robin-arnottSound Self developer Robin Arnott is starting a publishing label named Orpheus Technodelics to curate and distribute consciousness-hacking VR experiences. ‘Technodelics’, according to Arnott, are digital psychedelics that provide peak experiences aimed at opening someone’s mind to commit to deeper contemplative practices. He sees that spiritual traditions are steeped in level of tradition and seriousness that is a turn-off for a lot of people, and that he hopes to use the insights of game design in order to make transcendent experiences more readily available through virtual reality.


Arnott has been working on the Sound Self for over six years now, and he’s hoping to tap into the larger mindfulness market with other types of similar immersive, consciousness-hacking experiences. He’s working with visionary artist Android Jones whose MicroDose VR is a psychedelic particle painting program that cultivates flow states, as well as a mobile app called Breathscape, which helps cultivate regular breathing practices.

I talk to Arnott about the consciousness-hacking movement founded by Mikey Siegel, his concept of what constitutes a VR ‘technodelic,’ balancing peak experiences with the cultivation of spiritual practices using technology, takeaways from his GDC talk on designing a trance meditation game, and how he navigates his personal mission and role in helping tell the larger story and potential of transcendent technology and its connection to the larger mindfulness market and ecosystem.

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  • Vegeta785

    I know this is dumb, but I’m not listening to 1 hour of a podcast can someone tell me what they say summarized.

    • KodaiRyu

      TL;DR is pretty much that we are 1-3 years away from full dive vr :3

      • Vegeta785

        Heck yeah

    • benz145

      The article is the summary! If you want to learn more then you’ve got the podcast : )

    • brandon9271

      It’s said that this new app, plus some LDS will cause you to trip your balls off.

      • Billy H

        plus some Latter Day Saints? Weird combination…

        • brandon9271

          That typo made this even more interesting.. lol

  • Ian Shook

    I read that title wrong at first.

    • Vegeta785

      Me too, I thought for a second, consciousness VR

  • brubble

    A very cool path for current VR.

  • oompah

    Materialism at its worst
    The tech ppl think that consciousness can be hacked
    because they think that mind is a function of body
    Hah ha
    What they dont know:
    A singular Superconsciousness drives all
    small individual consciousnesses of all creatures
    just like an ocean with many waves or a Sun with many rays
    ( some ppl also call it God)
    It works thru spine & brain as prime mover
    Warning : if one fiddle with it, tries to control it, uses for nefarious means, enslaves it for selfishness, then one will face one’s change of fate for the worse. Beware

    • Jordan_c

      Please…. go away.

      • jj

        right like maybe thats true but oompah says it like a smug hippy with a chip on his shoulder and now none of us will back him up because he is the crazy person… people need to learn how to socialize and communicate online….

        • oompah

          me stand outta crowd ‘cuz
          has had revelation

          • jj

            ..or a stroke

    • brandon9271


      • oompah

        you r alive

        • brandon9271

          Everything in neuroscience points to consciousness being a function of the brain. I guess when people get Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or some form of brain damage it upsets the magical brain faeries?

  • Gato Satanista

    Cool. I will use this while smoking pot. VR and weed is a powerfull combination. Yesterday I played Skyrim while high on weed. It adds another level on immersion.