As the company drives toward releasing SDK 1.0 alongside the consumer Oculus Rift they’ve now released SDK 0.8 with “Improved Support for Windows 10.”

Until SDK 0.7, the Oculus Rift didn’t officially support Windows 10. With SDK 0.8, the company says they’ve improved support (though don’t quite specify how). Also in the new release, it seems like Oculus is making some conceptual changes to the way they’re architecture the SDK.

Download Oculus SDK / Runtime 0.8

“The Oculus SDK 0.8 release changes SDK from an HMD-based model to a session-based model and adds several new features.” Alongside the addition of ‘ovr_GetTrackingCaps’ which returns the “tracking capabilities of the device,” this may be the first step toward structuring the SDK to supported tracked objects of any type, whether they be a Rift headset, Touch controller, or third-party peripherals using the ‘Constellation’ tracking system.

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