Oculus’ new developer hub website is up and running, featuring better navigation, documentation and search capabilities. The improvements address many of the requests and feedback received from the recent global developer survey, and follows an initiative to increase overall support for the developer community.

The site, found at developer.oculus.com, now has a new header and collapsable left-side navigation throughout, split into the sections Discover, Design, Develop, Distribute, Support and Manage. Alternatively, you can use the new search icon in the top right. The documentation has been refreshed in ‘many areas’, including the Platform SDK, and a Feedback button has been added to bottom of every page.

There has been a concerted effort to improve communication overall, the company says, increasing the size of the support team since January, moderating the developer forum, answering direct support questions and improving the FAQ pages, in addition to more frequent developer-focused content on the developer blog, where you can find further information on the site changes.

The changes also centralize the Request Hardware page, under the Support section, where developers can apply to receive VR hardware to build apps and experiences.

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  • Thomas Phifer

    Awesome! Gonna check this out!