Touch, the long awaited natural input controller for the Oculus Rift, still doesn’t have an official price or release date—but a tweet from Nick Summers, associate editor at Engadget UK, has revealed that Oculus Touch is going to be priced at £189.99, at least in Britain.

While no specific location was mentioned in the tweet by Summers, to our eyes it looked suspiciously close to a GAME store in London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping center. GAME, a Britain-based video game store similar to GameStop, is an official retailer of Oculus products.

We called up the store and received confirmation that not only are Touch pre-orders being taken today for the price of £50 deposit, but was quoted a ‘winter release’ for the controllers by an in-store Oculus rep.

It’s possible that the additional sign insert advertising Touch pre-orders was to be added at a later date, as the Rift headset itself was released across UK stores including John Lewis, Currys PC World, and Harrods today.

The sign showing the Oculus Touch pre-orders was only set up this morning along with the Rift advertisement.

This isn’t the first apparent price leak of Touch however. In the course of a week, two German electronic stores—MediaMarkt and Saturn—posted online listings of Touch, citing a €199 price with a November 21st delivery date. Price and shipping information has since been stripped from the online retailers’ respective listings.


Online retailers are known for occasionally publishing placeholder prices, but a sign in a shop window taking pre-orders, even erroneously, nails the price of Touch down that much tighter.

Vision Pro Gets Another Fully Immersive VR Game, With Cross-play to Other Headsets

The only question left: What’s the price in the US?

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • Zach Mauch

    So what does that translate to for US price (not meaning exchange rate). I would guess that means a $199 US Price. Recently UK pound and us dollar prices (in a numeric sense) have been pretty close for US electronic products.

    • Bookoo

      yea $199 is the likely price and luckily it’s a price many people expected.

    • RavnosCC

      but 189 pounds = ~$249 US? confused…

      • Zach Mauch

        Prices in different countries won’t follow exchange rates alone. The overhead costs a company has vary by nation. I’m not sure exactly what they are, but to sell in the UK, Oculus may have to pay tariffs or import taxes. Also, they will have to pay corporate taxes which vary by nation. For example, the US Oculus Rift price is $599, but the UK price is £549.

  • Doctor Bambi

    I’ve got technolust so bad for these. Ready for Touch to be out so I can stop refreshing Road to VR every 10 minutes for new tid bits about them. The price is right about where I was expecting, which is a relief as many people were expecting $300-$400. 15 days till OC3! @_@

    • Firestorm185

      The revolution will be televised. XD

    • Tad Springer

      Totally agree. I don’t understand all the fuss on the price too – £190 seems reasonable when you remember it has an extra sensor as well as the 2 Touch controllers. I was expecting more like £250.

    • They *LITERALLY* can NOT out-price the VIVE, for headset and controllers. People actually thought they’d sell the touch for $400?? They are already on thin ice, being well behind the VIVE right now in hand controllers. Only a few exclusives are keeping their sales from tanking out. It’s either match that $800 VIVE price, or bust, for them!

  • Mermado 1936

    Congratulations, you paid the same as a Vive user for the same… but 8 months later.

    • beestee

      8 months additional development.
      8 months for developers to get their games working with them.

      • dogtato

        first point, sure
        second point, not really. Were they available to many developers for those 8 months? The Vive controllers were.

        • beestee

          *8 months for developers that were given the opportunity to get their games working with them.

          • dogtato

            It still isn’t an advantage because the Vive controllers have been available the whole time. It’s not an extra 8 months unless you’re wanting to compare Vive controller support 8 months ago to Touch support today.

          • popupblocker

            The Vive controllers are awful… as controllers
            What’s good
            Tracking is spot on
            Trigger works

            What’s Bad
            General ergonomics –
            front heavy
            tapered as the bottom so it’s easy to slide out your hands
            doesn’t feel right for most applications – like a wavy stick!
            Trackpads are clunky at best.
            Squeeze buttons are hard to use
            Menu buttons are in an odd place and often make no sense.

          • dogtato

            Yeah they’re far from perfect. My only disagreement was that Touch developers had 8 more months to work with the controllers, which is false because Vive has [probably] been in more developer hands and the controllers been available for the same amount of time.

            I’m waiting for MadCatz or whoever to make something better that’s lighthouse compatible, and really I want to go the Wii Sports route and get a bunch of custom shaped controllers. A Touch knockoff would be great, not sure how legal it’d be.

          • beestee

            Technically “8 months additional software development” is an agnostic statement. The difference being that some individual’s first motion controller experience has the advantage of that delay in giving Steam VR and Oculus Home game developers time to add/tweak motion controller support.

            If someone purchases a Vive when the Touch launches, you get the same advantages for the most part.

          • beestee

            “8 months later” has disadvantages and advantages…that is all I am trying to say.

            No way to know for sure what the effect that time has had on development without one of the privileged developers commenting on it themselves, but it certainly has to be better than it would have been if Oculus went ahead and pushed Touch out the door at the Rift launch.

      • Nigerian Wizard

        That is some serious brainless fanboyism and I root for neither side. What the hell do you think Vive devs have been working on for the past 8 months including today you dunce? Vive developers PLUS COMMERCIAL USERS had the controllers long before to start working on their games.

        8 additional months my ass. Eat a sock beestee.

        • TheRealSpiderman

          enjoy your tech demos then. Us Rifters will be happy with the influx of titles that Touch will bring.

          • bschuler

            tech demos? No those extra 180 degrees the Vive has, are called room scale son. Tech demos are what Oculus stole from Valve and repackaged as the Rift.

          • TheRealSpiderman

            Oh gotcha. Well enjoy playing all those Vive games on Oculus Home.. oh wait.

          • Taun

            I’ll enjoy all those SteamVR games with my Rift. I just have to be patient until the Touch releases. So see you there this holiday season!

          • Dobba

            Christ – fanboyism is strong here. It’s like a school playground. Why don’t you all grow up and just be happy with whatever choice you made rather than having to put someone else’s choice down to make you feel superior and right about the buying decision you made?

            The majority of people in the world will never have the money to buy one of these so consider yourself fortunate.

          • Taun

            Why are you replying to my comment specifically? There wasn’t one word of fanboyism in my comment. I simply stated that I’ll be patient until I can join the Vive owners in playing SteamVR games. They already can play Rift games with ReVive. We all win.

          • Dobba

            Your comment was bottom of the list and that’s just where I replied to the entire list. Perhaps shouldn’t have replied to yours specifically so apologies for that.

          • Taun

            No problem, it just confused me. :~)

          • Sky Castle

            You talk as if Vive users don’t have access to Rift games.

          • TheRealSpiderman

            Ones who are willing to use a mod can get access. But who knows if a future update will break that or not. I will be happy when Vive users have native access once Oculus opens up home. That way more people can play these games. I don’t really care for all this who is better than who garbage. I know what i bought into with the rift and am happy with what has been delivered so far. I honestly do not see any game on steam that I am crying about because I can’t play yet due to the lack of motion controls. Audio Shield, Hover Junkers, Budget Cuts all look fun. But hard to say they are ground breaking or they can’t be lived without.

          • Sky Castle

            So you say “I don’t really care for all this who is better than who garbage.”

            Then make stupid comments like
            “enjoy your tech demos then.”
            “Oh gotcha. Well enjoy playing all those Vive games on Oculus Home.. oh wait.”

            Sounds a lot like you do care and getting defensive over negative talks about your Rift. I own both HMDs and can tell you the Vive at this points puts the Rift to absolute shame. I like both products but lets be real, Vive owners have the best of both worlds and more games to play with from Steam and Oculus Home. I’m looking forward to getting the Touch and hope it can track as well as the Vive. But for now my Rift is sitting on the self collecting dust.

          • TheRealSpiderman

            Nope, I just did not want to continue a pointless debate about who had a bigger dick. Hence why I took the high road. I did not start by putting down the Vive, was just replying to someone else’s dumb comment. I am happy for you that you enjoy your Vive more. I love my Rift. Playing games like Chronos, Edge of Nowhere and Blazerush. If you have been playing Oculus Home titles then at least you can see the sort of quality going into these titles. Once Touch releases there will be a slew of new games for me to enjoy. If you prefer your Vive to your Rift then all the power ro you. Congrats I guess?

          • Sky Castle

            Telling Vive users to enjoy their tech demos is not putting them down? Sounds like what dick person would say…
            I don’t think you know what taking the high road means.

            It also makes you look like a fool because Vive owners can play far more games be it free demos or full games as well as Rift games.

            I own most of the best games Oculus have to offer. Chronos, Damage Core, Feral Rites, etc. I agree they are highly polished games but that doesn’t necessary make them great. They are ok and I had some small enjoyments from them, but seated gaming is a joke after experiencing roomscale and real presence and immersion having hands ingame.

            Congrats on enjoying your Rift too I guess?

          • TheRealSpiderman

            My original comment was in reply to someone else acting childish. I will concede that my comment was not any less mature so I will apologize for that. I would rather play a game like Chronos that I can get hours out of over a five minute star wars demo, regardless if I don’t get to use my hands. Since I am paying for titles I want length and replayability. Games like Job simulator look like a hoot.. the first time you play it. But as I said earlier, there are some titles I am really looking forward to trying when Touch releases in like 2 months. Plus there are a bunch of new titles hitting the Oculus Store in conjunction with the touch. At the end of the day, these headsets are so similar it is ridiculous. Swap out earphones for a camera, FOV for lower pixel density. The only difference is the control method. Vive users definitely got the more complete package out of the box, no doubt about that. But the Price of Touch puts it right in line with the Vive. And I am glad Oculus was taking their time getting these things right. Plus it is giving devs more time to polish their titles. Once Rift is offering the same experiences as the vive it will allow devs to make their games easier with one control scheme in mind. Should be a great time for VR moving forward.

          • Sky Castle

            Now I can agree with everything you said here. The Rift may be more convenient to put on with built in headphones but I personally wouldn’t sacrifice roomscale and motion controllers for more slightly more convenience. I am too looking forward to getting the Touch and crossing my fingers it won’t disappoint. Rift users deserve the high quality tracking that the Vive has. If the Touch can do everything it advertises then the Rift may be my new default headset to use.

          • TheRealSpiderman

            Any titles I should specifically give my attention to on steam once touch launches? Any favorites that you seem to keep going back to?

          • Sky Castle

            Sure there are plenty that I enjoy.

            Raw Data – It’s a wave shooter but highly polished and one of the most fun game I play from the day I bought it to today. It’s in early access and has a lot more contents on the way.

            Brookhaven – This one feels like a full game to me. I don’t remember exactly but it has over 10-14 levels. Plenty of different guns to choose from and upgrades to get. I’m not big on horror games but this one is a blast. It’s also a great demo to show off and always a crowd pleaser.

            The Gallery – I admit it’s pricey for a 2-3 hour game, but if money is not an issue for you then I have to say this is one of the best short experience for me. Top notch graphics, very polished, and high quality game. It’s what I dreamed RPG in VR to be like.

            Vanishing Realms – Short game but again worth the asking price. Besides The Gallery this is the only other VR RPG experience on Steam.

            Space Pirate Trainer – Also another game I come back to time and time again.

            MIND: Path to Thalamus – This is a game I only played through once but it’s a full game. It’s more of a puzzle game like Myst if you’re into that sort of thing. The breathtaking environments is what makes it worth the purchase.

            Holoball – It’s like pong/tennis in a Tron environment.

            Holopoint – An addicting wave shooter with a bow.

            Good free demos to try and show off:
            Gnomes & Goblins
            Irrational Exuberance
            The Lab
            Theblu – Not free but worth the purchase
            Trails on Tatooine – For obvious reasons

            There are so many more but these are my personal favorites. You have lot to look forward to from both Oculus Home and Steam games when the Touch is shipped. Can’t wait myself to sink more hours with it. Cheers!

          • TheRealSpiderman

            Wow. Thanks for the detailed list. Will give a look over these titles. Cheers :)

        • beestee

          I’m sorry but you must have misunderstood my context…had Oculus launched Touch at the same time as the Rift, it would have been very similar to what HTC did with the Vive with the one exception that developers/consumers did not have easy access to pre-release Touch hardware.

          Oculus did not think that the Touch hardware was ready, so it was delayed…8 months.

          Am I incorrect in stating that this 8 months gave Oculus time to “finish” the Touch hardware, and likewise gave Touch game developers 8 months to get their games ready to hit the Touch hardware launch window?

          I am not making any comparisons to HTC here, unlike the original argument.

          The original argument was that Rift users were paying the same for the same thing that Vive users had…but 8 months later.

          If Oculus launched Touch with the Rift, then that comparison would be valid, and the argument wouldn’t exist.

          If HTC launched some revised wands at the same time as Touch then the comparison would be valid, and the argument wouldn’t exist.

          But here we are, both hardware manufacturers took different paths, and people try to make a pissing contest out of it.

    • Justos

      How have the games been in the last 8 months?

      • Sky Castle

        Really great actually and far better than Oculus games. Not to mention being able to play them too with Revive. How’s roomscale games for the Rift? Oh right…

        • TexRob406

          lol, enjoy your tech demos

          • Sky Castle

            Yeah I have been doing nothing but enjoying free demos, full games, and Oculus games as well. LOL

      • Bookoo

        Sort of agree with your comment about games. I guess it got reported so I can’t directly reply.

        As someone who has a Vive as well it started to make me skeptical of Oculus Touch. The only thing that gives me hope is that the content they have shown seems pretty polished, but who knows if it will hold my interest.

    • Orkel

      Not the same. Better.

    • Bookoo

      This is such an odd insult because what exactly did we miss out on for 8 months?

      All those experiences that are currently there will still be there when Touch is released and many of them improved from the initial state they were released in.

      The only real downside is that if it was released 8 months ago it would have just stopped me from buying the Vive. I haven’t really used my Vive since May because none of the content is all that interesting and this isn’t an anti-Vive thing because the same would be true if I was playing that content with Touch.

      Right now the content lineup is the only thing that makes me excited for Touch not the motion controls.

      • Get Schwifty!

        And this has been Team Oculus’ strategy, to release the controllers along with software to effectively use them and start building a true hardware and software environment. Don’t recall the site now, but reviewers are starting to see it all come together, saw one seriously saying they may have to assign the better overall system to the Rift once the controllers/chaperone/room scale is in place.

    • Nigerian Wizard

      According to that “leaked” UK price, it’s about $25 bucks more than the whole Vive set.

      • Get Schwifty!

        You are almost certainly forgetting the VAT… knock off about 14% then convert to USD. HMD plus controllers (including extra camera) will come in right at 799.99 USD I think.

      • Tad Springer

        In the UK I paid £499.99 for my Rift (shipping was free) an Touch will be £189.99 so that makes £690. Vive here costs £769.99, so I’ll have saved £70. Not sure how the prices translate in the US but if I’m making a saving in the UK I’m sure people there will too.

    • jfr

      …and I got the headset I wanted in terms of comfort and will get the controllers I prefer in terms of ergonomics. To each his own, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m ok with that.

    • Iliad

      And the controllers look about 8 times better..

    • PrymeFactor

      Still got the Xbox Controller, remote and integrated headphones…

      • Mermado 1936

        Vive also got headphones… Vive got real roomscale and camera… Prefer the camera, i got a controller too.

        They just sold with a controller because they didnt got the controllers… and now some fanboys defend like a PROS.

        • SandmaN

          Wait, so your HTC Vive came with headphones…? That’s fantastic!! I think you’re literally the only person on this earth that got that deal, bravo!
          The rest of us peons got the headset, two wands, and two light house units… and a number of cables, if you want to nitpick.

          Also, you didn’t get an XB1 controller or other controller as an included pack in either, a la the Rift.

          <— Note: not a fanboy as I own both headsets, just pointing out the errors in your post, along with adding a bit of 'flair' for flavor. :)

          • Akeydel

            i think you might want to see that mermando here said “headphones”
            the vive comes with a set of earbuds. sure they’re not at all comparable, but hes TECNHINCALLY right.

          • Man, I gotta go check my VIVE box again. I don’t recall seeing those. (or caring in the least)

          • Sky Castle

            It’s in the small blue box next to where the HMD slot is. Your extra face cover among other things are also in that box.

    • Zach Mauch

      …but a lot better overall quality and experience. I have a vive and love it, but it is buggy as hell and not near the well thought out design the oculus has. I’m strongly considering selling my vive when the touch is released, but it will be hard to loose the camera. that is my only qualm.

    • TheVillasurfer

      I hate this modern and childish obsession that people have to have new tech straight away, and then go and boast about it on social media and forums. Nobody cares

  • Sky Castle

    I have both the Vive and Oculus and bought just about every games for both HMDs. You’re right these are just opinions but I couldn’t finish any of the best games Oculus had to offer. Chronos, Damaged Core, Edge of Nowhere, Lucky’s Tale were ok but every time I played them I missed having hands and roomscale. My Rift is now sitting on a shelf while the Vive gets the most uses. That may change when I get the Touch controllers though.

    • Justos

      That boils down to roomscale and motion controllers though. I can agree with that. The reason Oculus have been refining their product and software lineup is because it provides a better experience. Though I still enjoy my seated games, motion controllers are a new level of fun.

    • popupblocker
  • Justin Moravetz

    These ROCK with Proton Pulse. The game on the Oculus store already fully supports them.

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    Love the nasty comments from Vive fanboys. Don’t know what has all your cocks in a knot since you all bang on the reVive thing lol. Sit down, and for once, shut up already. The same games should work for you as they do for touch.

    • JustNiz

      It cuts both ways. Rift fanbois are just as clueless.

      • PrymeFactor

        It doesn’t really. On this site or reddit, the Vive fanboys are far worse.

        • beestee

          I think it is more disgust of Facebook than platform fanboyism, that is why it might seem to sway more one way than the other.

          The same thing would happen with any discussion involving Microsoft in the not so distant past, and those ideas eventually evolve into a subculture that far outlives the original problems that cause the angst.

    • Sky Castle

      You talk about nasty comments then make one yourself like a real hypocrite. Good job. Maybe you should take your own advice and shut the hell up before you make yourself look more stupid.

      • Nashoba Darkwolf

        Says the guy who tries to post on any negative comment to his precious Vive. Reminds me of the apple fans who get all hot and bothered when real techs dismantle the BS. When you calm down a bit and actually want to play games, rather than prove my points more, the rest of us will be waiting for you.

        • Sky Castle

          If you read my other comments then you would know I own both the Vive and Rift. Fanboys don’t buy competing products. You’re stupidity continues. Thought I told you to take your own advice and shut up…

          You are the one bitching and crying about fanboys saying nasty things and hurting your feelings in your first comment and accusing me of getting upset for pointing out your hypocrisy? You have not point. You are a joke lol

    • dogtato

      I’m looking forward to being joined by Rifters in all the motion control games that are great but need more players. But I’m not going to sit down, dammit, that’s not roomscale.

  • bschuler

    Can’t come soon enough. VR has reminded me of 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Oculus has been stuck in bed all day, everyday, and just can’t move. But as soon as these come out, you can join us Vive users in the magical factory and we can all have some fun together. As a Vive owner, it feels like it’s been forever, I can only imagine how it feels to a Rift owner. Congrats guys.. you’ll be escaping the world of stupid 360 videos and games and be in true VR soon!


    Wow! So much passion for VR systems, a great thing to see. I’ll be glad to see touch controllers arrive, so we can compare systems apples to apples. How fortunate are we? To have 2 solid consumer VR systems to choose from, and a 3rd on the way from Sony. Damm good times…..

    • Jonathan Dirks

      Man, I admire your incredibly positive attitude!

    • Bob

      Oculus I believe are already hard at work on the next iteration considering the enormous amount of competition kicking off in this space.

  • VRgameDevGirl

    About what I was expecting. I really hate seeing the comments about people dissing vive and others dissing rift. They are both amazing. I can’t wait to be able to add touch support to my vive game!

    • Tad Springer

      Ridiculous it always comes down to a slagging match isn’t it. It’s like being back at school. ;)

    • Wez Blampied

      I dont think they are compatible. Something in how the lighthouse controllers work break the IR receivers. Could be wrong about this

      • VRgameDevGirl

        Oh, no, I just meant I can’t wait to get touch for my rift so rift only users can play. I have both headsets.

        • Wez Blampied

          Ah yes- sorry I misread your comment.I got confused thought you were saying you wanted to play Vive games using the Touch. Can see now you’re a developer adding your own support for the controllers. Thats awesome!

          • Wez Blampied

            Annoyingly I had both but I sold the Rift because the VR experience wasnt anywhere near as good using a xbox controller. Think I’m going to have to buy a new headset once touch is out. Hope they do a boxset!

      • The controllers aren’t compatible directly, but as far as game engines like Unreal 4, it’s pretty much the same thing. The engine handles their differences for developers, making switching (at least in theory) completely transparent.

    • Ryun Patenaude

      haters ganna hate potatoes ganna potate…

      Can’t wait to bust these out on my Rift!

    • SOLAR VR

      I agree on that. I love all things VR/AR.

  • Dimitar Tilev

    I need some clarification. Does the rift introduce a standing experience with the release of touch? Do they plan on ever making their system support roomscale? How? More cameras?

    • bob124

      With 2 cameras you have okayish room scale with rift, not as good tracking as with Vive but it works.

      • Dimitar Tilev

        Is this an officially supported thing? Buying a second camera to get roomscale. Do you need to plug the second camera in the PC? How much is a rift camera? Will any games actually support roomscale with the rift?

        • Tad Springer

          The second camera will come with Touch and will give full roomscale on par with Vive, plus you’ll be able to play all the Vive games on Touch too. Check out the Reality Check VR youtube channel – he demo’s Vive games using Touch and he’s top of the score board for a lot of games which shows they must work well.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    This is a great example of how silly the human brain can be. People out there complaining about the U.K price seem to ignore the combined price compared to the Vive. If Rift with the touch controllers came as a package and priced at 749 then these same people probably wouldn’t be whining about the price as it’d be 10 less than the Vive. Instead, somehow people can’t do the math and add the two prices together and see it is ever so slightly less than the Vive and that this is a price that EVERYONE should have expected for the touch controllers to be because again, that’s what the Vive package is currently priced at.

    Hopefully the U.S price is $200.

  • OgreTactics

    Am I dreaming or is this the first “VR headset wars” I see in the comment?

  • Ghosty

    So people can stop saying the rift kit is a cheaper option than a Vive.. With the controllers they are basically the same price!

  • jlschmugge

    So that pretty much makes the Vive and Rift kinda the same in price and functionality. Now it just comes down to personal preference.

    • Akeydel

      Thats exactly it, except im torn because the touch controllers are so obviously superior, but on the other hand, oculus/facebook has made so many questionably ethical decisions, and still aren’t fully onboard with roomscale.
      vive with touch-style controllers would be ideal.

  • With the price of this new “Oculus Touch Controls” the Oculus Rift​ will be more expensive than the HTC Vive, that makes no sense! This hardware isn’t worth that price, and will be quickly overthrown by the competitors. With this release Oculus has signed his death warrant.

  • Rlee

    I don’t see any compelling reason to have them at the moment. Cockpit experiences seem to be where the Rift excels right now. I can’t think of a single game I want to play that needs these things.

  • Steve P

    The best thing about all the comments is it shows a lot of passion and interest in VR which is great.
    Whatever system you are using have fun with it.
    It is better for us all for VR in general to do well to grow the market and therefore give us better things to look forward to in the future.

  • Europe always get the price gouge, so probably around $200 US. That is on par with their competition, the VIVE. You get a headset and controllers for $800.

    Unfortunately…. we can already see that, at this $800 price point, this is a niche item. Sales are going to low. The cost will continue to keep VR out of the hands of most PC gamers for at least another year.

    Thankfully, the OpenVR movement is doing quite well. I’m disheartened to hear them referred to as “Knock-Offs”. They are NOT “Knock-Offs”, they are the VR movement as Lucky Palmer originally envisioned it, before he sold out to the devil. These “Knock-Offs” will become the VR everybody else will have. They will reach that magic $300 price point. As long as the open standard blossoms, VR adoption for the majority of the PC market still has a real chance.

    Of course, I’m an impatient VR nut, so I’m going to get the Touch when the $800 CV1 combo pack is offered… a fool and his money… (sigh)

  • Pcenginefx

    Worth it no matter the price!