One of the big barriers to buying flash sale bundles is the selection of games available. What if you already own one in that almost perfect bundle that has you salivating at the nearly perfect price? Oculus plans to address this with a dynamic pricing scheme that gives you a discount if you already own a game in an otherwise bundle-spoiled batch.

Oculus revealed earlier this month at Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, that Home is getting a complete overhaul as a part of their Rift Core 2.0 beta headed to users in December. While the company is pushing less incremental updates to the current version of Home in preparation for the new social version, the beta roll-out of Rift software version 1.20 is making its way today to users via their public test channel (PTC) including news of dynamic bundling.

Announced by Oculus community manager ‘cyberreality’ via the Oculus Rift forum, the company’s flexible bundle pricing will update with an additional discount to account for the value of the app(s) you already own. According to cyberreality, your personalized bundle price will always appear in the Oculus Store automatically.

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Steam started allowing flex-bundles early last year, bringing the Oculus Store more in line with Steam’s business practices including its recently released (and very Steam-like) world-wide refund policy on digital goods.

There aren’t any official multi-publisher bundles currently on the Store, so there’s no way to test it out at the time of this writing, but if you want to get the latest in updates and features from Oculus, you can take part in the PTC by simply toggling the switch in your Settings through the 2D Store interface. You can always revert to the stable branch by toggling off the PTC switch.

You can bet there will be holiday season bundles popping up sometime between now and the release of the Rift Core 2.0 beta update, so keep an eye on the Oculus blog for incoming deals, and of course your friendly neighborhood Road to VR.

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  • CCat

    Oculus: let’s copy Steam in everything we do! Except supporting other headsets, of course!

    • Adrian Meredith

      Thats just facebooks way, they copy their competitors

      • Walextheone

        What? How can you spin this as a bad thing? This is pure good stuff for the user base and devs getting more copies sold.

        Fb have a pretty awesome lead in several areas, so it’s not really a copy paste company man.

        • CCat

          Quite the opposite. It’s a very good thing. For once, Steam is going to have a serious competitor. It will make Valve gets of their butts and makes progress faster.

    • Justos

      Whats wrong about refunds and flexible bundle prices? Troll just has to get his input on an oculus post.

      • CCat

        Troll just has to response by spinning it. I simply stated the obvious. Nobody said anything about refunds and bundle prices being wrong. Smh.

    • Zach Mauch

      Does Steam do this now!?!?! Heck yes!!! Now I can buy even more games I will never play. LOL!!!!

  • Lucidfeuer

    The curation side of Oculus stores is great, but prices and more importantly, incompatibility between some GearVR and Oculus version (meaning you sometimes have to buy the game twice) is simply inacceptable.

    The rest is a complicated question of high prices vs user base.

    • Justos

      It’s up to the dev. Most of them enhance their games more for rift so they charge more. Only game that supports this is an oculus title called Anshar wars 2.

      • Lucidfeuer

        Not the only one, but enough of an exemple. It’s actually devaluating the offer instead of taking advantage of it to differentiate the two version just to milk a few more hundreds of copies from people with too much money and no scrutiny.

    • Gerald Terveen

      I don’t really think there are many titles in any marketplace that offer PC and Android versions bundled for one price. Development for both platforms is usually more than just hitting a button and you get a new version – so it makes sense. This is not Android phone and tablet …

      • Lucidfeuer

        I’m not the person to sell that bullshit too. I’ve released experiences, and know the various optimisation and adaption work-outs required but certainly nothing equating full or differentiated production.

        It’s actually probably just a matter before iOS and Mac apps are the same when it’s not already the case, and Steam apps vs mobile Steam apps are the same too…

  • Sharkku

    Is it really ‘Cyberreality’ though? Or is it ‘Cybereality’? Hmm… I wonder. You should head over to the Oculus forum and do a double check! ;)

  • AndyP

    Nice to see competition actually working and making things better for customers. Shame it fails with exclusive titles though.

  • chicanoterp06

    I still think I will buy all the non-exclusive titles on steam so I have the peace of mind that I can play them irregardless of the hardware I am using

  • That’s a great idea, for sure. Every store should have this feature