Oculus Quest software v32 is now rolling out to users, and includes a few things aimed at improving Oculus Move, app gifting, friends lists, and file syncing for local headset media.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes coming to v32. As with all software updates, v32 is still rolling out, so make sure to check under the ‘Quick Settings’ tab when in-headset to see which version you’re running, and whether the update is available.

Facebook & Oculus Combined Friends

The v32 software update is creating a combined friends list across Oculus and Facebook, which will let you find, join, and chat with both your Facebook and Oculus friends in one place via the ‘People’ tab in ‘Messenger’.

Image courtesy Facebook

Previously you’d have to switch between your Oculus and Facebook profiles whilst in Messenger, which was merely a single button click. It’s not a massive change in the face of the full Oculus/Facebook login integration that happened with the entrance of Quest 2 late last year, however it’s clear the company wants to draw its VR users ever closer to the mothership social platform with the integration.

The company underlines in a blogpost that in the v32 update Facebook and Oculus friends “will remain separate, so your Oculus friends still can’t see your Facebook profile or activity unless you separately add them as friends on Facebook.”

In whatever case, we suggest making sure you check out what data Facebook is collecting and tune up your privacy settings so you know just how truly separate your ‘HotBoi98’ Oculus profile is from your ‘John Smith Jr.’ Facebook page.

Oculus Move tweaks

Oculus Move, Quest’s built-in activity tracker layer, is getting a slight overhaul in v32 too which changes how calorie goals and move minutes work, and how they’re presented.

Once it rolls out to your device, Move will ask you how many days you want to work out per week. The Move Calendar will show weekly workout achievements to make tracking progress easier.

Image courtesy Facebook

In the new update, Move has also changed its suggested calorie goals and move minutes presets, which Oculus says will make make achieving goals more attainable for new users.

Taking advantage of the Facebook integration, Move will also now let you share workout stats to Facebook, shareable across Groups, Messenger, and the Facebook timeline.

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Sharing & downloading media is less of a hassle

Once v32 rolls out, your Quest will automatically sync saved local media files to the Oculus mobile app on your phone, which should make it easier to browse, download, and share things like in-game captured video and images from outside the headset.

Image courtesy Facebook

There will be a ‘Synced Media’ section under the Devices tab in-app, which will show all synced media from your Oculus app from the last 14 days. After two weeks, media is unsynced and removed from your mobile device (read: not your headset).

In-headset App Gifting

Until now, gifting someone an app through he Oculus Store was only possible through the Oculus Store via browser or the mobile app.

Image courtesy Facebook

With v32, you’ll also be able to send an app gift from within the headset, which ought to come in handy when you see a friend online and want to surprise them with a gift.

Reminder: software v32 is still rolling out. Check under the ‘Quick Settings’ tab in-headset to see your current version.

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    “Combines facebook friends and Oculus friends”… gross.

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      I hated having to switch between the two tabs. This is a UX win.

      • Cless

        Yeah, fair enough. I’m just still very salty about Facebook buying Oculus.

        • James Cobalt

          Look on the bright side – only a few companies could put this kind of investment into the growth of VR. When it’s more mainstream, we’ll have more options and can comfortably jump ship.

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