Pimax announced its holding a product event on October 25th that will introduce a next-gen VR headset, something that the company promises will be “several generations ahead of anything currently on the market.”

The event, dubbed Frontier 2021, was originally set to take place on October 20th, however since its general announcement Pimax has moved the event to October 25th, or just three days before Facebook’s yearly Connect VR developer conference.

Pimax says in an email to press that Frontier 2021 will “showcase the Pimax product roadmap, related technologies, the vision of VR3.0, and a sneak peak of code name “Reality”: a new product that’s several generations ahead of anything currently on the market.”

A proper unveiling of ‘Reality’ is said to take place at CES 2022 in January. The name, Pimax says, “should give you an indication of the power of this product.”

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You’ll be able to follow along with the announcements in a livestream on YouTube, taking place at 10 AM PT on October 25th (local time here). If the company’s other VR headsets are any indication, ‘Reality’ may be another wide-FOV, high-resolution headset.

Pimax isn’t alone in the Techtober XR product reveals. This month has already seen the unveiling of HTC’s standalone Vive Flow and Magic Leap 2. High-end headset creator Varjo is also holding a product launch event on October 21st.

Notably, Pimax shifted Frontier 2021 to be even closer to Facebook Connect, the latter of which is coming in a single-day event on October 28th. There we may get a peek at the rumored Oculus Quest Pro in addition to hearing more about the company’s recently revealed prototypes, which ought to make for some interesting points of comparison.

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  • Holdup

    Get the weight and size and price down

    • Toplite – LED3D

      It is impossible unless they give up the fresnel lens and big LCD solution.

  • nullcodes

    If it isn’t a Varjo-style display-within-display headset, I just want to know 3-ish things .. how big is the gap between pixels, what is the per-eye resolution (or pixels per degree), does it use something other than LCD (such as microLED or OLED that enables deep blacks)?

  • Cool. I like what these guys have done for FOV and resolution to date, and I’m very interested to see where they go next with VR.

    • victor

      I agree. I love my pimax5K+.
      Just wish it was in oled display and less lens distortion.

      • Toplite – LED3D

        I can tell you that it is impossible to reduce distortion due to its optical solution. And, to keep wide fov, I believe that they will use fresnel lens as before.

  • Bob

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    • BobsucksBensucksKeopsysucksFFS

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  • Foreign Devil

    “several generations ahead of anything currently on the market” With that much hyperbole they better deliver something amazing! Bonus if it is remotely affordable.

    • malonekirk

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    • ViRGiN

      Spoiler alert: they won’t.

    • CoffeeBuzz

      Are you familiar with the Pimax8K kickstarter? Even now their logistics are horrible. I have the Artisan, a decent headset. But I would not buy again because of the hassle it was just to get it from purchase to home.

  • sfmike

    After the disappointment of HTC’s standalone Vive Flow it can only be a better product. The Flow seems like something on the shelves of Sharper image that isn’t moving.

    • Bob

      The good news is that after about a year of VR hardware drought, we’re finally being given some juicy news content on next-generation hardware from major companies such as Varjo, Pimax and Facebook (Facebook Connect on the 28th October). Now we’re just waiting for Valve and potentially Samsung to join in the fun!

      Things are starting to heat up again with VR/AR, and websites such as RoadToVr, UploadVR and even Ars Technica finally have something for users to discuss about.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Don’t count on Samsung, they’ve been quiet for more than a year even though they promised to show some new VR gear a year ago.. I do hope they will get back into the game though, but tgen again their vr headsets were never officially released here in the netherlands.

      • ViRGiN

        did you seriously call pimax a ‘major company’? LMAO

  • JesuSaveSouls

    The pimax 5k plus is still generations ahead in high resolution and hz. However the specs, convenience and price of the quest 2 is really adaptable. Pimax needs to upgrade and phase out external sensors.

    • Kevin White

      **external markers

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Just the Artisan is generations ahead with the high fov and hz. The small on those heads like Artisan and 5k plus, still has 130 and that’s way ahead of everything else out there. If Oculus could at least go 120 fov that would really be excellent.

    • asdf

      shut your mouth flappy!!! lol just kidding :D just a throwback to arguments we had yyears ago. hope youre doing well

  • MosBen

    HMDs need to be getting smaller, lighter, easier to get into and out of, and cheaper.

    • ViRGiN

      pimax fanboys be like “no, all i care about is no facebook, lighthouse tracking and fov”

    • Zerofool

      For those seeking these things, there is Facebook, probably Apple someday (sans the price part), etc. These are the features that will get them a billion users in VR, which is what they’re after.

      For the hardcore VR enthusiasts, the geeks, the tinkerers wanting high end VR with cutting edge features, we need companies like Pimax, Varjo, XTAL, StarVR(Acer), and even Valve. Expecting them to release “smaller, lighter, easier to get into and out of, and cheaper” HMDs is like expecting Facebook to release an expensive cutting edge HMD – quite unlikely (not because they don’t have the resources or the ability, they just don’t want to, it doesn’t align with their strategy).

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Problem with pimax, yes they release something, well beyond the original planned release date, but their products are really flawed. Nobody really mentions their pimax headset. And teasing something that probably won’t be around for a long time is just nonsense, just like oculus did after the flow leak, unless you are planning on releasing it within a year.
    I haven’t got high hopes on the announcement pimax’s gonna make, but I do hope it drives others to release something better sooner.

  • redi

    when he say next gen, he say something that will cost 2 kidney ( instead of 1 ) with even more trash software.

    and a next gen pimax support, currently pimax support never answer the phone nor reply on emails, so the next gen support is they will insult you now if you send an email after your purchase.

    Pimax is garbage, and no one right in his mind will buy there products.

  • They already delayed the event, we don’t start with the right premises…

  • VRFriend

    Samsung Odyssey 2 with 3k x 3k per eye, OLED, 140 FOV, wireless option, good audio, 300g. I need it.

    • ShaneMcGrath

      Yeah me too, Been wanting Sasmung to bring out a new Odyssey, Those specs you mention I wouldn’t even hesitate to buy it.
      Mostly after more FOV on a wireless headset, I can alwasy strap on a larger battery like I did with the old Oculus Go.

  • Jericho

    let’s start by at least reaching the starvr 210 FOV and then start talking about next-gen.. i won’t buy a vr headset until those headsets can “replace” my eyes so that i can be fully immersed in and think i’m in another world i don’t want to see borders and black bars around the edges when i put a headset on..

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Just watched the presentation.. Well, they certainly present a nice headset, but also with a hefty price, not really mainstream consumer. It’ll have a 6K Qled miniled display per eye, fov of 200/135, and 200h displays.

    • ViRGiN

      That was a pure Kickstarter grade video, with an actor who watched all Google and Apple conferences ever, and delivered a speech 30 minutes later.
      It didn’t present a headset. It was all a fantasy.

      Fun fact: SweViver and Kevin Henderson, the two most obnoxious non-asian faces of the company are no longer part of it.