Starting today OSVR is taking pre-orders for the HDK 2, the modular, open source ‘Hacker Development Kit’ VR headset which the organization says will ship starting on July 29th.

Sold in its basic configuration for $399, the new HDK 2 will be largely the same as the HDK 1.4, but with a new 2160×1200 and 90 FPS, low-persistence OLED display—a marked improvement over the HDK 1.4’s 1920×1080, 60 FPS OLED. At least in terms of on-paper display specs, the new display puts the HDK 2 on par with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Other than the new display, the HDK 2 is essentially the same headset as the prior HDK 1.4.

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Because the headset is modular, OSVR will also be offering a display upgrade for HDK 1.4 owners who want to upgrade to the new display module.

Pre-orders through July 28th will be bundled with Descent: Underground and Radial G: Racing Revolved, “while supplies last.”

Razer says that initial sales of the headset will only be available in the US & EU, but should see wider availability in the Asia-Pacific region in the next few weeks.

Pre-order OSVR HDK 2

HDK owners can also expect a new Windows Installer that will support HDK 1.x and HDK 2 headsets to make first-time set up easier, which will include essential programs and drivers, as well as automatic SteamVR driver installation for easier access to SteamVR content. OSVR’s Installer will be available when HDK 2 ships to all HDK owners.

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The HDK 2 (in its basic configuration) includes:

Basic Kit
Ergonomically designed enclosure and customized adjustable orange and black OSVR head straps. HMD module with gyroscope, accelerometer and compass for accurate head tracking, as well as USB 3.0 Connectivity.

IR Kit
IR Faceplate providing positional information at 100hz with 360 degree tracking for responsive, multi directional input. *Comes with an IR Camera for positional tracking.

Dual Display 2160×1200 low persistence OLED silver screen with 441 PPI running at 90 fps. IQE (Image Quality Enhancement) technology for reduced screendoor effect.

High performance dual lens system for ultra-sharp images. Enlarged eye-box for fuss-free setup, right out-of-box. Low geometric distortion and colour corrected image for faster rendering. Individual eye focus for personalized use without glasses.

*diopters cover +4.5 to -2 adjustments to cater to majority of users.

Belt Box
Prevents cable tangling as well as features USB 3.0 connectivity and integrated surround sound codec.

Improved Bamboo charcoal microfiber foam layer facemask for additional comfort.

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  • Steve Biegun

    What are the benefits for OSVR over Rift? USD 400 rather than 600 is a big benefit, but is there anything else? How does the headstrap compare? How is the tracking? I’d love to read an in-depth comparison.

    • Michael Jones

      I saw people demoing it at Razer during GDC this year and it looked great. I personally only demoed the HDK 1.4 which was about on par with the DK2, so I believe it’s only potential hold back is compatibility with Oculus content. I believe it’s compatible with all Vive content, but really the only major differences at this stage would be content IMO.

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        It is compatible with Steam VR SDK.
        Also rift can be done with it as Steam VR is actually openVR sdk.
        There is a video on youtube smeone shows the Rift with Touch working perfectly with Steam VR.

        • Michael Jones

          Correct, but you still have to install a 3rd party application like ReVive in order to force compatibility with Rift specific software. That’ll likely change once the Touch controls finally hit the market though. At least I hope.

          • DiGiCT Ltd

            Yeah i hope so too as i prefer to launch all our games just on Steam only and next year on Daydream for mobile.
            Vive also has Viveport, but it syncs my steam stuff automatically in it, at least most of it.
            Steam is not yet the best interface when running inside VR to browse content but its doable, vive port is better but still has bugs. Alternative its also easy to just browse on the PC screen and start it there as it goes to the Vive HMD to play it.
            Steam is for me just easier as i can say all the games i enjoy are in VR, a good FPS game is still on screen for me and for sure not VR.
            Same for games like Dota 2 it will look nice in VR but the problem is that an average match takes 50-60 minutes and thats not always comfortable in an HMD.

            Anyhow Steam is preference Nr1 to deploy our games, and yeah hopefully they release those controllers soon as our game in devlopment needs those to play.

    • DiGiCT Ltd

      Price is for sure one of them.
      They might not release any tracked motion controller for it as Razor already has them but they are not related to this HMD.
      They are actually more focus on the next upgrade part to have leap motion instead.
      On the other hand ti is open source, so it has no VR platform like oculus home but rather might show up in steam in future.

      It depends on the VR game.App and the devs if they gonna support the OSVR.
      I dont see the point not doing it for some titles which play good with gamepads or racing flight games controllers.
      The real issue is tracked motion controllers or not for the game, althought there are ones that can be bought seperately it makes it harder for devs to guess if those users bought it or not.

      For the HMD it self it is similar on specs as the vive and rift, although the HMD be tracked with similar tech as the Rift or PSVR, vive is the only one using lighthouses laser tracking.

      It is cheap but it depends really on what you want in VR as some games requires you to have certain controllers to play it.
      The best point for this HMD is simply it is modular as the article stated, so you can just upgrade parts in future instead of buying a total new set, whished vive and oculus did the same so for sure +1 for that.
      Downside of this is that there is not really a future planning for what can be upgraded, although you can see what been upgraded in the past on previous models, most was related to screen and lenses.

      OSVR opened a big budget for developers, they actually buy coupons ahead for your game, in that way they support devs to build games for it, but they dont care in which shop the dev sells it.
      Most games on rift without controller would be easy to also support this HMD.

      • Multi-title Dev

        Some developers never got “coupons” so will never port to it…

        • DiGiCT Ltd

          Every devloper can apply for them, ofcourse they decide its worth it to pay for, else there will be none.
          There is no reason they will not prebuy coupons if the game is a potential VR game.
          As they also would like to see good games on their HMD ofcourse.

    • Michael Jones

      And the lack of Touch Controls.

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        Touch controls are rift specific, they are actually motion tracked controllers just like the vive has vive steam controls.
        Razor sells them seprate in store, althought they where for pc and not for OSVR specific.

        Also razer

        • Michael Jones

          They’re more or less the same, minus button layout and function. Both have the rings specifically for the purpose of tracking. I still just personally like the way the vive controls feel and handle aesthetically a little more. But the Oculus Touch controllers are still really damn good.

          • Jim Cherry

            if Hdk is a developer focused kit does it matter that it doesnt come with controllers its not like any regular users will buy it ;}

        • Andrew Jakobs

          hydra wasn’t wireless and they aren’t sold anymore.. the Stem controllers aren’t available yet (and god knows when)..

          • DiGiCT Ltd

            yes seems your right the hydra’s seems to be removed from their store.
            That’s sad indeed, they should have kept it in a way. alternative would be buying lighthouses and vive controllers but that gonna make it more pricy ofcourse.

          • DiGiCT Ltd

            UPDATE : released on steam

            Hydra works with steam VR just not sure why Razot took them out, maybe somewhere they still have stock.

    • Arizona Willie

      They don’t mention controllers or base stations either. Probably will be extra like the almost non-existent Rift.

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        Razer made those already

      • Andrew Jakobs

        It comes with the camera required for positional headtracking.. just like the rift..
        and try not to troll with saying ‘non-existing rift’…

    • Michael Davidson

      I have the HDK 1.3. It was an amazing deal for $299; however, at $399 I begin to hesitate on recommending it. Considering the Rift and Vive are shipping within a few days and provide a much richer experience. That being said, if $400 is your max budget, it does have a higher resolution panels (the same as the Rift and Vive) now and does work with SteamVR content. So, if you are savvy enough and just don’t want to spend any more than $400, then it is an OK choice.

  • Anony Anonymous

    Horrible price, knowing that it is not a final product and only have 30 days warranty.

  • Dennis

    I wasn’t able to get 1.4 to work with my GTX 1070 card.. wonder if they support it with hdk2?

  • Muckylittleme

    US price $399
    UK price £399

    Why are we in the UK always ripped off?
    Even adding 20% VAT we are still paying another $50 premium on US price.
    Why are Razer/OSVR ripping off UK customers?

    • Jim Cherry

      Brexit? jokes aside alot of companies do this kind of pricing model to simplify paper work and advertising.

      • Muckylittleme

        LOL now that is excuse that will never wash.
        Them “Oh we are just charging you more to simplify pricing.”
        Me “Gee thanks! But hey, what can I get that is much cheaper through this simplification process”
        Them ” ”
        Me “Hello? Hello? Where did they go?”

    • Farrukh Shah Khan

      Its the conversion rate they don’t want to deal with. The way pound fell recently they could loose all their profit margins. Also why do you care what price it is selling in US if you live and earn in UK? And if you do compare then you can also find a friend in US to buy and ship to you. :-)

  • Dennis Kehrig

    Would be interesting to know if this is a PenTile display (like Vive & Rift) or full RGB (like PSVR).

    • Jeevan

      It’s an RGB display.

      • Dennis Kehrig

        Nice! Then its display quality is possibly higher than that of the Rift or the Vive… if the optics are good, too. Hopefully the sweet spot is larger than on the Vive.

  • VRguy

    A DYI upgrade kit to existing HDK 1.3/1.4 users is now available on the new OSVR store