharing your expert view. I’m sure you’ve made a lot of people see the light and avoid buying VR and these new GPUs now. Personally I’m going to ignore your expert opinion and replace my 970 with at least the 1070.

      I run Elite Dangerous and with HTC Vive it can only run on LOW settings. I have other demanding VR games that could make use of a GPU faster than 970.

      You fall into the category of VR noob. That is someone who thinks the only important factor for VR is pixel resolution.

      • Psycold

        Yeah because calling people noobs and sounding like a 12 year old really makes people care about your “expert view”.

        • Raphael

          You care…..

  • Rayza

    Bit harsh on those of us that recently bought a 980ti for £600 but such is life. I think i will wait for the next generation of cards before upgrading, most likely the 1180ti.

    • Justin Raymond

      Think about those of us who recently bought a Titan X – Think i will still wait a while.

      • Rayza

        tbh buying a titan x was always a bit crazy considering the price gap between it and a 980ti

    • Psycold

      Same boat friend. For people that bought a 980ti in the past 6 months there should be some sort of trade in program available. I paid $650 for my card, and Nvidia NEVER goes cheaper…they always just kept increasing prices, so how were we supposed to know we were basically being ripped off by buying any top of the line card in the past few months? Kinda lame.

      • Raphael

        Ummm… the trade-in program is selling your 980Ti… that will yield a very good return. What do you have to complain about?

        • Psycold

          Ummm…the fact that used 980 ti’s will not hold their value like all previous Nvidia cards have since they first came out with the GTX line…it’s pretty obvious.

          • Raphael

            So you think the 980ti will sell for $200 used? I doubt it.

  • Kahlrim

    i don’t need it

  • RockstarRepublic

    For those of us who have the 970-980 ti, this hurts BUT… just hold out one more year and the next wave after this one should be perfect.