PlayStation Plus members are in for a treat next month, as Sony is serving up six PSVR 2 games to premium subscribers which are all actually legitimately awesome, and even the chance to nab a headset for $100 off.

Announced in a PlayStation blog post, Sony says that starting June 6th, it’s releasing six bonus titles during the Days of Play celebration ahead of its normal release schedule, which include:

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t seem to be doing any new hardware bundles for PSVR 2 like it did in years past with the original PSVR. The company is however offering to Plus Members $100 off PSVR 2 and the PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle, bringing them to $450 and $500 respectively.

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Additionally, PS Plus members who sign in with their PlayStation account and purchase a PS5 or PSVR 2 through will get 12 months of Netflix Premium.

PlayStation’s Days of Play celebration begins May 29th at 12:01AM through June 12th at 11:59PM, local time in your region. This also includes timed releases of PS2 games, PS4/PS5 games, and a game trial, all of which you can check out over at the PS blog.

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  • gothicvillas

    No new games?

  • johnny

    Few months ago they announced PSVR 2 getting PC support, can’t wait for it to happen! this will be awesome and change the PCVR gaming industry in my opinion.

    • Andrey

      No offense, but how exactly it will change PCVR gaming industry? By just bringing yet another headset to the already filled to the brim market? And with pretty unique features too that 99% of developers won’t use or add to their existing PCVR projects (IF it will be availible for PC users at all)?

      Even if we are talking about veeeeeeeeeeery small chance that Sony will port it’s VR exclusives to PCVR (from PSVR2 only because of the known reasons and excluding VR modes for primary non-VR games), then we will have only what, two or three new games (“Ba-Dum-Tss!” (с))?

      So… no, imo PC support won’t change anything neither for PSVR2 (as a dead and abandoned by it’s “parent” platform) nor for PCVR market and players.

      • johnny

        Well, right now we don’t have a good PCVR headset (which is native, not like the quest which isn’t native and has very noticable compression when connected to pc) psvr 2 is a
        headset that has headset haptics, eye tracking, easy to plug and play (inside-out tracking) and very good resolution and panels etc.. if it will support steamvr (and I bet it will) it will be very nice and the best value for money in my opinion. and I’m sure sony will bring the PSVR 2 (and maybe 1) exclusives to PC, like they did with their ‘flat’ exclusives like god of war, last of us, horizon, etc..

        • ViRGiN

          You are just brainwashed PCVR elitists who doesn’t care that the games are shitty, it’s hyper important that the image doesn’t get compressed.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Uhh, we have plenty of good PC headsets. And as long as it is dependant on a cable it isn’t a good headset in my book.

    • polysix

      The adapter has been leaked today, it’s coming SOON.

      Also PSVR2 is on offer at the moment for 100 (your money) off.

  • MeowMix

    $400 or less

  • polysix

    You do NOT know this as fact, you’re just parroting idiots from around the net.

    Sony never even hard launched PSVR2, they were/ARE clearly waiting for the PS5 PRO to push it better and will relaunch/hold off the AAA games until then.

    You sound like a moron.

    • philingreat

      and you know that as a fact because…?

  • polysix

    Quest 3 sucks… enjoy that crappy LCD if you must, I’ve had Quest 2 and Pro and neither were that immersive vs even my old OLED (PC) HMDs, even when used with wireless PCVR.


    Quest 2/3 fanboys are awful for VR.

    • jbob4mall

      You know what vr hardware really sucks? Ones that aren’t supported. Like the psvr2.