‘Paper Beast’ Now Launching Q1 2020, New Gameplay Trailer Here


Paper Beast, the surreal wildlife simulation from the creator behind cult classic platformer Another World (1991), was originally slated to arrive on PSVR sometime this year. As a featured game in this month’s PlayStation State of Play announcement, it’s been revealed that Paper Beast is headed to PSVR in early 2020.

Éric Chahi, lead developer and head of his newly formed studio Pixel Reef, is no stranger to the weird and oftentimes unconventional worlds, and makes no exception with Paper Beast. He’s the mind behind cinematic platformer action-adventure games such as Another World, Heart of Darkness (1998), and god-game From Dust (2011).

I got a 20-minute demo at this year’s Gamescom back in August, and while the game may seem like a strange nut to crack, I left at very least with the sense that I had truly explored new territory.

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Although it’s not a game in the traditional sense, it did leave me feeling like there was a wider story to be told here. Even Chahi himself wouldn’t tell me exactly what that would be, but rather the story would be told only through the happenings in the physics-based environment; no text and no vocal cues.

Paper Beast was previously slated to launch on PSVR first, then on PS4 sometime afterwards, however the studio’s update factsheet maintains it is a PSVR-only experience.

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  • Xron

    I guess kids will like it alot. Even grown ups will.

  • Trenix

    Seems like a game that would be fun for a little but will get bored once you’ve seen everything.

    • Ploulack

      Like a good book movie and stage play :)

    • Charles

      There’s definitely a place in VR for short, interesting experiences. They’re fun to show off to people who are new to VR. Just needs to be priced appropriately low.

      • Trenix

        We need fully fleshed out games, not demos. Still to this day, mobile gaming hasn’t gotten anywhere, except being overpriced garbage mini-games. Lets not make VR the same.

        • Skippy76

          Then buy a PC VR system. Theres tons

          • Trenix

            I already have a Valve Index.

  • david vincent

    Looks like Éric Chahi still has it in him !

  • The graphical style of this game looks astonishing