A new VR Games Showcase is kicking off next month, promising a peek at ‘AAA’ VR games and major updates coming from a number of studios, including nDreams, Vertigo Games, Schell Games, Flat2VR Studios, and IO Interactive.

Coming August 15th and presented by VR veteran Jamie Feltham, the inaugural VR Games Showcase will cover a variety of games targeting Quest, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

The showcase is set to feature over 15 titles and announcements, including Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded gameplay, updates from Flat2VR Studios, and new titles from Combat Waffle Studios, the team behind Ghosts of Tabor.

We’re also set to learn about what’s next from Vertigo Games, nDreams, Schell Games, Fast Travel Games, Beyond Frames, and more studios which will be revealed closer to the showcase.

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“Announcements have been carefully curated in order to deliver a tight, focused event that highlights the best VR has to offer in 2024 and beyond,” Feltham reveals, noting that many of the featured titles will also be shown to press and content creators in the recently announced Home of XR megabooth at Gamescom 2024.

The VR Games Showcase is slated to air on Thursday, August 15th at 12:00 PM ET (local time here).

You can catch it then via the showcase’s official YouTube channel and co-streaming partners.

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  • Jesus Christ, who's kidding who …??
    How many fucking times have we VR faithful been promised the Moon
    as far as these stupid "VR Showcases" are concerned …??
    Then we all sit patiently, wait for the date to arrive, and what do we get …??

    In a way, I can't blame the entities that put these shows on:
    after all, they keep using the same lie over & over & over again,
    and we just keep falling for it year after year ….
    We always think: "OK, this year, it's gonna be different, you'll seesorz!!1!"
    But it never is.
    So if year after year after year, they keep sliding their hands into our pocket,
    take our hard-earned dough and we just stand there and let them do it,
    OF COURSE they're gonna keep doing it.

    Any so-called "AAA Announcements" will be made ONLY at a Connect.
    And why shouldn't they be?
    I expect precisely Z-E-R-O from this presentation next month ….
    []^ (

    • Jeff

      This rant seems a bit unwarranted and over the top, but there's one thing I wanted to address in particular:

      "So if year after year after year, they keep sliding their hands into our pocket,
      take our hard-earned dough and we just stand there and let them do it,
      OF COURSE they're gonna keep doing it."

      How is a games showcase taking money out of your pocket exactly?

    • Peter vasseur

      Ok well while some of your comment is valid. The meta fanboyism surely is not. Quest is the only hmd that offers aaa games.

  • kakek

    An analogy of what ? You sure yoou know what that word means ?

  • kakek



    • ViRGiN

      Coming from a guy who said Half-Life 2 has multiplayer… brilliant.

      • kakek

        Half-Life 2: Deathmatch was HL2's multplayer.
        Unless you wanna go "Well, teshnically"

        • ViRGiN

          Ackchyually, came out 2 weeks later as _separate purchase_.

    • You don't think MOHAB on Quest 2's AAA …??

      • kakek

        In budget yes.
        In everything else, failure of a AAA.

  • Octogod

    "Biggest and brightest developers", aka people who wrote him a check that cashed.

    Here's hoping he's pulling in those Upload rates of $5k-$15k per trailer featured!

  • ViRGiN

    Flat2VR on a VR showcase? Showcase by UploadVR guys? The same guys who wrote 3 articles about Tabor in a single day? The same guys who were invited to Tabor for real life event?

    Everything UVR is such a pure joke.

  • So we are a small community and we are even fragmenting our VR showcases… this makes no sense

    • ViRGiN

      UploadVR gotta work harder ever since Palmer Luckey stopped bleeding money on the project years ago.

      Do you remember when they tried to force only paid subscribers to be able to comment? Failed miserably with next to zero commentators. Their survival is dependant on all sort of shilling and sponsorships and crossovers. Being toxically positivite about VR is their way to survive.

      • Mateusz Jakubczyk

        The funny thing is that under the news on UploadVR about VR Games Showcase there was previously a comment that slightly (but not hatefully) criticized the last UploadVR Showcase, but the comment quickly disappeared and now adding new ones has been blocked there… Do they not like criticism? :P

        • Eddy

          Their article's comments are open tho?

          • Mateusz Jakubczyk

            A few months ago they allowed registered users to add comments without having to pay, but in this article they blocked it :P

          • Eddy

            I remember, sh*t move paywalling it before. I just left a comment there so its not blocked, might need to be logged in? Idk,

          • Mateusz Jakubczyk

            In that article about VR Games Showcase? I don't see any comments there or the option to add them, and I checked on different devices.

          • Eddy

            Yeah, that article. Dunno what to say in that case


    Just sayin….Asgards Wrath 2 = AAA