‘Medium’ Update Lets You Sculpt in VR With Friends

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Oculus Medium lets you sculpt virtual models in VR, but until now you’ve had to do it all alone. A new update to the program brings multiplayer functionality, allowing you and a friend to create and collaborate together.

Version 1.2 of Medium, now available, adds the Studio Share feature which lets you connect with a friend so that you can talk and see each other’s creations as you work on them. As far as we can tell, the multiplayer functionality is limited to two users at a time, and you can’t sculpt the same model together, but you can at least sculpt your own models separately. Still, each user is able to see the other user’s model and see the sculpting happening in real-time, as well as communicate as you build.

The update makes Medium the first of the major VR art tools (Quill, Tilt Brush, and Blocks being the others) to offer multiplayer functionality; Tilt Brush had teased the feature many months ago but we’ve yet to see it launch as an update to the program.

Medium version 1.2 also comes with set of new tools to make artist’s lives easier:

  • Move Tool—Grab and adjust parts of your sculpt without sacrificing fine detail
  • Reference Meshes—Import 3D meshes for reference or use our preloaded samples
  • Color Picker Eyedropper and Palettes—Use the eyedropper to select the exact color you want from a reference image, and explore our new color palettes
  • Manipulators—Rotate and scale objects and layers precisely along axes
  • Sculpt Origin—Set your sculpt’s position, orientation, and size for consistent exporting

Medium is free for Oculus Touch owners.

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