Best Buy’s consumer electronics brand, Insignia, has released a charging station for the Oculus Touch controllers.

Out of the box the Oculus Touch controllers use AA batteries (disposable or rechargeable) for power. The new product from Insignia includes two rechargeable batteries (1200 mAh, up to 10 hours of use), a charging dock, AC power adapter, and two special battery compartment covers which expose charging contacts to the charging dock without removing the covers.

Image courtesy Best Buy

The dock holds both controllers allowing for simultaneous charging, purportedly takes about three hours to charge both controllers fully, and shuts off automatically once the controllers are fully charged. Since it doesn’t continue charging the dock functions as a safe display to keep the Touch controllers in until you’re ready to play. The controllers are placed in handle first (at the base of controller is where the charging contacts are) and sit upright in the stand.

Image courtesy Best Buy

The charging dock costs $30 and is available in stores and online at Best Buy. Besides buying a set of rechargeable batteries (and needing to change them externally), this is the accessory of its type that we’ve seen for the Oculus Touch controllers.

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  • Adrian Jakubiak

    This is reeeaaaally great. I always wonder why isn`t it a standard for all wireless controllers.

    • Shady

      Maybe because the Touch uses good ol’ disposable AAA batteries?

  • Andreas Zetterström

    Seems to only be available in the US, hopefully it will be available in EU eventually…

  • Jason Lovegren

    At first I was like sweet, then i thought about it. I actually prefer my 4 battery recharging pack. When the controllers die, then i just pop in new batteries while the others are charging. with this method i would have to wait.

    • daveinpublic

      You can still use regular batteries if you run out. And you wouldn’t wait till they run out of battery to charge, you’d leave them charging them every time you’re done playing.

      • Jason Lovegren

        Doesn’t the charging deck still require the controller to be inserted in order to start the charging process (This is how most charging decks are designed) Or can I take the charging unit out of the controller and then charge. I’m not going to charge the controllers every time I’m done playing VR. This is a way to destroy your battery life. Its always best to discharge a battery completely before recharging it.

        • Edward Morgan

          Aaaactually, it is not ALWAYS best.

          The whole “discharge a battery completely” thing was only ever applicable to the mostly-retired NiCd cell, and had caveats even then.

          NiMH cells(which this most likely uses) don’t have the NiCd memory issue. They can be charged at-will.

          And lithium… well, a complete discharge is actually devastating to the lifespan of a lithium pack. This is part of why your phone shuts down while there is still “gas in the tank”.

          There’s also the old reliable automotive battery, using the even older lead-acid chemistry. Lasts for years in a hostile environment with constant charge/discharge, and almost never completely drained. No one thinks twice about how they treat a car battery, because it can deal with just about anything you can dish out. It just has a terrible energy density and a sloshy electrolyte.

          • Jason Lovegren

            That’s really interesting, and I’ll research more later.

  • Ragbone

    I’ve been charging my batteries by rubbing them on my leg for several hours. This should help me save money on new trousers.

    • Wednaud Ronelus

      LOL, you are too funny

  • PJ

    If this comes to the UK and I’ll buy it straight away.

  • David Croom

    I would rather see micro USB charging ports on the controllers, like the PlayStation controller. That way I can charge them as I use them.

  • Ian Shook

    Hopefully the next round of VR headsets will be induction. Getting so sick of having charging / USB cables everywhere.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Something like this is what it should have been, well actually just microusb connectors for charging them.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    that looks great, if they would just combine that with a wireless charging pad (and ofcourse an accupack that supports it) it would be THA bomb..

  • Interesting product

  • RE:Pantsu

    went to find this but turns out its already discontinued lol.

    the best buy link here leads to basically 404 lol.

  • Dobbs

    Rather expensive for just a basic stand…