Steam’s Summer sale has been in full swing for a few days, but now it’s Oculus’ turn to offer up big savings on VR titles for both the Rift Platform and Oculus Go. Sorry folks, no Quest Summer Sale yet!

For Rift, the savings are similar to those as seen on the Steam Sale, which knocks off around 50% on top titles, however the company is also offering up an exclusive Oculus Originals Premium Pack from Oculus Studios, which features 10 games for under $120: The Unspoken, The Mage’s Tale, Brass Tactics, Lone Echo, Chronos, ARKTIKA.1, Wilson’s Heart, Witchblood, Damaged Core, and Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition.

Steam Summer Sale Brings Big Savings to Top VR Titles

A majority of Oculus Go games are going for between 30% – 50%. Oculus is also has its big Grand Essentials Pack for under $50, which features 10 top titles including: Virtual Virtual Reality, Eclipse: Edge of Light, Drop Dead, End Space, Wander, RUSH, Ocean Rift, Nature Treks VR, Covert and Death Horizon.

Oculus prices its bundles dynamically, so if you already own a game in the bundle, the price is automatically deducted.

Oculus Summer Sale runs from now until 11:59 pm PT on July 7th (local time here).

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  • Xron

    ANy idea if there will be quest summer sale?

  • I will be checking if any cross-buy rift games are on sale, so I can get the quest version.

  • MythingLynx

    Even though I already own both the original Rift and the Go, I just purchased the Quest which will be delivered tomorrow and I think it is absolutely lousy of Oculus to screw us new Quest owners over like this. It is bad enough that we pay top dollar and higher prices for games and apps on the Quest than any other headset on the market, but now they advertise a store wide sale of like 100 titles each for the Rift and Go and not 1 game or app on sale for the Quest? I understand that it is a brand new product and all, i get that, but to offer a huge annual sale to all the customers of their other 2 headsets and not give any discount to Quest when the Quest is the headset that needs a sale the most since the prices of their apps and games normally are about 20-30% higher is a real slap in the face to all us new Quest owners, I actually feel like I am being penalized for buying the Quest and that Oculus is punishing us by rubbing our noses in the fact that they are having a huge sale and us Quest owners are not invited.

    • Pbase45

      I agree. But it’s because the Quest has become so popular, that Facebook has decided to reap as much $$ as possible and not discount the games. They’re selling well, so why reduce prices? Sucks, but that’s capitalism.

      • Gilma

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      • Gillian

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    • Ugur Ister

      Since most people have a limited budget, i see and get like the next guy why sales are attractive. I bought way too much in these summer sales on both the Oculus and Steam stores already.
      I’m not sure whether i should feel clever or dumb about saving over 300 by spending over 240 =)
      But that said, regarding complaining about the summer sale not also being done for the Quest, well, i don’t remember any other platform ever being released and having a large part of its entire lineup discounted so close to release, ever.
      (The only exceptions i can think of are where some platforms tanked so hard that they were discounted for clearance sale quickly)
      So yeah, i don’t think it is a reasonable request or even any that is sense making based on any previous precedent.
      Summer sales and other such big palette wide sales are done by several platform holders like Oculus, Steam etc each year, doesn’t mean they have to do them for all their titles on all platforms and it wouldn’t even make much sense at all to do one on most of their lineup which has just been released on a new platform.

      Guess what would happen if most of the lineup was discounted now on Quest?
      Then a large part of the users would complain who bought the stuff at full price just recently and accepted to pay the higher prices usually coming with new releases on most platforms.

      Things are often discounted after some time to try to get some sales going again once the sales numbers are low after a while when a title isn’t that new anymore.
      (even then it often doesn’t help much in some cases when all do the sales at the same time)

      In some cases for digital content there is also a discount made for a short period while it is new to get more people into using the content which may be beneficial as to get higher presentation ranking in the store, get more people talking about the new product or get more players into a multiplayer game which is needed for online multiplayer focussed games etc, various reasons.
      But if the entire lineup on a new platform is discounted at the same time, then one doesn’t get most or any of those benefits while at the same time riling up users who paid the regular price of the new titles just recently etc and as dev one just gets less money for the thing one worked hard on and likely hasn’t recouped the dev costs on yet in most cases.

      I was initially surprised just like you when looking through the summer sale stuff on Oculus and seeing it only applies for Rift and Go titles and i wondered why, but yeah, thinking about it, of course they don’t discount the entire lineup on Quest so close to launch, it would just make zero sense sales wise and would likely rile up more users, all the users who bought lots of stuff very recently, than it makes some happy who expect the entire lineup to be discounted so close to launch.
      People are more accepting of having paid more for something and that then getting discounted after some (not too short) timespan because it is just older at that point. Many of us are trained to that by this weird system of sales everywhere established. But lots of people get quite angry when something still pretty new is heavily discounted a very short timespan after they bought it, which they bought thinking hey, that is the price for this product right now while it is so new.
      If a product creator/seller does that too often, well, no one would buy their stuff at full price anymore ever.

      Besides those Quest(/ new platform specific reasons why a massive palette wide discount doesn’t make much sense right now on Quest, speaking more general, i have mixed feelings about such big sales in general.
      On one side, of course when they are there, i buy stuff during them anyway if i have some money at that time, just like the next guy.
      At the same time there are many downsides and i wonder to what weird nonsense behavior it trains all sides.
      Like many product/content creators likely releasing things at higher pricing at some point/with some experience, knowing they will have to stepwise and for sales, too have to lower it in between, too.
      If your starting price is already (“too”) low, no room to do big sounding discounts anymore.
      And many users also get trained to not buy things at full price and always wait for the sale.
      It turns things into this weird economy sub game which we can see in many other fields.
      Like for clothing i see in some stores for some products they meanwhile even come out with price labels where multiple prices are already printed on and stroked through, again, all already printed on from the factory to make it seem like that thing has been heavily discounted/ reinforce “what a bargain it actually is”.
      In other cases, like a super market chain here, i see they raised the prices stepwise on most of the product palette over the past few years and now just discount a few different products each weak (to the same old price or slightly above it which it had a few years ago before they raised it on all products) and that way get people to buy lots of units of that product that week, because, hey, discounted, save big by spending more.
      I know of multiple people in my friends and family circle who go way overdose on buying way more units of some products in some super markets when they are on discount that week, because hey, saving money.
      And with that action again reinforcing those store chains to further exaggerate with tactics like some i observed and mentioned above.
      Or for other friends who are on Steam, i have several who put hundreds of things on their Steam wishlist and don’t buy much or any title at regular price and then buy a huge load during sales, so many, that they then have a ton of titles of which they then often don’t play many for multiple years.

      Sometimes such to weird level going things makes me wonder if those kinds of things aren’t going so far in a moronic negative direction that wouldn’t we better off if all just sold the things at a reasonable price they can make money from and then not do any of that discount and pseudo discount crap and not have those huge sales days anymore?
      A lot of products (besides cheap clothing from China) cost a lot less in average a few years ago and was more affordable throughout the year, then raising prices further and further and then having big steep discount sales days.

      Maybe i remember it too rose tinted, but i feel like when i was small there weren’t nearly as many palette wide “sales” days throughout the year and random sales here and there for every product, instead besides odd exceptions, there was more like one big palette wide discount before summer and one big such discount before winter, which
      made sense as having to clear the clothing etc stock for the previous weather season.
      Then stepwise more and more sales days were added one by one and now it is this whole meta game around it with all sorts of ridiculous and negative side effects.

      Of course if/while it is available, as user/consumer one will try to make use of it to pay less for the same thing and as product/content creator/publisher one will be teased to take part in it with the dangling promise one could sell more units during that timespan, few thinking about how negatively that affects sales long term when many users are trained to only buy most things during sales or how it affects pricing negatively when product/content creators have to take such lower price discounted sales options into consideration and hence stepwise price their stuff higher during regular pricing periods etc.

      It is a weird setup all around with such sales on grand scale.
      Of course while it exists and is run that way, we all sorta have to participate to some extend.
      Will we get that kind of stuff happening for the Quest, too? Likely of course, like on most other platforms.
      Just also likely in a few months or closer to a year, not right when the platform just launched not too long ago and most devs haven’t even recouped their dev costs yet and most users just paid shiny new product palette launch pricing for it.

      • MythingLynx

        Ugar you are completely off base with what I am saying. First off I NEVER said I expected Oculus to discount the entire line of 50+ games and apps for the Quest during the Summer Sale, that’s just ridiculous. They aren’t even doing that for the Rift or Go. But they should discount at least 3 or 4 games during the sale, that is what I would expect and I think very reasonable. You also state that there is no precedent for a new hardware release to discount their games so close to releasing their console. Really well the Rift S is a new hardware iteration with new features catering to a brand new slew of customers and it came out the same day as the Quest and the new Rift S owners are enjoying tons of discounts right now for their new headset. And yes I am completely aware that the Rift S is only a mid-generation upgrade not a Rift 2.0, but it is still a brand new completely redesigned headset made for a new generation of users, using a brand new tracking technology that is also being used in the Quest. But I also want to point out something else. There may not be many times when a new console or hardware tech discounts its hardware shortly after launch, however we are talking about software here, not the hardware and there have been countless times I have seen Sony, Microsoft, and Steam for example discount brand new games that had been released sometimes only weeks before, and when Playstation, Xbox, and Steam had their sales those games got a nice 15% off or more discount. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen AAA titles that are hot at the time get a nice discount shortly after release during a storewide sale. They do it all the time. So as a gamer who has experienced what the industry does across the board for its hardcore gamers, I expect that during this sale that it should be no different. As for your ridiculous statement regarding if Quest games were to go on sale, customers would be up in arms if they recently purchased those games before the sale is completely moot, since ALL sales like the Summer Sale going on right now are doing that to the customers. What about the Rift S, or Go owners who bought games days ago for their headsets and now those games are on sale now? You see it’s happening anyway so what does it matter if the Quest games are discounted as well. Unless all the companies stop doing sales, there will always be that problem. The point is that Quest owners are not being treated fairly and are being taken advantage of by being singled out and made to feel that they have made the wrong choice and that they should return their headset and trade it in for a Rift S or Valve Index, or Vive Pro, etc where pricing for games and apps are much more reasonable and fair.

        • Ugur Ister

          Ok, i see regarding you weren’t expecting a majority part of the Quest lineup to be discounted, only few titles.
          But then who is to tell the devs and in general which titles are to be discounted and not if not all can take part in a sale?
          What would the other devs think of a special treatment for only some titles?
          What would the users who bought those new titles for way more just the previous day or week think about them being discounted heavily now while they paid full price thinking that is the price because it is in new product launch phase?
          And if instead all can take part in a sale, then downsides as i mentioned above.
          So either way, just not ideal so close to launch.

          Regarding titles for the Rift S being discounted, well, that is not the same thing.
          The Rift is an established platform being out there for multiple years.
          Yes, the Rift S is new, but all those titles for it discounted now are not for the largest part.
          For the Quest it is indeed a new platform just released and there was considerable work to be put in to optimize the apps for this platform, it is not just running the same content without any changes on the new device like when looking at Rift and Rift S in a comparison.

          I am just optimizing a game for Quest and i can tell you it is a lot of work, so yes, it is a new different platform, not the same platform with just a new device for it which runs the same content without changes.
          The important aspect there for devs is whether they had to put in (considerable) amount of work to release something on that new platform, not whether the tracking tech changed or other such aspects if they don’t affect the content and the same content on the store just runs fine on the new device without any changes for it.
          To make it make sense for devs to put in that considerable optimization (and in some cases other) work to get things running nicely on Quest, they have to be able to make money there on the store, and that is way less likely when the prices already get dumped down less than 3 months after the platform launches.

          Regarding single particular games regularly getting discounted during launch or close after launch, yeah, that happens and i mentioned that, too, that is a different thing than a more palette wide broad sale (and again, i understand now you didn’t ask for a palette wide sale for Quest content, just a few titles, but as i said, that would have been weird, too)

          Regarding whether users would be angry if things get discounted heavily close after launch, i tried to make the difference clear, that lots of users usually get more angry when a new product (which has that higher price of a new product, because, well, it is the new hotness) then gets discounted heavily very briefly after a user bought it for that new product launch phase price.
          And that is not something i made up, you can see it happening for various products all over the internet whenever that happens, it is not appreciated by a lot of users.
          It is also a common thing that when a company gets known for doing that type of thing frequently, more and more users then usually don’t buy from that company until the thing is on the inevitable sale shortly after.

          Again, most users accept it more when an older product gets discounted compared to the price they paid for it, purely because there is a common understanding that it is more common for older products to get discounted at some point than an acceptance for new products costing more at launch but then getting discounted heavily shortly after a user paid that high launch price.
          It is a bit about how you want to treat your customers, too and what kind of relationship you want with them.

          Anyway, it is ok if you wanted to have some titles discounted and they weren’t, just wanted to bring up some other points interesting about discounts/store wide sales and the pros and cons and why/why not.

          • MythingLynx

            Ugur, I don’t understand what you are talking about in regards to Oculus telling the devs which titles should receive discounts and special treatment and all that. Your explanation was completely lost on me. How is that different in any way to how things are handled with devs on the Oculus store for the games on sale right now fir the Rift and Go? Whoever is in charge of choosing apps or games to be discounted would do it the same way, so what’s the issue there? Also I am not understanding any difference with customers being upset if some Quest games went on sale versus Go or Rift customers paying top dollar days before. What does the fact that the Quest is newer have to do with it. As a customer If I bought Moss for example for my Rift or Rift S 2 or 3 days before the sale, you believe I would not be upset but if I bought Moss for the Quest and It went on sale days later than I would be? Does that really make sense to you? You don’t think owners of the other 2 headsets were upset when they lost out on the sale price for titles they recently purchased? Again I don’t see any difference here. The majority of your last post really has nothing to do with this debate as you seem to be arguing and defending the devs right not to offer cross-buy for their app not whether or not Quest owners are being taken advantage of and forced to pay top dollar because Oculus knows we will pay it in order to play with the tether free experience of the Quest. You are only arguing for how much optimization work devs had to do to make their apps Quest compatible, I am going to take things further and say that I think that devs who worked even harder by creating completely new games from the ground up for the Quest should also discount their apps and games. As a customer who already shelled out $400 plus tax and payed for a 2 year store protection plan, and had to buy a case to protect my new purchase, I am not really concerned about the poor devs and their situation, that’s not my concern anymore than It would be yours if you were being overcharged for a phone bill, and the customer service agent at the company explained that their employees needed to get raises and they needed to remodel their headquarters and that they needed to update their phone lines, etc you would tell them that that is not your problem you just want your bill adjusted. You also keep using the word “heavily” when describing the discount of the Quest games. Again if you look back to my post you will see that I mentioned about a 15% discount which is not a huge discount at all. Look at the devs who made Moss, they are selling their game about a third off and are still raking in lots of money since their game is on sale drawing in even more customers. I am not asking for as much of a discount as that. I would be happy with a handful of games discounted between 10% and 25%. I also believe it will help boost sales for some of the many Quest titles that aren’t selling particularly well, as most consumers are focusing their limited funds on the top 5 or so popular titles. Again I understand that the Quest is the new kid on the block and it has sold out in record numbers. You seem to think that I am saying that the games should be permanently discounted, I am not, I am just saying that during this temporary short sale Oculus is offering should include a discount on a handful of the less popular Quest titles that aren’t receiving the sales of the more popular titles. That is smart business fir the devs and the Oculus store that also makes the customer base happy. It’s a win win for all.

          • Ugur Ister

            I don’t feel like being treated any different by Oculus as a Quest owner than as a Rift or Go owner.
            I mean i don’t remember there ever having been a sale on many items for Rift CV and Go when they were only out 2 months.
            And besides a large store wide sale, if it is only about discounts for individual single items, devs can set those anytime they want and i imagine they just felt like not doing so so shortly after launch.

            Overall it was an interesting conversation but i feel like you have your view on some things and i mine and looks like we won’t convince each other much on those topics, so i’ll just leave it at that =)

    • Sir_Brizz

      Put bluntly is that the Go was not successful and Oculus has competition that drives this kind of behavior on PC. The Quest being popular and having no functional competition means they don’t think they have to offer deals on that platform right now. It does indeed suck.

      TBH makes me wish that there was an inside out standalone Index with the knuckles controllers.

  • Time to spend all the money!