Oculus today announced it is supporting subscriptions via the Quest platform. It’s not only set to streamline a number of fitness and productivity apps which already offer subscriptions hosted outside of the ecosystem, but also make the subscription process easier for users from the get-go.

Oculus says App subscription offerings will differ by title; some will be wholly subscription services, while others may optionally lock certain content and features behind subscriptions.

Subscriptions are live starting today, with the following games offering support for premium content via the Oculus Store for Quest and Quest 2: FitXR, Rec Room (via Rec Room ‘Plus’), Tribe XR, TRIPP, vSpatial, and VZfit.

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Native Oculus Store support for app subscriptions ostensibly streamlines billing for the company, but it also makes it possible to know just how much subscriptions will cost each month upfront so there aren’t any inconvenient surprises waiting for you once you’ve downloaded the game for ‘free’.

Oculus is also making it possible for developers to optionally create free trials for subscription-based apps, which is good to hear. Free trials can be cancelled “at any time to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle,” the company says.

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  • I hate subscriptions

  • MadMax1998

    FitXR is getting review-bombed right now for taking content out that was previously up for purchase in the base app and the DLC packs. They have also taken out features and revamped the UI to be worse than before. It borders on anti-consumer behavior.

    • Helen Farnsworth

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  • Fabian

    I am disgusted by these pricing models. Do these tiny studios offering FitXr, VzFit or whatever app that is slightly more than “hello word” really believe they delivery content at the same level like Netflix or XBox game pass? They should be happy getting 5$ once and stfu.

    • care package

      I mean why not if people are willing to do it lol. I wouldn’t but that’s me. I agree totally though. Reminds me of low budget films priced the same as big budget. Annoys the hell out of me.