Outside of the initial setup process, you don’t really need a smartphone to run Oculus Go—after all, it’s a standalone headset for a reason. And while Oculus today rolled out screen casting on Go, you may rethink that decision to leave your phone in your pocket when you show off your shiny new headset at Thanksgiving next month.

Now available in beta through the Oculus mobile app, users of Oculus Go can stream a live view of VR experiences directly to your smartphone or tablet.

To access the feature, simply pull up the Oculus Go menu in VR and select “Cast,” which sends a push notification to the headset’s companion mobile device.

“As long as both the headset and your phone or tablet are on the same WIFI network, you’re just a quick tap away from streaming your content,” the company says in a blogpost.

Image courtesy Oculus

The feature was originally promised back at Oculus Connect 5, which included a host of updates coming to Go and Rift.

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  • JesuSaveSouls

    Not a bad feature but not as pleasant for others watching.Since the movement in vr is at the perspective of the player.

  • Darshan

    Not much useful feature…Video In over USB would be more useful feature

    • jj

      this is a useful feature especially for developers

    • Jorgie

      What? Just about every Go user has tried to demo the Go to someone and been frustrated that they could not see what the demo user was seeing. This is like the number one requested feature. Who cares about casting? You can already stream in many different ways.


    Great to hear, since Quest will then support it from the getgo. Which comes in very handy for partygames and asymmetrical gaming.

  • Ted Joseph

    I just want the Plex app to start working. It freezes too much, and the quality is poor. I have an extremely fast mesh wifi so I dont understand it….

  • Simon Wood

    It seems that the (receiving) capability is limited the Oculus app, why not regular ChromeCast or Miracast (to large screen TV/etc)?

    It would also be interesting to go the other way (phone->go) or (go->go) with the incoming stream displayed in virtual cinema.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Look! A micro-functionality that should have been there out-of-the-box…3 years ago.

    • OkinKun

      The Go came out earlier THIS year.. And this feature really only applies to Go anyway. Frankly, it makes sense that it took some time to get it working, it’s not as simple as you might think, considering the processing limitations.
      We didn’t need this feature built into Rift, because we’ve always been able to do this on the PC side, without needing a built-in feature, because plenty of programs already exist for casting/recording/whatever you want to do. That’s the nice thing about PC, features don’t have to be entirely built into 1 program, if you need a feature, just find another program.
      We’ve been doing this functionality since the Dev Kit days, and every time we use VR at a party.

      • Lucidfeuer

        Serve that bullshit to anybody but me. I’ve been able to screencast from Gear VR for 3 years now. So no there’s no excuse, nor news for such a minor functionality.

  • Oriato

    With which OS version does the version come? Mine is on 3.49.58 and lacks the option.

  • Cool, finally!

  • John Birch

    I justed tried it oculus go to iPhone XS max then airplay to the big screen. Cast looks great but no sound except through the oculus. Probably me doing bad. I went to Pornhub and tried to cast video, nyet. I am not surprised. Anyway it’s easy to use for sure