The organisers of the Open Source Virtual Reality movement (OSVR) have today announced that their supporter list has grown to 300, with the recent addition of 70 new companies and groups interested in developing for Open Source VR.

Razer announced OSVR, the open source virtual reality group, that launched just a year ago at CES 2015, is celebrating its supporters list swelling to 300 with the latest addition of 70 supporters pledging to support the platform.

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The aim of OSVR is to provide a “Software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality input devices, games and output to provide the best possible VR game experience.” In addition to providing that software framework, the HDK (Hacker Development Kit) is a customisable, hackable VR headset designed as a flagship for what can be achieved on an open platform. The HDK was recently made available for pre-order at $299 which gets you a headset with claimed 360 degree positional tracking and a 5.5″ OLED panel.

New supporters include Esper developers Coatsink, immersive cinema collective VRSE and makers of the unique motion controller VRGO.

We’ll be catching up with the latest from the OSVR movement at CES 2016, stay tuned for more news next week.

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  • OgreTactics

    Go OSVR. Until technology is ready for a truly mass-consumption device (that is untethered both for output movement and video, has external sensorless hand/head/body motion, clear visuals without SDE, aberrations, tears, tunnel-vision, shadowing etc…) then open-source is the way to go to experiment with different incremental and additional techs and mods, like full-POV lenses, eye-tracking and focus, motion tracking etc…