Oculus Founder, Epic CTO, and More Appear in New Episodic VR Documentary by Epic Games


Having been involved with Oculus from early on, Epic Games, the company behind the popular Unreal Engine, continues to expand its scope and interest in the burgeoning VR industry. Today the company has revealed the first episode in what they’re calling a “documentary series,” exploring the disruption that VR is creating in the gaming industry.

With Unreal Engine one of the key early game engines to support Oculus, Epic has worked closely with the company alongside the meteoritic rise of virtual reality. Oculus has turned to the company over the years to create stunningly performant VR demos to show off on the Rift VR headset. Oculus Story Studio has chosen Unreal Engine as the engine of choice for Henry, their real-time cinematic VR short.

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Now in a new “documentary series,” called ‘Sense of Presence’, Epic writes their own words into the broader story of the beginning of the consumer virtual reality era.

The first episode released today is titled ‘What Is Virtual Reality?’, and briefly surveys what VR brings to the table in the minds of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri, and other influencers in the space.

Epic says that this is a series so we expect to see more episodes coming down the line. With the story of VR still very much being written, this short film should be seen as an unashamedly enthusiastic prologue for the main story of consumer VR’s revival, the first chapter of which we get to enjoy next year.

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