Good news for NVIDIA GPU owners today as Pool Nation VR was updated to include support for Multi Res Shading alongside other feature additions and improvements.

See Also: ‘Pool Nation VR’ Review
See Also: ‘Pool Nation VR’ Review

Pool Nation VR is a firm Road to VR favourite, with our own Garret Bullard awarding the title a very respectable 4.7/5 in his recent review, stating that the game is “responsive, looks good, and is great simulation of the game we all know and enjoy. If you enjoy pool and have a friend with an HTC Vive this game is a must.”

Now, the developers Cherry Pop Games and Perilous Orbit have released a patch which adds some significant enhancements to the title. Chief among them is the implementation of NVIDIA’s proprietary Multi-res Shading rendering method. According to the patch notes:

“Multi-Res Shading is an innovative rendering technique for VR whereby each part of an image is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of the lens corrected image. Multi-Res Shading uses Maxwell or later architecture features to render multiple scaled viewports in a single pass, delivering substantial performance improvements in pixel shading. “

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Steam users are already reporting significant performance gains allowing them to ramp up super-sampling by 33% or more, which massively increases the quality and clarity of the visuals in the game.

The developers haven’t stopped there either. Darts is now its own fully fledged mini-game, Skreeball has been improved, and a collection of usability improvements have all made this patch along with a change to the layout of the play area. Cryptically, the patch notes ask “Hmmm… I wonder why we’re readying the map with more spaces and machines” which might suggest there are more minigames on the way.

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Hopefully these updates will introduce more people to one of the best VR experiences available. If your interest is now piqued, you can buy Pool Nation VR for HTC Vive on Steam right here.

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  • DExUS

    I already have the game and it’s awesome,but for some reason I have a hard time to find online oponent for past few weeks.

  • dextrovix

    This is a great title- I’ve spent hours even in solo playing. The extra mini-games are a great addition, but it’s the perfect control method that compliments the Vive controllers so well that really draws me back in. Awesome- looking forward to trying this latest update!

  • mrtexasfreedom

    I’m looking forward to playing this on Oculus after the touch controllers are finally released. It harkens back to the original ‘Virtual Pool’ game that was released in the mid-to-late nineties.

    I’ve long thought it would be feasible to deploy a system where a video projector points down onto a pool table and using computer vision, have algorithms recommend pool shots showing the spot to hit the cue and stick angle. Bowling alleys have had a similar recommendation system for decades.

    Oh, don’t even get me started on AR pool. That’s gonna have to be banned from bars!


  • Des Dearman

    Nice to see this on what is already a fantastic looking game.
    Such a pure playable game, every bit in the spirt of virtual pool. Be great if you could stream you’re own video’s in for the TV’s in the bar, same with the music.

    • Darryl Anderson

      That’s a great idea. It definitely needs some kind of streaming into the TV’s. Sports would be nice

  • Darryl Anderson

    How do you start up a dart game? I keep trying to push the buttons but nothing happens. Is it onlt a two player game or can you practice on your own?