SpicyTails, the studio behind the popular VR visual novel experience Project LUX (2018), have something to celebrate. Spice & Wolf VR, the studio’s next VR project, has smashed its goal on Japanese crowdfunding platform Campfire. Residents outside of Japan will be able pitch in too when the Kickstarter campaign goes live in early December.

Update (December 2nd, 2018): The Kickstarter is now live, and has already passed its funding goal of  ¥8,000,000 (~$70,000). You can check it out here.

Update (November 29th, 2018): Spice & Wolf VR has exceeded its ¥8,000,000 (~$70,000) funding goal within two hours of the Campfire campaign launch on Sunday. At the time of this writing, the project has garnered over ¥21,000,000 (~$185,000) through the Japan-only campaign.

SpicyTails originally planned to release their Kickstarter for non-Japan residents on November 25th, although due to some unforeseen circumstances the company has pushed it back to an early December release, or what SpicyTails says will be “next week.”

Original Article (July 16th, 2018): As first reported by Japanese VR publication MoguraVRthe project is based on the manga and anime series Spice and Wolf.

SpicyTails, an indie studio which involves original series author Isuna Hasekura, says their newest VR project will also include the anime’s original Japanese voice actors. The production staff includes original author Tsukasa Okura, character design by Ju Ayakura, 3D modeling and motion by Keisuke Sakakibara, and voice actors Ami Koshimizu (Holo) and Jun Fukuyama (Kraft).

SpicyTails say the VR experience will support Vive, Rift, and “others”, and launch sometime in 2019.

While not much else is known about the project so far, the creators say it will be like Project LUX, which could mean it follows the latter’s multi-ending style.

Project LUX, which is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows VR, boasts 65 minutes of total story, and includes localization for Japanese, English, and Chinese. Project LUX currently sits at a healthy 89% positive rating on Steam and a near [4.6/5] stars on the Oculus Store.

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Take a look at the teaser below to get an idea of what SpicyTails could have planned for their upcoming Spice & Wolf VR visual novel.

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    Looks gorgeous – but no PSVR love?

    • kontis

      They want it to be on PSVR, but can’t announce anything yet. It’s much harder to release something on a console. You need to have a contract with Sony to even get the access to dev tools. It’s better than how it was in the old days, but still incomparable to PC and mobiles. Another problem is that the platform holder can reject the game, even if it doesn’t break any content policies. Oculus Store does that too, although far less strictly than console platforms.

      There is a reason why many Unity and Unreal games that were successful on Steam and would be could be easily ported never get to PS4.

      • VR4EVER

        Ah, okay. Thank you for the information. Tsk, Sony really has to open up more. I mean it looks like a perfect fit!

    • Arcticu Kitsu

      Thanks to the campfire campaign on Japan side there’s now PSVR support. Have fun! :)

  • Konchu

    Awesome can’t wait!!!!

  • Les Vega

    I loved that show it was such a strange anime centered around Commerce and a wolf Goddes, consider me day 1ing this!

  • Just need a full NEKOPARA VR game and I am all set!

    • R6ex


  • sfmike

    Her voice is so annoying. English version please.

    • Spiffyman 30

      I would disagree that her voice is annoying in Japanese, however I do think the English VAs did an incredible job voicing both Holo and Lawrence. One of the few shows I prefer dubbed

      • R6ex

        Yup. Unmistakable sexy voice of Brina Palencia as HOLO.

  • Esha Joshi

    I hope I can play it on VR Box cos thats all I hv

  • SpicyLover

    Remind me. This is a must have.

    • jj

      why remind you, you’re in it, aren’t you spice?

  • John Thomas

    *Finally*. This is exactly the type of experience VR was lacking. Deep-dive discussions about feudal era trade economics.

  • R6ex

    I wanna hear Brina Palencia’s sexy voice as HOLO again!

  • Vegeta785

    Is this hinting towards season 3???

    • Doubtful, but you can purchase the manga or short stories and read on from season 2. If you liked the anime; I highly recommend you do.

  • Les Vega

    I have really been getting into VR storytelling lately with crow, the great C and others so I cant wait for this!

    • Gonzalo Novoa

      The Age Sail was really good, too