PlayStation VR 2 is a little over two months old now, and the charts are still very much in flux thanks to a rash of new and upgraded games. Last month, Survios’ high-profile boxing title took the top spot in the US and Canada, and fared pretty well across other regions too.

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition is an overhauled version of Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) for PSVR 2, bringing new characters and a new location from the Creed III film in addition to new features, quality of life upgrades and PvP cross-platform support.

There’s a ton of movement in the charts, so we’ve included some new symbols to help show just how the games are faring month-to-month.

The chart below is counting PS Store purchases and not bundled or upgraded content, which notably includes big titles such as Horizon Call of the MountainGran Turismo 7, and Resident Evil Village.

PSVR 2 April Top Downloads

US/Canada EU Japan
1 Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition (new) Pavlov (≡)
Kayak VR: Mirage (≡)
2 Pavlov (↓1) Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition (new)
Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition (new)
3 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution (↑1) Kayak VR: Mirage (↓1)
Onogoro Monogatari ~The Tale of Onogoro~ (↑4)
4 Job Simulator (↑6) The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution (↓1)
5 Kayak VR: Mirage (↓2) Job Simulator (↑5)
Horizon Call of the Mountain (↓2)
6 The Dark Pictures: Switchback (↓4) The Dark Pictures: Switchback (↑?)
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR (↓4)
7 Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (↓2) Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (↓3)
After the Fall – Complete Edition (↑?)
8 Synth Riders (↑?) Synth Riders (↓1)
Dyschronia:Chronos Alternate Episode I (↓4)
9 PISTOL WHIP (↓3) Swordsman VR (↓1) Swordsman VR (↑1)
10 Swordsman VR (↓2) PISTOL WHIP (↓4) Drums Rock (↓6)
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  • ViRGiN

    Nothing more but a sign that this is PCVR but for Playstation owner.
    Same selection of the most popular games.

    Pavlov is still #1/#2, and for a game that has zero value offline, it still racks up about 30 to 70 players at once online. That is very embarassing.

    I think it’s too early to call PSVR2 dead, but PSVR2 remains a gimmick and wet dream for PCVR users convinced that PSVR2 headset compatibility with PC is just around the corner.

    Sony needs real games using real power of the console. There is no point in games made before 2023 running on PSVR2. What a joke.

    • ApocalypseShadow

      I see the same nonsense different day with that fetish for PC still intact. RE8 and GT7 aren’t counted on the list because they are hybrid. No way of knowing if the games were bought for flat or VR gaming. But they would be high on the list if counted. Pavlov is a shooter which is what some like to play online. Firewall will hit high on the list when it shows up as well. Nothing new here.

      What’s the top 10 for Quest 2? Probably the same games as before. PS VR 2 has been out for 2 months. Quest 2 has been out for almost 3 years. What’s the big games for Quest 2? Oh. That’s right. Nothing. Not last month. Not the month before that. Or before that. 20 million supposedly sold headsets and no big games. Still no GTA or Creed vaporware. Where the games? What a joke. Where’s the real games for that stand alone gimmick?

      It’s nothing but a sign that Quest 2 is like PC with no big games released. Guess you’ll have to continue playing guerilla tag and beat saber for a lot longer.

      • ViRGiN

        You still fail to comprehend that Quest, even after price raise, simply delivers on the experience and the experience is on par with what can be expected from mobile standalone “console”?
        Gorilla Tag, as a paid title on PCVR, outperforms users engagment than pretty much everything else.

        It is YOU who is dissatisfied with Quest library. What am I supposed to say about my 1000+$ PCVR experience? Where is the unlimited power of modern gaming PCs going to? Beat Saber? Gorilla Tag? Blade and Sorcery? Hot Dogs?
        Where is GTA? Where is Battlefield? Where is Sims? Where is Team Fortress 2 VR support? What are the next huge games coming out in the next 6 months? Oh, Vertigo 2 is such an awesome game, yet it peaked at 63 concurrent users in the past 24 hours? The lowest since release?
        Valve Index still sold at full price, with most “repair” components being out of stock for months? Where is Steam VR gaming showcase? Oh, a bunch of demos for $15 games that nobody cares about? This is Valve engagment into ever growing PCVR industry?

        Oh, we have no data for RE8 and GT7, that means it’s POSSIBLE there are 10 million concurrent users playing those, we just don’t know. But ignoring those, #1 PSVR2 game racks about 30-70 players at once?
        Ah yes, Firewall will be a smash hit, because you said so. Game handicapped as much as Alyx.

        Where do I find snippets of developers statements that enjoy working with PCVR? That this is a viable business strategy? Oh, they make so much money that they rather stay low profile?

        It’s nothing that with Quest 2 you get 300% value out of your money even if you don’t use it. You don’t get 30% of value even if you use PCVR 24/7.

        Get real.

        • ApocalypseShadow

          See, you worry about engagement numbers like Microsoft as if that tells the whole story. Doesn’t show sales numbers. Or when many gamers play single player and offline. Can you count those numbers? No. Valve’s numbers won’t count them either. I played PSVR offline for almost the whole 7 years with only one title I played online twice. Multiplayer is fun but online isn’t a big deal to me. And I don’t pay for it.

          It’s like Plus or game pass or xbl. They count how many subscribed but there are millions who don’t. I have PlayStation. I don’t have Plus. You can’t count me but there’s at least 40 to 50 million who don’t as well. Never counted. Numbers and lists and polls can be skewed to fit any narrative. Just like your numbers.

          The fact remains that this articles list removes 3 of Sony’s exclusives. That already changes the list. If you remove PC’s top 3 or Quest’s, it would be the same.

          You target PS VR 2 for having games that never came out on console VR like Kayak or Pavlov or whatever. But ignore GT7 or RE8 or Switchback or Horizon that never came out on PC or Quest. That’s besides getting better versions of PSVR or Quest 2 games and matching PC in graphics like with Kayak.

          Quest’s last big game was a popular PSVR game with Iron Man. The same thing you target PS VR 2 with. Which means Quest has nothing. Quest might have gotten quality of life, but the PSVR version still looks better.

          Since you can’t name any big games unless you want to claim a blurry mess like Grid Legends in comparison to GT7, we can assume that that 20 million supposed sales, (excluding Facebook employees subsidized purchase but never play), that Quest 2 has nothing. And has had nothing for months. Or since RE4. Which is an old PS2 game. And you’re waiting for another PS2 game with GTA. But go ahead and marvel the tech. It is nice. Just no big games. Has AR capabilities but no big games for it. Has hand tracking. But no big games for that either. Enjoy that gorilla tag though. At least that’s something with your engagement numbers. The same game you targeted PC with. The other funny thing, is that Quest users have to rely on PC for better quality games. And that’s only because Valve allows it. You can thank them. Because if Quest 2 didn’t have that ability, there would be this huge drought of nothing for stand alone.

          • ViRGiN

            Do you seriously compare standalone title like Grid to PS5 powered GT7 and act surprised it looks different?
            Literally nobody cares about PCVR. Quest might be the most popular PCVR headset, and yet the number of people at any given time is ridiculously low and DID NOT actually grow over time.
            Stop embarassing yourself here as well with “playing offline”. Who the hell goes offline on steam? Even when you play single player games, it’s still counted as online user that various steam related websites collect.

            Let’s remove top 3 PCVR from this moment. There are 4614 online players via VRLFG. Beat Saber 511, Blade 372, Gorilla Tag 311. That’s 3415 players via VRLFG. And you can easily substract extra few hundreds from ghost players, it’s so common for online VR games to inflate numbers. Like Pavlov – hundreds of people reported, then you go inside the game and it’s nowhere near close. Vail – same story.
            Don’t even talk about vrchat here – there is tons of flat users. And even if it is the most popular PCVR app – that’s double ridiculous with silly vrchat graphics and near exclusive mobile grade worlds running exclusively on PC.

            How did you enjoy Resident Evil 4 on PCVR? Oh, it doesn’t exist? It wasn’t even a PS2 game, it came out originally on GameCube. You need to get yourself informed more.

            “big games”… what’s your fetish here with your own imaginary metrics what makes a big game? With that rhetoric, PCVR doesn’t have a single “big game”. Alyx had 40k concurrent users at launch. Alyx came out 3 years ago. Since then, COMBINED number of players did not even reach half of it.

            Nobody relies on having to connect Quest for PCVR. It’s absolutetly obsolete. There is no big games on PCVR, there is no high end on PCVR. You are just obsessed with PCVR.

            There are plenty of games using AR. There are plenty of games using hand tracking. Where are plenty of games using fake “full body tracking”? Where are games using index “finger estimation”?

            Let’s spin your words – PCVR users have to rely on Quest users sponsoring entire development, so then you can get an upscaled port of a game for PCVR which would otherwise never exist.

            PCVR would be better off if valve never existed lol. You can single handely thank them for destroying the entire market.

            Again, #1 or #2 best seller is exclusively an online game. If an online game gathers 30-70 players at once, you can imagine what other games are actually having.

  • I think we’ll start seeing a clearer picture of what are the most successful games on this platform towards the end of this year. Now these classifications are very unstable

    • ViRGiN

      Or the year after that, when it fits the narrative?