Oculus Unveils ‘Medium’, a Creator’s Tool that Lets You Sculpt in VR Using Oculus Touch


At Oculus Connect today a new 3D paint program was announced that aims to take Oculus Touch to the artists among us, and it’s called Medium.

Among the 10 new Touch demos made available to the attendees at Connect was Medium, a program that lets you build anything and everything, and all while in VR.

Much like the Google-owned Tilt Brush for HTC Vive, Medium serves as a 3D sculpture/paint program for the VR headset. Although not the first VR sculpting app we’ve seen, as the makers of VR Clay can attest, Medium certainly looks the part—packed full of tools with multiple colors and extruder sizes to really make it into a creator’s toolbox.

One of the biggest differences that we see with Medium appears to be the ability to physically (or virtually) hold on to your creations with one hand, and manipulate it with the other, something we haven’t seen with Tilt Brush yet. After announcing the program, CEO Brendan Iribe said that “every great platform has to have a paint app, and this is going to be our paint app.”

We’re getting our hands on Medium and will have a full report on the app soon, so check back for more updates in the coming hours. In the meantime, take a look at the weirdest creations we found on the Medium twitter account. What do you call that one, Ben?

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  • Curtrock

    Creativity “inside VR”. Kudos on this, Oculus. The only thing better than being in VR, is the ability to create your own VR.

    • kalqlate

      Well said!

  • uswin