YEI, the company behind the PrioVR motion capture suit for virtual reality applications, has revealed its latest designs as the company prepares to manufacture and ship to its Kickstarter backers.

YEI has had a tumultuous time since we first featured the tech that would become known as PrioVR. After the cancellation of their first Kickstarter campaign, its second was a huge success but the company then ran into development issues which forced them to delay initial shipping to Kickstarter backers. Now it seems YEI are going great guns and are on course to ship in good time (although there is no firm date just yet).

The evolution of the PrioVR motion sensing IMU from alpha to near final.

In the company’s latest Kickstarter update, the latest designs for the system were revealed. The company have charted the evolution in design of their sensors which offer in an interesting glimpse into the life-cycle of hardware development. PrioVR’s technology is centered around wireless tracking IMUs that strap to custom designed vest and gloves that allow the system to track the position of limbs. The modular design allows users to add PrioVR sensors to increase the level of detail in which their body is tracked. Starting at upper body only, extending to full body including legs for example. This makes PrioVR extremely flexible and the precision offered by the IMU’s mean a full body setup can act as an entry level motion capture suit.

We’ll keep tabs on PrioVR’s progress as they approach shipping and report back when we have more.

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  • TonyStark

    Currently, Control-VR seems to have the best and easiest to use wearable tech… and Sixense STEM is by far the best wireless hand tech. ALL of the wearable trackers have the challenge of having to significantly “suit up”. Players are going to make hard value decisions between the casual nature of “picking up a game controller and kicking on the PS4” to “taking 10 minutes to suit up for VR for ___ minutes of uninterrupted playtime.” A better solution for consumers will be a Kinect 2. Totally free, wireless, and gear-free mo-cap.