Oculus Quest Will Soon be Able to Play All Rift Games via ‘Oculus Link’ Tether Feature

Image courtesy Oculus
Image courtesy Oculus

At Oculus Connect 6 today, Facebook announced an upcoming software feature called Oculus Link which will allow Quest headsets to tether to VR ready PCs to play any game in the Oculus Rift library.

Oculus Quest, which currently runs a separate library of content from the PC-based Rift headsets, will soon be able to tether to high-end PCs to play the entire Oculus Rift library.

This is a major boon for owners of the headset who, if they have a VR ready PC already, will now be able to play many top titles that were previously unavailable on Quest.

The feature, called Oculus Link, will use a USB cable to tether the headset to a computer, effectively turning it into a tethered PC VR headset. Facebook said this feature will launch in November.

Assuming it works with no compromises over the Rift S, this also means that customers also now have two choices in an Oculus PC headset.

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