Oculus has announced an invite only event to coincide with GDC which promises a preview of the games new owners will be able to get their hands on after launch.


The long awaited Oculus Rift consumer VR headset went up for pre-order during CES in January, due for a late March ship window. But, other than the titles every new Rift owner will receive inside the box, details of the devices launch line up have been thin on the ground.

Oculus has an advantage that perhaps isn’t as much talked about as it should be. Its Rift VR headsets have been around (in one form or another) as a potential games platform longer than any other. It may appear that the company credited with re-launching the fortunes of consumer virtual reality as concentrated primarily on tackling VRs “set of hard problems”, as one Gabe Newell once put it.

However, since inception, Oculus have been all about the software. Founder Palmer Luckey knew that he could produce the best, most cost effective, most compelling VR hardware in the world, but if there’s nothing interesting to use with it, it’s dead in the water.

This was the entire ethos behind the original DK1 Kickstarter, to get developer kits into the hands of creative people such that they can begin to wrap their heads around what virtual reality had to offer as a platform and begin working. In today’s games industry, with gestation periods for some games measures in years, that’s an oft overlooked advantage Oculus hold over their competitors.

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We of course have seen some big announcements from Oculus in relation to games, some which went down better than others. Luckey’s triumphant Minecraft announcement at Oculus Connect 2 in September last year, a coup that CTO John Carmack had pursued doggedly to achieve, was a big deal. Later, the Rockband VR announcement, made at the 2015 Game Awards, was perhaps not quite as clear cut in terms of its PR success.

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See Also: ‘Rock Band VR’ Announced by Oculus and Harmonix

Now, Oculus is perhaps preparing to unleash its software secrets to the world. At an invite-only event, due to take place ahead of the San Francisco Game Developer Conference (GDC) on March 13th, Oculus are asking members of the press to “come check out the latest titles and multi-player games.”

The event’s announcement, in conjunction with hints from Palmer that we “will hear more very, very soon,” about the last big Oculus software news before launch, seems to indicate we’re likely in for at least some surprises come March 13th.

Valve recently held a similar event earlier this month, designed that a solid software line up was forming for the launch of their flagship SteamVR hardware HTC Vive in April. In the end, although the titles on show were extremely promising, the event perhaps lacked a single title which would instantly appeal to traditional gamers looking for brand recognition before they take the plunge into VR.

So, in the face of a formidable rival, it’s up to Oculus to pull out their big software guns to make impact as possible ahead of their small retail head start in March.

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Road to VR will of course be at the event ahead of GDC and VRDC 2016, to bring the news as it breaks.

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  • dashmaul

    Here’s hoping for something badass like Doom VR, Unreal VR or some new kickass multiplayer game

    • Gary Keaney

      I could be wrong but arn’t they exactly the type of games that don’t work well in VR? Must admit when I saw the half life 2 demo with the razer hydra, throwing a grenade behind you and such I was looking forward to traditional FPS but further reading leads me to belive they are very prone to motion sickness. Shame.

      • towblerone

        You won’t have FPSs where you run with an analog stick. That is where motion sickness comes from. You’ll have FPSs where you utilize teleportation to hop around t he map, like the Bullet Train demo. Those kinds of shooters will be incredible in VR with motion controllers.

        • Gary Keaney

          Indeed. Looking forward to this new breed of shooters. My CV1 has an April shipping date :D

          • towblerone

            I did something yesterday I never thought I’d have to and canceled my Rift pre-order. I was schedule to get it for April, too, but am going to wait for a Rift/Touch bundle later this year. I’m going to pre-order a Vive for their April/May launch because I want motion controllers and room-scale out of the box.

            Can’t wait to see what Oculus announces for later in the year, though!

          • Leet Mofo

            Seriously?? I read your comments before regarding Oculus basically needing to pull a virtual rabbit out of a virtual hat and show you something that would suggest to you that you should in fact put your faith in Oculus and hand over your hard earned cash because it will be worth it in the future when the Touch does finally come out, but really…Why did you cancel your pre order before the htc vive price has even been announced?? for all you know the htc vive might in fact be $1500!… Fair enough if the vive comes in under $1000, then i will very likely consider cancelling my order with oculus (this would need much consideration), but at the moment, im totally sticking with oculus as I feel, once the Touch comes out, the Oculus will be on par if not very close to the htc vive just several hundred dollars less.

            From what I know, this is why I would keep the oculus over the vive.

            1. Size/weight – oculus has the advantage
            2. Optics (i believe the oculus has clearer sharper lenses)
            3. Ratio – htc vive may have the edge because it shows a higher(i think thats the right word) fov, but the downside is, the pixel size is lesser for it.
            4. Cords – the cord at the moment is thinner on the oculus and therefore less annoying, this cord (I believe) can be extended and therefore give you the same length for movement (given that Palmer has proven that Oculus can do room scale, and i say room scale because his demo was in a room much larger than any space i have spare in my house!).
            5. Cost – likely cheaper, even with additional touch controllers.
            6. Development of software – although htc vive has some pretty cool demos out, Oculus have a crap load more games in development, and i mean games not just 5minute tech demos, and well the reason people like the htc vive so much is because of the content…..which oculus has more of, just unfortunately (for some reason) hasn’t shown it off…
            7. Touch controllers, when they finally come out, i feel they would be more natural in your hands rather then using a wand (ie. my tv remote to play games….errr)

            1. no touch on launch (null and void in less than 6 months)
            2. cameras probably aren’t as good as lasers..at least i dont really see how they could be… and therefore i feel the precision would be better on the htc vive. (cost savings are probably worth it in the long run, this is gen1 dont forget…)
            3. currently room scale games (again, null and void in less than 6 months).
            4. Apparently budget cuts (the game..) is not currently reproducible on the oculus because of occlusion and that the cameras cant really see you that low to the ground(maybe someone has a clearer definition on this one…).

            Steam have said they will support oculus, oculus haven’t said anything about letting htc vive users use their stuff..

            both likely to play all of the pc games you currently play (as long as someone vr ports them that is..)

            Last note

            Hopefully someone can answer this one
            Given that the HTC Vive has the chaperone function, how does this affect games that you would use with a steering wheel or keyboard…i dont want to see my keyboard and steering wheel all of the time just because im close to it, im assuming this function can be turned off whilst playing these games??


          • towblerone

            The Vive just got announced at $800. I expected $849. Pre-ordered ASAP on the 29th.

            I just want the complete room-scale VR package out of the box and that’s what HTC/Valve are targeting for. Oculus seems to be aiming at the more casual gamer market by packing in an Xbone controller and two games that could easily be played on a monitor or TV.

            As far as I know you won’t be using a keyboard in any VR game. I mean… it’s VR. Why would you be using a keyboard? KB/M is a control method for PC operations. In VR, either your body is the controller(motion controls) or specific accessories that mimic real-world control methods like flight sticks or racing wheels. Chaperone isn’t needed for seated games. It’s just there for room-scale.

            I don’t want to play any VR “ports”. Games that were made for TVs are best played on TVs. Games designed specifically for and optimized for VR are what I want.

            I still desperately want a Rift and will be getting one as soon as Oculus releases a Touch bundle.

  • towblerone

    If it’s more couch-locked games using controllers and more third-person games I’m going to be disappointed.

    • Lukimator

      And what do you think, that they will show Touch titles in a Rift launch event? People really like to position themselves for disappointment

      • towblerone

        They’ve shown Touch games in the past. All they need to do is show some Touch games that are in development. The controllers themselves are set to launch in just a few months after the Rift itself, anyhow.

        • DontGetMeStarted

          The controllers are supposed to launch Second half of 2016. If it is anything like the Rift Q1 Launch, it barely made that window by two days. So don’t set your self up thinking your getting Touch before November.

          • towblerone

            I KNOW this. I’m just saying they need to show SOMETHING, ANYTHING that doesn’t involve couch-locked third-person platformers or shooters utilizing an Xbone controller. This is supposed to be virtual reality.

          • Lukimator

            That’s what is launching right now, and the focus of this event. What you personally want or think has nothing to do with reality

          • towblerone

            I give up. Enjoy your couch-based third-person platformers played with an Xbone controller.

          • Doofud

            This is a content preview to show off new games that will be ready for launch with the Rift next month. Oculus Touch won’t be available then, so why would they show motion control games at this event? Get a clue.

          • towblerone

            So, for this “launch event” they’re somehow barred from saying, “Oh, and in addition to the stuff we’ve shown you that will be available at launch, here are some OTHER things we’re working on that will exclusively utilize Touch, to be available later this year…”

            Chr!st, you people are literal to a fault and are completely incapable of thinking outside the box.

          • Mateusz

            You have to be realistic my friend. It would be a PR disaster to show games using touch and make other Xbone games look bad in comparison right before the launch lol It’s got nothing to do with us enjoying TPP’s. Just rational expectations.

  • Rigelleo

    I’m hoping for some RTS… imagine Rome Total War on a virtual table…

  • dotsmada

    Ark: Survival Evolved is going to be an awesome game for VR.

    • DontGetMeStarted

      Only if they can get their shit together and release a final product. So absurd.

      • Ya that game is a buggy frustrationg POS last time I tried it. Very pretty though…

  • Sky Castle

    I enjoy VR in any shape of form be it 3rd person, first person, movies, you name it I love it all. I’m looking forward to what’s going to be announced. There’s already good games that I’m already excited about like Bullet Train, Adrift, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and all the games you can play now in VR with VorpX that makes current games compatible with the Oculus Rift.

  • Christopher E. J. Cobb

    The HTC Vive price is way better than expected and better hardware overall. Their is one big catch stopping me from getting the Vive over the Oculus ; Software. Do I really want an awesome paperweight. In 2 years the Vive will have the content to play worth playing. The Oculus has years of content ready to play worth playing right now. I want the Vive but need the Oculus. Sadly the Vive is the cart before the horse.The Vive is the best cart that $800 can buy but a very limited experience for the next 6 months. The amount of free content for the Oculus is considerable but the amount for the Vive is non existent. I’m not buying until November so maybe the lack of enjoyable software will clear itself up for the Vive by then. I want good AAA titles to purchase and lots of free content to explore.