Facebook slashed the price of Oculus Go for Black Friday, and kept it for the post-holiday season. Now, the company has confirmed that it’s permanently sticking with that pricing scheme, which comes to $150 for the 32GB version and $200 for the $64GB version.

Residents in the Euro Zone will find both Oculus Go variants for €160/€220, and for £140/£190 in the UK. Regional Amazon sites and Oculus.com currently reflect the new permanent price.

Facebook confirmed the pricing scheme with UploadVR, stating that “Oculus Go is now priced at $149 USD, which is equal to a $50 price drop. We are applying comparable discounts across all countries where Go is sold. Updated pricing is rolling out to all channels.”

Launched in May 2018 for $200/$250, Oculus Go was the company’s first standalone VR headset. It’s major claim to fame was its low-friction appeal to new VR users, which gave access to a respectable library of games and experiences that were generated over the life cycle of its smartphone-driven predecessor, Samsung Gear VR.

Image courtesy Oculus

Like Gear VR, Oculus Go only has head tracking (three degrees of freedom) and comes with a single controller, which is basically targeted at casual users looking for an easy way to either consume media or play simpler games than you might find on the company’s $400/$450 positionally-tracked standalone, Oculus Quest.

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Granted, you probably won’t see many new games or apps being created for Go, as it largely benefited from the company’s previous content investment for Gear VR. It is however an absolute steal if you’re looking for a dedicated media device for Netflix/Hulu/YouTube viewing and don’t mind the lack of VR’s most compelling games, which by design can only be played on either PC VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or Valve Index, or Oculus Quest.

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  • Xron

    Now we need Go 2nd gen, with specs around quest level…
    Or I guess the market for Go might not be big enough and quest will be way more popular.

    • mfx

      The best design choice Go 2 would be the following specs:
      -pancake lenses with flatter/lighter design (like Huawei VR glasses)
      -RGB stripe screens (around 1.6k x 1.6k per eye) (LCD for cost reasons and to keep OLED tech for more expensive Quest2)
      -6DoF because 2020.

      • So… it should be the Quest? lol

        • Jistuce

          Well, it should be the Quest, but a Quest that only costs two Bennie Franklins.

    • ivan

      I think Oculus Quest is 2nd gen of Oculus Go)

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Do we think this is a clearance sale? With Qualcomm having said there will be a lot of new headsets coming out in 2020 based on their chips, I believe Facebook will fase out the Go and release a new one.

    • MeowMix

      I’m hoping the GO 2 includes Oculus Insight tracking (maybe just 2 cameras), no physical controller, and takes advantage of hand tracking. Such a device could launch in the 2021-22 time frame. A simple 6dof device with hand tracking could be popular among many lower end users and small businesses.

      This would allow for a VR video viewer, maintaining parity with 6dof social VR programs, and allowing small business to take advantage of VR apps for customers with the included hand tracking (real estate apps for demoing multiple properties, training apps, education, etc…)

      If they can keep the price point under $300, then the GO 2 (2 camera 6dof and hand tracking) could be a real winner.

  • MosBen

    This sure feels like clearing stock before eliminating the SKU. I would also anticipate either a price drop or big bundle for Quest for holidays 2020, which will move it closer to the market level that the Go was in anyway. I don’t really think that they’re going to announce a new headset this year. If they were going to do that I think we would have seen it at CES. But maybe for 2021.

  • Every sale of this inferior device is another blow against VR. *THIS* is how VR get’s judged unfairly. Anything short of 6DOF w/Hand Tracking isn’t REAL VR. It’s nauseating to use and interactively weak

    I’d say all GO units should all be destroyed IMMEDIATELY and Facebook should eat the cost and push out the Quest, even at a financial loss. The Quest is full VR, even if it’s entry level on the graphics side. Better yet, it can get people hyped up to spend the money on PCVR, where the really amazing stuff is.

    Actually, considering how PCVR hype sells video cards, nVidia *should*, by all rights, pay Facebook some money. PCVR is pushing those 2000 series cards more then anything else. It’s the only reason those cards are on my radar. Couldn’t care less about 4k. I’m playing a game on a couch with a 55″ TV at 6 feet distance. How many people are so eagle-eyed they can spot the difference in quality at that range? But dropped frames in an HMD, just 1″ from my eye? That sh*t HURTS!

    • mfx

      Everyone should loose their money to pay for your comfort in short…?

    • impurekind

      For what it does and what it costs this is a great choice for more casual VR consumption. It’s not a low quality VR experience; it’s just a limited VR experience. Christ, I already have a Rift CV1 and even I’m considering buying this at the reduced price.

    • MeowMix

      Some ppl just want a simple VR viewer for lets just be honest, for watching VR porn. To say they need a $399 Oculus Quest is moronic and hurtful to the industry. The GO at $150 is an excellent option and pricepoint.

    • Vegeta2988

      Touting it as “VR” is what is poisoning the well. It should be reclassified as a “360 viewer”.

      • Jistuce

        Oculus Viewmaster.

        Hell, I’d consider buying one at that point. Facebook, get with Mattel and make this happen!

  • impurekind

    I 100% thumbs up this.

  • blue5peed

    Underated device still the best way to watch movies. Well it would be if it actually had a battery, competent cooling, sensible head strap, 6dof… Okay the go has a lot of problems but it’s still useful, kinda/sorta… in a pinch?

    I think If the quest had an LCD there really would be no purpose in the go.

    • MeowMix

      I think If the quest had an LCD there really would be no purpose in the go.

      GO still has the price advantage. For simple VR video watching, a $150 device vs a $400 device, the GO is a real win.

      GearVR and Daydream are already dead. If all VR devices switched over to the expensive $400 and up options, the VR porn industry would probably take a considerable hit.

    • david vincent

      Nah, a PCVR headset like Rift S or Index is better for watching movies because you can use 5.1 speakers with them.

      • NooYawker

        The whole point of the Go is it’s cheap and you can put it on anywhere. PCVR you can only use by your PC.

  • mfx

    I would love a Quest 2, but it won’t happen anytime soon, because they will follow the console release style (push an old hardware to its max capabilities for years with optimized content, then a big leap new version).

    They need a line with a entry level product and a high end one.
    I am actually surprised that they don’t have a “super” Rift similar to a Pimax 8k+ just for showing the best Oculus tech can do.

  • MeowMix

    It is however an absolute steal if you’re looking for a dedicated media device for Netflix/Hulu/YouTube viewing

    Yes. Thank you. The GO is a great VR viewer for watching VR videos. It still far excels Quest/Rift/RiftS in that department. At $150 it is a steal ! And having a dedicated VR video viewer is a good thing.

    • david vincent

      Nah, Rift S is better for watching movies because you can use 5.1 speakers.

    • NooYawker

      I got one for a friend to watch movies and use mediation apps. She enjoys it.

  • Vegeta2988

    The Go is poison in the well for VR and I will never support this device.

  • Ok, this is a clear sign that this device is at the end of its life

    • Jistuce

      Thank goodness.

  • Siddharth Saxena

    I think you have the wrong pricing for the 128 GB Quest

  • I managed to blow a friend away with some VR videos a few days ago using my GO. I considered leaving it at home but took it along anyway. I also use my Go to watch YouTube VR180 videos considering there is no way to do so on PC anymore… Downloaders only get a 2D version and the official app has not been updated in years!