Sony has finally revealed how and when PSVR owners can get their hands on a camera adapter to make PlayStation VR compatible with PS5.

Sony will provide PSVR owners with one free camera adapter to enable support for the headset on PlayStation 5, and has posted some details here in an FAQ.

Where to find the serial number on the PSVR processing unit | Image courtesy Sony

Head to the PlayStation Camera Adapter registration page to put in the request if you plan to use PSVR with PS5; you’ll need the serial number on the PSVR Processing Unit.

The camera adapter is necessary to use PSVR on PS5 because the PS4 camera is required for the headset, but the PS5 console lacks the correct port for the PS4 camera. Unfortunately the newer PS5 camera won’t work.

The adapter is provided free of charge, including shipping, and Sony is limiting to one adapter per household. It connects to the USB port on the back of the PS5 console, while the other end has the correct port for the PS4 camera.

Delivery may take up to two weeks, according to Sony, and initial availability of the adapter will vary depending upon region:

  • Japan: End of October
  • Americas: Mid-November
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand: Mid-November
  • Asia: Early December

Sony is also starting to include the camera adapter with new PSVR retail units, though so far only in Japan.

As for PSVR 2, Sony has been incredibly tight lipped. We’ve spotted some interesting hints that the company is still actively working on VR, and its willingness to support PSVR on its next-gen console is a good sign that the company still wants to serve VR customers. In the past the company has said that it wouldn’t launch a new headset at the same time as a new console, so we’re not expecting to hear a next-gen headset announcement until further down the road.

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    Tested says it doesn’t work with the OG PSVR model, is that true?

    • Andrew Jakobs

      What doesn’t work? The site? the site has been buggy, and you should order the dongle from the Sony site which is for your region, so if you bought the headset in the US, use the US site, if you bought in the germany, use the german site, if you bought it in the Netherlands, use the dutch site, and so on.. You might get an ‘oops…’ error, but that could be to the site not working correctly OR you trying to enter your code on the wrong region site..

      • Ad

        I don’t understand how you got that from what I said. They seemed to be saying the adapter doesn’t work on all PSVR headsets. Maybe I misheard them.

        • psuedonymous

          The PS4 camera plugs into the PS4 directly, the camera adapter has no relation to the PSVR version attached (or not attached).

    • benz145

      OG PSVR works just fine on PS5.

  • Greyl

    Not a good sign. Kinda makes PSVR seem like an afterthought and not a priority to Sony now.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      What do you mean ‘not a good sign’? The PS5 is already prerigged with Wifi6, and I’m pretty sure it’s meant for Wireless PSVR2, as Wifi6 has special features for low latency VR.. I think it’s good they don’t release a new headset immediately with the release of the PS5, it would be too much.. They will first wait until there are enough PS5 units out there and the software has gone through some improvements. In the meanwhile people can use the PSVR on the PS5, and the PS5 can have enhanced versions of the PSVR games..

      • Greyl

        I believe it’s Wifi 6E that’s going to be good for VR. I’ve used Wifi6 streaming for Virtual Desktop on my Quest 2 and it was better than 5G, but not by much.

      • Greyl

        Looks like I was kinda right:

        • Andrew Jakobs

          This is about the PS5 version of the games. And PSVR2 is certainly not an afterthought, but they first want to get PS5 out of the door, then late next year they will release the PSVR2, so it’s release doesn’t get drowned by the PS5, and I’m pretty sure they still haven’t finalized PSVR2. So yeah ofcourse PSVR2 isn’t a priority now because the main priority is PS5, that’s just pure logic and normal.

          • Greyl

            That’s what I said: “not a priority to Sony now

            Their actions make it seem like they’re not prioritising PSVR now, and throughout the whole of next year, until PSVR2 is released in November or so.

            Like, we’re all over here playing Phasmo, while PSVR users are sitting around for the next year, with their thumbs up their ass.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            They still can use their PS4 VR games on the PS5.

          • Greyl

            Provided people bother to request the dongle, which wasn’t packaged in the box, by default. It just doesn’t instill confidence that Sony/Jim Ryan genuinely cares about VR.

  • Cool

  • Adam Broadhurst

    With no new PSVR headset on the horizon and Sony ceo being quite dismissive of VR in a recent interview and now the need for this gadget to play VR on a PS5, I fear the future of PSVR is none too rosey.
    I do wonder how many PSVR/PS5 owners are actually going to bother getting this adapter, 50% at best?
    The number of active PSVR gamers is going to drop quite dramatically which in turn leads games developers, publishers and Sony itself to question whether its financially viable to develop VR games for Playstation.

    And unless you’re happy playing the kind of cheap amateurish VR drivel we see dominate on the
    Steam and Oculus stores then we need the big companies such as Sony to stay in the VR game.