Debuted at GDC 2017 and announced via their official blog, Oculus offer a first look at some of the titles coming to Rift and Gear VR in 2017. This includes 6 new game reveals across multiple genres, with 4 optimised for Touch and 2 “must haves” for Gear VR.

Having recently teased ‘months of high-profile VR content’ starting with Rock Band VR, Oculus have begun to deliver on that promise at this week’s Game Developers Conference, revealing a list of 2017 titles, including 4 new games for Touch and 2 for Gear VR.

Oculus Rift Games

Blade & Soul

The way of battle is simple: summon the units by grabbing them with your hands. Choose your units wisely, have a strategy of your own and fight until the end. Strong units are crucial to winning the battle. Strengthen your units by training and upgrading them in the lab.

  • Designed by: NCSoft
  • Genre: TCG, RTS
  • Platform: Oculus Rift + Touch
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort: TBA

Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics takes real-time-strategy to the next level by placing you in the middle of the action on a fantastic clockwork battlefield. Experience the thrill of directly moving and interacting with your clockwork creations: grab structures and place them on the battlefield, and direct your units with the sweep of your hand. Just when you think you’ve mastered the game, raise the stakes by teaming up with other players in co-op mode or go head-to-head in PvP mode.

  • Designed by: Hidden Path Entertainment
  • Genre: Classic Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Platform: Oculus Rift + Touch
  • Release Date: Fall 2017
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort: Comfortable
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From Other Suns

Your own ship. A crew. Steady work. Things were going well until the Collapse. Now you and half of humanity are trapped on the far side of the wormhole with ruthless pirates, scheming corporations, and worse—new threats from outside known space.

There’s danger at every jump on this side of the wormhole. You and up to two of your friends will tour the sector, upgrading your ship, stockpiling weapons, and fighting for your lives. And when you all die, you’ll discover new challenges in your next playthrough.

Fight and try to save humanity, or just joyride through the galaxy until its extinction. Your call.

  • Developed By: Gunfire Games
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Platforms: Oculus Rift + Touch
  • Release Date: Fall 2017
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort Rating: Comfortable

Mage’s Tale

Welcome, apprentice. Don your wizard’s robe and become a mighty conjuror. The corrupted wizard, Gaufroi, has kidnapped your master, Mage Alguin, and it’s up to you to save him. To win the day you must conquer eleven dungeons, from the stinking sewers of Skara Brae to the living tombs of the evil Charn. Mind bending puzzles, terrifying traps, and deadly monsters stand in your way, all perfectly capable of sending you to an early grave.

But worry not. You wield raw elemental power in the palm of your hand, allowing you to sling gouts of flame, javelins of ice, arcs of lightning, and swirling tempests which can finish off any fiend that stands in your way– from the snarkiest goblin to the burliest giant. And as you delve deeper into the depths you’ll find forgotten secrets, ancient lore, and powerful spell reagents with which you can craft increasingly exotic spells to defeat even greater foes. Yes, you may be an apprentice now, but to save your master, this must become your Mage’s Tale.

  • Designed by: inXile Entertainment, Inc.
  • Genre: VR Adventure, Puzzle Solving, Action RPG
  • Platforms: Oculus Rift + Touch
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort: TBA
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Gear VR

Augmented-Empire-5Augmented Empire

Augmented Empire is a story-driven tactical RPG set on the island of New Savannah, an isolated neo-noir city divided into three tiers by a social grade system. While the citizens deemed of high societal value live in luxury at the summit, outliers and criminals are forced to live in squalor at the island’s depths.

From the armchair of your secluded hideout, command a team of 6 bioelectronically-enhanced misfits in ‘augmented reality;’ a diorama-scale version of the city rendered before your eyes. Explore the city, develop your skills and battle law-makers and law-breakers alike to mastermind the Revolution.

  • Designed by: Coatsink Software
  • Genre: Strategy, Action, Adventure
  • Platform: Gear VR
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort: Comfortable


You are Flynn Lightman, a highly skilled Avatar Pilot who can control androids from the safety of his apartment using advanced VR hardware. You are contacted by a client to infiltrate STRIDE Industries, a company that specializes in data security and advanced robotics. Your journey takes you into the depths of a heavily defended, high-tech facility as you discover its darker intent.

Dual-character 3rd-person stealth gameplay and immersive 1st person puzzles designed exclusively for Gear VR.

  • Designed by: Force Field VR
  • Genre: Action Puzzler
  • Platform: Gear VR
  • Release Date: Q2 2017
  • Price: TBA
  • Comfort: TBA

The new titles add to a list of compelling upcoming content for the Oculus platform, promising to deliver ‘depth and polish’, covering genres such as RTS, RPG, stealth, puzzle and shooter. Announced via the Oculus Blog, the ‘Year of VR Gaming’ is showcased in this new montage, with more news coming tomorrow.

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  • You have From Other Suns listed as coming to Gear VR but its not. Its made for the Rift/Touch.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Nobody cares about a third-rate pro-Trump VR company.

    Don’t support Oculus. Google Oculus Trump for more info.

    • nebošlo

      We don’t care. Also, third rate? Alternative facts much? XD

    • Ted Joseph

      Trump is the man! Kicking ass and taking names! Now let’s leave politics out of VR gaming cant we? I am having a blast with Oculus Rift, and cant wait for the next generation of games!!

    • That pro trump guy left the company.

      It’s ok now.

  • WhyListHardware

    Platforms are inaccurate and misleading. You can use Oculus Rift + Touch on steam but these titles are not coming to steam. It should say Oculus Store instead.

  • Andrew Mcevoy

    I’m sold on From Other Suns that looks like a potential GOTY. Quite interested in Brass Tactics as well as I did enjoy the Age of Empires series. Not so keen on Mage’s Tale as its Teleport only by the looks of it. Blade & Soul looks interesting but I’ll probably pass. Doesnt quite grab me enough.