Right now, Amazon and Best Buy are running a promotional bundle which includes the core PSVR package with a PlayStation Camera thrown in for free, saving you a respectable $59.

As we reported, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has seen an impressive level of take up among PS4 owners, with sales figures surprising exceeding the manufacturer’s expectations it was revealed recently. Now, Best Buy and Amazon are running are offering a new hardware bundle which throws in the required PlayStation camera sensor for free, potentially saving new owners a respectable $59, with the new bundle running $399.

However, despite not being strictly required for a minimal PlayStation VR experience, you’ll want to also grab 2 PS Move motion controllers along with your purchase – currently retailing for $88 at Amazon – bringing the total to $487.

The PlayStation Camera | Image Courtesy Sony

That said, should you not own any of the above hardware and want some games to kick start your console VR experience, the very worthwhile PlayStation VR Worlds is included as well with the latest iteration of the Launch Bundle, which includes PSVR headset, camera, dual PS Moves as well as VR Worlds for $499.

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With any luck, that combination of options give people interested in joining the PSVR party (assuming they already own a PS4 or PS4 Pro console) all they need to dive right in for a pretty reasonable price.

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  • It’s the most comfortable VR headset to date. I hope Oculus and HTC liberally “Borrow” from it’s Halo design in all future incarnations. About the only thing it’s missing is a little fan to defog the screen, like Fatshark FPV goggles have.