Seems Jaunt VR, the company that specialises in the capturing of 3D 360 Virtual Reality enhanced video, have secured themselves some ringside spots for some knockout virtual reality boxing footage. A prototype Jaunt VR camera array has been spotted perched on a pedestal at a recent Top Rank boxing match. Well, I say ‘spotted’, Jaunt tweeted the tantalising image themselves leaving no further details and our imagination.

Jaunt VR's second camera prototype
Jaunt VR’s second camera prototype

Jaunt VR recently secured $6.8M in venture capitalist funding from various sources, chiefly to complete development and bring to market the company’s 360 3D camera technology, both hardware and software, to market. Does this image leak mean Jaunt are on the cusp of announcing a deal with Top Rank Boxing to record matches in VR enhanced formats? Or is this simply a toe in the water for both companies? As yet we’re unsure, but it does show that there’s appetite in commercial broadcasting to, at the very least, trial this cutting-edge technology.

Jaunt aren’t the only companies pitching their own virtual reality recording technology at the lucrative broadcast sports TV market. Earlier in the year we had a chance to speak to Next3D and try their latest technology. They two are hoping for event-side positions to record immersive sporting experiences for live VR broadcast.

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We’ll update you with more details as we find them. In the mean time, are there any boxing fans out there who can name the fight this image was grabbed from? Post in the comments below.

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