Here They Lie (2016), a horror adventure from Tangentlemen, is coming to PS Plus members for free this month.

PSVR exclusive Here They Lie offers a distinctively noir world, which is both surreal and unsettling. The nightmarish city set before you seems inescapable, and is inhabited by malevolent, chimeric creatures.

The game’s black and white palette is often punctuated by dazzling points of color—important markers to follow on the winding path through the game’s narrative.

Members of the online subscription service will be able to download the game between August 7th and October 2nd.

The game, which normally sells for $20, currently holds a solid [4/5] stars on PSN.

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  • HybridEnergy

    I watched a play-through of this game a while back, it looked wild. I wish it came to PCVR with motion controller support since it is a first person perspective but hey, it’s a Sony game and that’s okay. Cool to see Sony take care of their PS plus VR community.

  • Toby Zuijdveld

    Cool! I knew there was a reason to hold off on buying it for 2 years :D