Plex VR App ‘Plevr’ Shows Major Update with 3D Video Support, 360 Videos Coming Soon


Plevr is a third-party application in development which brings the popular personal media streaming platform Plex to VR. The app is due for an initial release by the end of the month, and a new devlog video shows a major update including 3D video support.

Plevr developer Alex Keybl posted a new video showing the latest beta build of the app. There’s been a major UI overhaul, including the important addition of a seatside clock (to keep you from losing track of time in VR, of course).

The new interface greatly expands the ability to browse your Plex catalogue which offers up content that streams from your personal media library. As before, you can physically reach out to grab the movie and video posters to see a description on the back, and now you’ll see a little trailer included on the back as well. You can also now access the media libraries of your Plex friends as well.

plex vr plevr app (2)The novel ‘throwing’ interactions are still there: if you want to hide something in your library, just toss it off into the surrounding abyss. If you want to watch it, just throw it at the screen and it will start playing.

plex vr plevr app (3)Plevr now supports 3D video, which is great because VR headsets of course offer native stereoscopy with no cross-talk (which means sharp, comfortable 3D video). Although it isn’t shown in the latest devlog video, Keybl confirmed to Road to VR that 360 video support is in the works and will be coming in V2 of the Plevr app. “I really want to nail the 360 experience,” he says.

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Keybl plans to make an initial release of Plevr on the HTC Vive in January. You can sign up for a chance at early access to the private beta via the official Plevr site.

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  • mbze430

    yeah I signed up for this but the beta is only for Vive users… I’m on Oculus… hopefully that will be available soon

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    That looks very cool.

  • Aug_Cog

    In order to watch 3D movies, do you have to Rip them, or can you throw a blu-ray into your drive and watch it from that?