Oculus announced its digital marketplace will now include automated refunds for games purchased on both Oculus Rift and Gear VR platforms—effective immediately and across the entire world.

Oculus says they will refund many Rift content purchases made on their store “for any reason if the request is made within fourteen days of the purchase date and you have engaged with the content for less than two hours.”

Gear VR has a decidedly much shorter three-day window for refunds, giving you thirty minutes of interaction time before refunds are no longer viable through the automated system.

The new automated refund system puts the Rift side of the Oculus Store on par with Steam’s refund policy, which also includes a 14 day, 2 hour trial period.

For Rift and Gear VR, its carte blanche refund policy includes games, apps and many experiences. Not included however is movies, bundles, content purchased as part of a bundle, or content downloaded or purchased inside of apps like DLC and in-app purchases.

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Oculus says refunds typically take “no more than five days to review, verify, and process refund requests,” although it could admittedly take longer for the cash to hit your original purchase method. Also important to note is that returns have to be made via the original device you bought the content through, meaning if you share your password with a Rift/Gear VR-owning friend, they won’t be able to request a refund on your behalf.

When in doubt, check out the Rift refund policy and the Gear VR refund policy for more information, or contact Oculus customer service if you’re having trouble requesting a refund.

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  • Walextheone

    Love this update of policy. Now we don’t need to hesitate so much and bad content gets weeded out faster.

    • Raphael

      Also it should encourage smart developers to make games with more than two hours of content :)

      • Zachary Scott Dickerson

        cough cough batman , john wick.

        • Raphael

          Yar, there’s a puzzle game I can’t remember the name of too but it has no more than one hour play. People say it’s amazing but needs to be longer.

        • NooYawker

          Length isn’t the problem with those games, being terrible is the problem.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Yay, now I can use steam and oculus (with revive). This policy is great. I end up buying a lot more games than I normally would. I have returned many crappy VIVE games, and bought several awesome games I normally would have skipped.

  • AndyP

    A very good move to match Steam. Will make Oculus Home my first choice. Will improve the content. A win-win situation (unless you’re a developer of crap content)!

  • Tony

    Thank goodness… much needed.

  • PJ

    Great news!