‘Pixel Ripped 1989’ is a Flight of Fancy that Pays Homage to Gaming History, Kickstarter Now Live


Pixel Ripped 1989, a time-bending VR project that aims to bring back the video games of old, have today announced a Kickstarter campaign in hopes that the team’s “game within a game” will strike a chord with classic game enthusiasts.

Lead by Ana Ribeiro, an ex-pie maker turned VR game developer, Pixel Ripped follows in the footsteps of her earlier project, Pixel Rift, a game based on a girl named Nicola who sneakily plays her favorite titles on a handheld console within a virtual world in the year 1989. The level is “a game within a game” that is equal parts 2D platformer and VR time travel that has you flashing back to grade school whether your grew up in the ’80s or not.

pixel rippedIn the original demo, which features a part of the 1989 level, you have to make sure you’re not caught playing a Game Boy (branded ‘Gear Girl’) 2D platformer by your hot-tempered teacher. Spit ball challenges punctuated by out-of-this-world flights of fancy bring Pixel Rift back to the basics of long forgotten childhood imagination. If only life were so simple again.

Featuring a host of grayed out options that would supposedly take you to 1978 (Atari), 1982 (Coin op), 1994 (SNES), and 1999 (N64), the Pixel Rift demo left fans hungry for a chance to follow the game’s protagonist throughout other prominent ages of gaming history. According to Ribiero, stretch goals for the campaign could include Pixel Ripped 1979 and 1984, “a game from the point of view of baby Nicola as she receives her first Christmas present- a Fauxtari 2600… [where you] will battle with your neighbour’s child who wants to play with your toys, your flustered mother and a big ginger tom cat.” Of course, you can still download the original demo here for posterity’s sake.

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Pixel Ripped Kickstarter

The full game aims to take you through the full 1989 experience as Nicola—playing the fictitious Pixel Ripped title as Dot, the 2D character.

The 8-bit tale begins with The Pixel Stone, a magical gem that contains the pixel power of gaming. With such dangerous power, the stone was guarded by Dot’s family in order to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. They failed in their duty, so now the evil Cyblin Master has the stone and using its powers to rip portals between gaming generations. Dot has to save her world and will follow The Cyblin Master on a battle through the ages to do so. But not everything is as it seems and whilst Dot fights to get the Pixel Stone back, Nicola starts to see the effects of the pixel magic in her own world. Is this still her imagination, or is there real magic in that there game cartridge?

Pixel Ripped Gameplay

The team’s funding goal is set at £40,000 (~$63,000), an amount that will not only let Ana Ribiero and co-conspirator Stef Keegan finish production of Pixel Ripped 1989, but will also potentially allow Ana—a Brazilian citizen—to gain the appropriate visa to stay at her new home in the United Kingdom.

Ribiero, a trained 3D artist from the National School of Film and Television, initially created Pixel Ripped as part of her Masters Degree. Now teamed with Keegan, a CG artist herself, the pair maintain as close contact as possible despite the inconvenient fact that Ribiero’s visa has ran out and was forced to leave the UK.

Funding Tiers

£5 or more

  • One digital copy of Pixel Ripped 1989 on either Oculus Rift or Gear VR
  • Your name in the game credits
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£50 or more

  • Two digital copies of Pixel Ripped 1989 on either Oculus Rift or Gear VR
  • Your name in the game credits
  • Exclusive Pixel Ripped 1989 Wallpaper
  • Exclusive Pixel Ripped T-Shirt

£75 or more

Everything from previous tiers and:

  • Exclusive Pixel Ripped Retro Gaming Magazine

£100 or more

Everything from previous tiers and:

  • Exclusive Pixel Ripped Retro Gaming Magazine
  • A ‘thank you’ USB Mix-Tape of Pixel Ripped soundtrack and recorded message from Ana and Stef

£150 or more

Everything from previous tiers and:

  • A special Kickstarter only Pixel Ripped lunchbox (like the ones in the game) stuffed full of surprise exclusive stuff.

£750 or more

Everything from previous tiers and:

  • You in 8-bit. You will be turned into some cool pixel art by our talented 8-bit wizard and will be immortalized in the game.

£4000 or more

Everything from previous tiers and:

  • Your face in the game. Your real picture will appear in the game, with unique dialogue specific just to you.

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