Over the last year, Oculus’ public hardware ambitions have mostly centered around their upcoming standalone headsets (Oculus Go and Santa Cruz), with little to say about what’s next for the company’s PC VR headset, the Rift. Addressing a small but growing anxiety among their Rift user base—that Oculus is shifting focus away from PC VR in its efforts to push mobile VR—the company affirmed at GDC that its commitment to the PC VR ecosystem hasn’t changed, and the company believes PC will lead the VR industry for the next decade.

Speaking during a session at GDC 2018 this week, Oculus’ Head of Content, Jason Rubin, addressed the company’s commitment to PC VR as one of the very first topics covered.

“I want to be really really clear here: PC is vital to the VR business. We think PC will lead the industry for the next decade or more,” he said. “There’s so much more we’re going to be able to do with VR, and PC is where we figure that out. So Oculus is investing just as much in PC as ever. We’re in all three categories [PC, mobile, and standalone], and plan to stay there.”

Jason Rubin speaks at the podium alongside a panel of Oculus colleagues | Image courtesy Oculus

Part of that investment is presumably in future PC VR hardware, though the company has steered clear of directly addressing plans for anything like a ‘Rift 2’, even going so far to say that they don’t expect the original Rift to see a successor until at least 2019.

Where the company has been visibly investing in the future of PC VR is in their ongoing funding of Oculus exclusive titles.

“What we think consumers want, and what’s going to work, is AAA content. And we’re going to invest in that.” Rubin continued, saying that, now that VR is growing, Oculus Studios is focusing on funding fewer, larger titles than in the past. The company believes that big budget content will draw players into the Oculus ecosystem, and then smaller developers will benefit from the larger addressable audience.

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Oculus' Head of Content, Jason Rubin

Back in July last year, Rubin told us that the company’s content investments had grown to the $1 million to $5 million range, and in October the company revealed a yet named VR title in production from Respawn Studios, the developers of Titanfall.

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  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    A lot of stuff that comes out of Oculus these days is not tailored specifically for Rift. Plenty of tabletop games or games that can be otherwise easily ported to an AR device (since they don’t take up your entire field of view) and/or Santa Cruz :/

    • Stephanie

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      • Matilde Constance

        Misleading publicity

        • MeowMito

          It’s a spam… click block user at the corner of the comment post.

  • There is no need for a new rift. Oculus is smart for focusing on content and not rush out new hardware there barely enough rift owners and for some reason they keep asking for upgrades.. htc is making huge mistake glad to see oculus isn’t doing the same

    • Cristianfx

      agreed. Maybe a good wireless addon but content is what i want more.

      • Chris Gates

        Resolution increase and FOV increase please. Tired of looking through blurry ski goggles.

    • Well, better resolution/FOV makes for a far more immersive and better experience. Can’t blame them. Folks want the worlds to feel very much real. Of course you see what they mean until you try the better resolution.

      htc’s huge mistake is a dumb price with no trade in deals.

      • Eddie Barsh


      • I can wait for all those things i want devs to learn how to make good games first before i worry about those things

        • Well, it’s not the devs job to worry about upgraded/future hardware.

          • In fact it is the devs job to worry about that. All these feature u giys ask for increase the cost to making the games and the fact most vr games are created by a indie dev they have to watch the cost levels. When u increase fov that is a big area to render to meaning more powerful gpu needed at a time when we need to get ways to have weaker hardware to be able to run vr games. Both hmd combine haven’t reach 1 mil yet added newer feature hmd isn’t going to help that fact. Focusing on the content will. Higher res and bigger fov can wait about 2 or so more yrs to come out when there is like 5 mil each sold hmd out there and the newer gpu can handle the feature set of what is to come. There no need to rush

          • Don’t think it can wait more than a year. With better resolution can help sell VR, FOV is another story. But at least they can bump up the resolution.

            Rather not wait more than a year for that.
            Can a bump up in resolution be as much troublesome and costly for devs?

            Although it wouldn’t be mandatory to create VR games with higher resolution, it may come sometime after the game releases giving devs some time to adapt to it.

            It maybe a slow process, but at least they won’t be forced since the Pro is not next gen.

            They’ll be ok. They won’t rush, some wont anyway.

          • True a bump in res won’t affect devs too much but if we wait till 2020 we can get 4k×4k per eye which in oculus roadmap anything before then will be a halfass upgrade like the pro. The pro will be a good test case the fact the tgr samsung hmd already has the 1600×1440 per eye at $500 and yet it’s not sell anywhere as close to the rift or current vive might show a bump in res isn’t what is needed to sell more hmd. I think it’s games that going to sell hmd oculus is building a brand once they have the in the mind of most people out there they will release thw cv2 amd it will sell like crazy.. so i figure that will be released 2020 but announced in 2019

          • Muzufuzo

            From asking a lot of different people I discovered that there are 3 main reasons why they don’t buy VR:
            * not enough full-fledged experiences
            * low pixel count and field of view
            * 3x too high price
            Everything needs to become better.

          • Really i hear lack of games and price of the pc.. at $400 for thr oculus seem it be a sweet spot the cost of the hmd isn’t that big of a deal anymore

          • Muzufuzo

            PC is less of a deal because fast PC can be used not only for VR and it’s good to have it anyway. While VR is an expensive additional input/output device, used for VR games only. Paying 400 USD for something that is going to get outdated by mid 2019 (CV2), as if your 1000$ PC being outdated after 4 years wasn’t enough of a problem already.

          • Those who can afford the pc that can run the rift can afford the rift. The cost of the pc itself is big hold back with oculus being at $400.. i sell computers working pt at bestbuy i don’t hear the tge cost of tge rift is too most i hear “i wish i had a pc to run it?” I never here anyone say the rift expensive. I even had times i had to talk people out of buying it cause they didn’t have a pc able to run it. Lol one couple i tried to talked out of it bought it anyway the the husband saying he going to take it over his brother’s house to use until he can afford a pc of his own to use it with.

        • Lucretia Montgomery

          Catch 22 situation, devs don’t want to commit to hardware constantly in flux and don’t commit to serious VR dev work due t poor financial returns leading to fragmented and shallow adoption.

      • kool

        Its growing pains, you cant be an early adopter and want a new product before the original product gains a foot hold without some caveats…

    • Flyby Wire

      I do own a Rift since last November and i am quite happy with it. I would like to have things like better resolution, increased FOV and wireless. What HTC did with the Vive Pro is neither fish nor meat, well at least the price is quite solid. Just the same display as the Samsung Odyssey, cameras for whatever future use and the compatibility to a tracking system you cant buy is no justification for that price.
      An update i would consider worth buying, from whichever brand, has to cover all aspects. Little update, big price, and then rinse repeat is not the way to go.

    • gnarppy

      Their PC VR market share is extremely underwhelming for the supposed leaders of VR, so idk how a single person can say they don’t need new hardware.

      A phone company with more expensive headset did better until Oculus raced to bottom on price, yet the phone company is keeping up relatively well still with a more expensive headset.

  • Lou Wallace

    Your buddy Kent bye says oculus lied to his face. Nate is a thief. You give us a good laugh making yourself look foolish even asking liars and thieves questions. Mark did say dumbfucks abound.

  • Nathan Williams

    If they want the Rift to feel like a flagship product they can start by tearing down the meaningless silo that keeps it from accessing much of the content from the Gear VR ecosystem. There’s no technical reason why it can’t run a superset of the experiences out there, but it’s treated like something people only want to game on.

    • Huh this make no sense at all please explain this reasoning i feel like it they should keep the two separate

      • Nathan Williams

        Because not everyone has a Samsung smartphone or wants to buy a glorified ViewMaster when they’ve already invested in a Rift. Oculus pushing lucrative AAA exclusives on Rift doesn’t change the fact that a lot of the interesting experiments with VR content are inaccessible on a PC. Some of that’s due to Samsung, but Oculus hosts this stuff side-by-side on their site which is misleading if they’re not working to promote greater compatibility, even if only via emulation. Oculus Go sounds like even more fragmentation, but we’ll see.

        • ‘Catan VR’ Launches with Cross-play for Rift and Gear VR, Headed to Oculus Go”
          Time shall tell

          • Tracey Flasch

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        • Lucretia Montgomery

          Nathan my man! Exactly what I have been saying.

        • Sandy Wich

          Agree 100%, I couldn’t believe the two systems were seperated. I was so pissed cus I was trying to get a few different apps working, but it didn’t explain to me that they were exclusive to Gear VR for some reason???

      • Sarah

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  • “There’s so much more we’re going to be able to do with VR, and PC is where we figure that out”

    Makes it sound like PC users are guinea pigs :)

  • Lucidfeuer

    Jason Rubin was better at ND. This statement that PC is the future of VR doesn’t make sense and is beyond stupid. But well, even if current brands fail it leaves the door open to others.

  • kontis

    Read: these smartglasses Zuckerberg wanted for 2025 may take us longer, so we will still use PC. But once we have them it’s obvious PC will be a workstation only thing and consumer devices will be 100% standalone + cloud.

    • Muzufuzo

      that would be stupid
      bigger computers will always be faster and have more memory
      why use 10 tflops smartglasses while you can use 1000 tflops PC?
      or maybe you think that VR/MR/AR is going to be streamed from the cloud?

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    Desktop VR is short term. Santa Cruz is the correct path for VR.

    • Muzufuzo


      • Smokey_the_Bear

        Because people want to use it wherever they want…not just in their living room. Plus, the number of people who own desktops is ever shrinking. I’m really looking forward to their May f8 conference, since the “Go” should be already out, so I expect to hear plenty on Santa Cruz. Which I think will launch November 2018.

        • brubble

          people who own desktops is ever shrinking? where did you get that evidence?

          • Smokey_the_Bear

            Look at the younger generation, they don’t own PC’s, and don’t want one.

          • brubble

            ….if you say so.

        • VRcity

          I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are heavily into mobile gaming on your cell phone. The fact that you lack the basic understanding in the amount of processing power to perform the required task for a true mobile gaming platform is laughable. Even the GS9+ can only perform basic 2d/3d gaming on a single screen. How many years would you expect before a BS Santa Cruz platform can perform as well as a desktop and a dedicated GPU. I think you are confusing your love for cheap ridiculous mobile games like my wife for a VR experience. I think you should look more into AR than VR.

          • Smokey_the_Bear

            Actually I rarely game, and never mobile gaming. I bought a vive when it was first released, built a PC for it, had some fun, but lack of content made me sell it, that and a damn cord, I felt like a human vacuum cleaner. Now I have a Odyssey, it’s ok, better visuals, but tracking is worst. I vid card is a couple years old (970), and I don’t want to shell out a grand to Nvidia for a new one.
            You’re right about AR, I’m looking forward to trying a second gen hololens or magic leap 1, since I want to use it for far more then just gaming.

  • oompah

    These headsets look like dinosaurs
    I think the headsets should be like
    that of spiderman

  • Raphael

    I was disappointed to learn that crystal meth is yet another octopus mobile powered VR thing. At least they could have designed one that bridged both worlds: internal 6dof tracking, qualcomm powered but with ability to connect to PC wirelessly.

  • NooYawker

    I wonder when the full page apology will happen for oculus users. Or do they fall under the Facebook umbrella?

  • oompah

    What PC
    As of now children are playing games mostly
    on cell phones that cost 100$
    PC hah ha ha
    call it a future STB
    or DIE

  • gnarppy

    I flat out do not believe much of anything that Rubin blathers on about. I don’t know anyone that does either.

    Oculus are not putting much focus into Rift and PC. If they were their approach would be vastly different.

    Barely any pc VR developers are making any money and they’ve now shifted to funding those that already have the cash. Great. And now the unfunded have to compete even more so than before with the funded and more polished and fleshed out content. WTF.

    And don’t even mention PC VR hardware. Already behind, and nothing to even preview suggesting a long time before a new PC headset comes out. Even just making a PC Go equivalent headset without mobile SOC, but adding Touch compat and having HDMI and usb would be enough to get more users onboard PCVR for $275 or so. But they aren’t doing even that much. Wow.

  • Sandy Wich

    There’s never been commitment to the Rift. Just a placeholder for other people to commit for them.

    Shit apps/games across the board, 3rd party timed scumbag exclusives, glitchy operating system, terrible bugs. Hell, up until Devo player got it’s last update, watching VR adult entertainment was annoying as hell to get all videos working correctly.

    What leads me to believe they are going to commit? I don’t see a better pc headset, I don’t see must have games that Oculus is funding, “I know about the Titanfall dev one that was announced, but it’s years away.” I can’t even play Fallout 4 on my bloody system without hacks/mods and even then it still sucks.

    And tbh, Vive/Steam isn’t much better. I’m not expecting AAA 100 million dollar budget games made exclusively for VR with a user base that can’t support that kind of money yet, but it would be nice to see SOMETHING by now…

    ..God I hope that the Valve VR games are actually happening, and if they are, that one of them is Left For Dead 3.

    • brubble

      Good to know. Ive been fence sitting on vr, waiting until they get their shit in order. Seems like its going to be a while unless some other company takes the lead.

    • Chris7

      Dude what fuckin planet you live on

    • Chris7

      Funny you mention a game that oculus announced and is years away and then had the nerve to say I hope valve vr games are actually happening. Oculus has published a lot of vr content…. Way. More then I can say for Valve or htc

  • Alfredo Villar

    I do not recommend buying anything from Oculus. It has the worst customer service I’ve seen. I bought oculus rift of oficial website and the screen had white spots.The solution that they give me is to buy others, not only that, they do not have repair service, that is, if any time you break any component or it comes to you, they will not take charge. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9ae5d03066f906ae20db24e9e25cd658170502ff07ac9fc93783158e71634cd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/589cfe7b578fa94dfac45432c4dc96eb88c0449c8e9ba2257698574b075ca921.jpg