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The forthcoming hardcore racing sim, Project Cars, was one of the titles originally rumored to support Sony’s Project Morpheus. Today it’s been announced officially that the game will support Sony’s PS4 VR headset alongside the Oculus Rift.

Prior to the Sony Morpheus VR headset reveal, sources had indicated to Road to VR that Project Cars would be one of the titles launching with Rift support. When Sony announced their GDC keynote session titled ‘Driving the Future of Innovation,’ it seemed like they were having a bit of fun by subtly acknowledging the rumors. And while the rumors that Sony would reveal the Morpheus VR headset at GDC 2014 turned out to be true, Project Cars was oddly absent from the announcement—some unconfirmed reports indicated that it was pulled due to simulator sickness.

Today on the official PlayStation blog, Project Cars developer, Slightly Mad Studios, announced that Project Cars will feature support for Sony’s Morpheus HMD on PS4.

That’s right, Project CARS will be one of the first games on PS4 to support virtual reality via the Project Morpheus headset. Finally, you’re going to really feel what it’s like sitting in the driving seat of a high performance machine as you look around the cockpit, glance left and right as you overtake an opponent, and get an exhilarating sense of speed as you scream down the finishing straight.

Slightly Mad Studios’ Creative Director, Andy Tudor, says that we’ll see a special feature on Project Morpheus on the PlayStation blog in the coming months.

Project Cars is slated to launch in November, 2014 on every major console and on PC, where it will support the Oculus Rift.

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  • Gerald Terveen

    Does that mean in November there will be a Morpheus headset? Or will we only be able to play it on PC with the DK2? Or will support for both wait for the official CV1/Morpheus support?

    I love this news – and I really hope I can play it in VR in November =)