Sparc (2017), the VR sport from EVE Online developers CCP Games, is hosting a free weekend for Rift players on Oculus Home. Temporary free access has already begun, and will conclude on February 4th at 11:59 PM PT (local time here).

Initially launched in April 2017 on PSVR, Sparc is a unique VR sport that pits you in a 1v1 skill-based match; it’s a little like a racket sport from some neon, Tron-inspired future. Sparc, which features multiplayer game modes, as well as single player challenges and training modes, was later released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with crossplay last November.

Unfortunately for Sparc, CCP has since shut down the Atlanta-based branch tasked with creating, selling off their Newcastle branch in charge of EVE: Valkyrie (2016) as wellWhile development on Valkyrie continues under Sumo Digital, no new content has been created for Sparc, leaving it essentially to wane alongside capable, but ill-serviced games such as Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within.

Check out Sparc for Rift on Oculus Home here.

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  • Luke

    I played a match today. Ithere are giant spectators that lurk me and insult me during the match. I mean: why?

  • Stephen Gray

    Great game. Own it on both PSVR and Rift.

    • Michael Jones

      PSVR + Vive here. It’s the best!

      • Sheri

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  • SandmaN

    GAME STUDIOS/DEVELOPERS: Please someone buy this game and all the the IP assets to make it into the VR e-sports game it deserves to be! It’s already an incredible game, just needs a little love and attention to become the best competitive VR game out there.