Orbus Online, the studio behind OrbusVR, says the game’s long-awaited ‘Reborn’ expansion is now set to launch sometime in April.

OrbusVR is a made-for-VR MMORPG that launched into Early Access on Steam (Vive, Rift) and the Oculus Store (Rift) in December 2017. As a VR-native, it’s essentially delivering VR headset owners a way to live out some of the classic MMORPG tropes such as multiplayer dungeon raids, world bosses, several combat classes, and missions across a large, open-world.

The game’s Reborn expansion, which was first teased in August with a Q1 2019 release target, takes place in the near future—20 years after the defeat of the Order, changing much in the land of Patraeyl.

Image courtesy Orbus Online

Reborn is said to feature a host of new content including new classes, zones, activities, enemies, and improvements to overall functionality and look (more details below).

The studio says in a developer update that two more Reborn closed betas will arrive beforehand to further test and provide opportunity for user feedback.

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Closed betas, which will be available to current owners of OrbusVR, are slated to take place February 22nd – 25th and March 25th – April 8th. To boot, expansion will be free to all existing owners of the base game, which costs $40.

All existing characters, equipment, and progression will be carried over from the current version of OrbusVR into Reborn when it launches.

The studio says a more definite launch window will arrive at the beginning of April.

New Features Coming to Reborn

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  • sfmike

    I’ve had fun plying and I’m looking forward to the update.

  • Dave Graham

    Expansion? Feels a bit weird the devs releasing an expansion when the game isnt finished yet and is still Alpha.. You release expansions on finished games !!!

    • Jistuce

      That was once true. Then Star Citizen happened. Now you keep the game in alpha forever so you have a shield against criticism.

      • Dave Graham

        Crap don’t mention that scam game, why would that get released when they make a shit ton selling imaginary ships to the cult members.

        • Jistuce

          I maintain Star Citizen IS released. They have shipped a product, and collect a steady revenue stream from it.

          They only continue to call it an alpha because it shields them from criticism for not delivering what was promised, and gives them carte blanche to ask for any sort of money they want because it is “funding development”(just as any other online RPGs income does). …
          I suppose it could be an elaborate tax fraud scheme too, but it seems too productive for that.

  • wheeler

    I’m fine everything about this game–art style, gameplay, etc etc. What I don’t understand is how they can call it an MMO when the per server max player count is only 30 or so. Should just be called a multiplayer RPG