A look at one of Jaunt's older camera prototypes.
A look at one of Jaunt’s older camera prototypes.

The Jaunt VR camera has a habit of popping up in curious places. This time we’ve spotted a previously unseen prototype in Wired’s ‘Futuristic Gifts for the Super-Early Adopter’ list.

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Jaunt is building a platform for creating cinematic virtual reality content, the foundation of which is a camera capable of recording 3D 360 degree audio and video for playback in virtual reality. The company, which has raised some $34 million in venture funding, has been iterating on their camera for some time now. Early designs utilized an array of GoPro cameras, though we aren’t so sure that’s still the case with the previously unseen prototype below.

jaunt prototype camera
This Jaunt prototype bumps the camera count up to 20 around the horizontal axis, with 4 more on both the top and bottom. The module on the right appears to be the microphone array.

Wired’s list of ‘Futuristic Gifts for the Super-Early Adopter‘ is a curious place to spot Jaunt’s camera, given that the company hasn’t indicated for sure whether it will openly sell the unit. The caption from the article reads, “You have to ‘know somebody’ to get one (pricing and availability aren’t final) but it does exist.”

Perhaps we’re looking at a hint that the company intends to start selling their camera in the near future?

Full Disclosure: Brian Hart, who is Senior Systems Engineer at Jaunt, contributes articles to Road to VR.

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