‘Path of the Warrior’ is a ‘Double Dragon’ Style VR Beat’em Up, Now on Rift & Quest

Available with cross-play co-op


At last night’s Game Awards, Oculus announced it’s been working with Twisted Pixel Games to create a new VR beat’em up called Path of the Warrior, which is out now on for Rift and Quest.

Inspired by classic arcade titles such as Double Dragon (1987)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game (1989)Streets of Rage (1991) and Final Fight (1989)Path of the Warrior promises to let you attack your opponents “with any number of objects from pool cues and trash cans to frying pans,” the studio says in an Oculus blog post.

The game, which can be played in either single-player or in co-op mode, is said to span five hours of gameplay across a number of environments, ranging from bar fights to creepy carnivals.

In the trailer, it’s clear painfully clear you can pound the squishy faces of a number of typical ’80s bad guys too, and even toss them into parts of the environment for even more points—all of it while adding to the game’s patently classic combo counter and special attack meter. The studios say you can also unlock special attack boosts by beating bosses, and save bystanders who give you power-up snacks.

Also known for Oculus exclusives Defector (2019) and Wilson’s Heart (2017), Twisted Pixel Games has been working with Oculus Studios on the game since October 2018.

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“Kicking this project off was a chance to go back and play a bunch of old brawler games that we hadn’t touched in many years,” says Oculus Studios executive producer Mike Doran. “While I’d love to do a game more like Tower of Doom or Shadow over Mystara some day, with Path of the Warrior we wanted more of a Double Dragon feel. That comes through in a few ways—the large variety of background stages and enemies being a big one. We also wanted to have tons of environmental props and ways to defeat enemies, so brainstorming those was a lot of fun. Where else can you battle a guy with daggers for hair?”

Path of the Warrior is now available on the Oculus Store for $20, supporting both Rift and Quest, which includes cross-buy as well as cross-play support.

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  • I was not expecting a VR shadow drop. It looks kind of fun.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    haha, that looks funny, I like the sidescrolling beatem ups from the past very much..

  • Alextended

    I like the style and graphics but watching people actually play, it seems quite bad. Way too simplistic gameplay, way too weird way to incorporate kicks, way too dodgy way to incorporate throwing thugs into objects, and so on. Having just 5 levels or whatever is fine for a beat ’em up, if the gameplay is engaging and getting better at it to tackle higher difficulty modes that are further more engaging because of this keeps you coming back for more. Sadly this doesn’t even look as fun as simple early beat ’em ups like Final Fight, never mind the top of the genre’s offerings like Sengoku 3, Armored Warriors, Battle Circuit, later Streets of Rage entries, Die Hard Arcade, Alien vs Predator, Warriors of Fate, Guardian Heroes, SpikeOut and SlashOut and so on (but mostly Battle Circuit).

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  • Seems really cool, I love the trailer!

  • Looks nifty, and a “Cross-Buy” makes it WAY more appealing. Maybe if I ever stop working on my own game. (shameless plug, QuestORama, available on SideQuest)