PlayStation VR on PlayStation 5 won’t be able to use the console’s upgraded camera, however the company is providing a free adapter so you can still use the original PS4 camera. We previously saw user reports that Japanese and European PSVR bundles would include the adapter inside the box. Now Sony says it will also be including it in North American Marvel’s Iron Man VR hardware bundles too later this month.

Update (November 11th, 2020): Sony has today confirmed that Iron Man VR hardware bundles ($350) in the US and Canada will include a PS4 camera adapter in the box. The company says we should start seeing availability by the end of November.

The Iron Man VR hardware bundle presents one of the best deals on the whole kit and caboodle, including the PSVR headset, PS Camera, two PS Move motion controllers, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Blu-Ray, PSVR Demo Disc and all of the necessary cables to get you up and running on PS4. With all-important adapter in the box, the same will be true for new PS5 users too.

Update (November 5th, 2020): A Reddit user has just reported buying a new PSVR Worlds bundle on Amazon Germany, showing a picture of the box stating that the adapter was included. A store description of the bundle in question doesn’t feature info on whether it’s included or not, however it’s likely stock will be mixed, as the company hasn’t released a new hardware bundle in a while.

Image courtesy ‘thatismeyesitis’

There’s still no word on whether North American PSVRs will include the all-important adapter in the box, however it’s likely Sony is going worldwide with the new bundle so new users won’t have to go through the request process (see update above).

Original Article (October 20th, 2020): It’s been confirmed for a while now that Sony’s existing PSVR headset will be compatible with its upcoming PS5 console. But the new PS5 camera can’t be used to track the headset which unfortunately means PSVR will continue to rely on the original PS4 camera and won’t see upgraded tracking like we had hoped.

In order to make the leap to the new console, PSVR owners will need an adapter allowing them to plug the existing PS4 camera into PS5. Less than a month away from the release of the new system, there’s no word yet on how existing owners can get their hands on the adapter.

However today Sony Japan announced two new PSVR bundles, both of which will include the PS4 to PS5 camera adapter so that PlayStation VR will have smoother transition to the new console. In the announcement the company also clearly confirmed a handful of details regarding PSVR and PS5 compatibility:

  • You will need the PS4 to PS5 camera adapter to use PSVR with PS5
  • The PS4 to PS5 camera adapter will be provided free of charge to existing PSVR owners (details on how to get one are still forthcoming)
  • PSVR on PS5 apparently won’t support DualShock 5 controllers. Supported controllers are DualShock 4, PS Move, and PS Aim.

As for the bundles, it’s the usual two-tier approach we’ve seen from Sony: one includes the headset, camera, and PS Move, and the other includes just the headset and the camera. Here’s the breakdown:

PSVR Variety Pack Bundle – ¥40,000 (~$380)
  • PSVR headset
  • PS4 camera
  • PS4 camera adapter
  • PS Move controllers
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission (physical disc)
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (physical disc)
  • Everybody’s Golf VR (physical disc)
  • Blood & Truth (physical disc)
PSVR PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle – ¥35,000 (~$330)
  • PSVR headset
  • PS4 camera
  • PS4 camera adapter
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (digital download)

There’s no word if these bundles will be released in other territories, but the odds seem high that something similar will crop up in time for the holiday shopping season.

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    • Amni3D

      Spam. VR devs hire the worst marketing firms for whatever reason…

    • Amni3D

      Also just want to note that shortly after I pointed out this was spam (there are many posts on this site with the same exact text), it down voted every single post I made.

  • Zack71

    It’s not first time that Sony leave “the gamers” without support, remenber PS Vita!

    Sony has abandoned PS VR users, better to leave Sony.

    • PSVR is a PS4 product, it works with the PS4, it’s nice it can also work
      with PS5 (for backwards compatibility with PS4 VR games primarily) with
      an adapter but obviously nobody’s meant to buy a PSVR just for PS5, wait for
      PSVR2 for that, this is just for existing owners and it’s a good thing it works at all.

      First people complained they have to have their PS4 controller, now the camera, like sheesh, this is how stuff works with consoles, they have defined generations and when a new system is out the old slowly dies alongside everything that was made for it save for backwards compatibility. Nobody has a PSVR without the camera and controllers, nobody would be able to sell the camera or whatever on its own to care about having to keep it if they care about keeping their PS4 VR library. It’s for backwards compatbiility and it needs the full kit, duh.

      PSVR2 will be an actually modern kit for PS5 whenever that arrives and it’s a good thing they’re gonna push for something like that instead of retrofit old outdated obsolette and impractical tech like they did with the Move controllers which crippled its potential. That’s something they’re doing right this time.

      PC gamer here, I haven’t had a Sony console since the PS1, but let’s not be ridiculous. That’s how all consoles tend to work. If you don’t want to have defined generations like that and have decades worth of backwards and forwards compatibility for games and equipment then you simply go PC.


      • Zack71

        Sony made a promise: you will be able to use your PS VR with PS5.

        Sony made this promise not to stop PS VR sales.

        Now Sony tell us that the bew camera can’t be used with PSVR.

        • I don’t see the contradition there, seems like a fulfilled promised exactly as it was said goinf by your own words. Psvr works, just as it worked on 4. Yes, with the psvr camera.

          • Zack71

            do you work for Sony?

            do you sell Sony consoles/games?

          • Andrew Jakobs

            Why are you talking bullocks? I think you really have no clue what you are talking about.. Sony supports the PSVR kit with the PS5 (and I’m pretty sure even newer PSVR games will have extra modes for better graphics on the PS5)..

        • kuhpunkt

          Because of compatibility…

        • Andrew Jakobs

          But where did Sony stop their promise? If you own a PSVR you also have the original PS4 camera, and if you own one, you get the AUX to USB3 adapter for free, so you can use your PSVR with the PS5.. And new PSVR headsets will include the camera and the adapter, until Sony releases a new PSVR headset, which I think will be wireless and use internal camera’s for tracking and the Wifi6 for streaming..

    • kuhpunkt

      Wtf are you talking about? You can probably just request an adapter for the PSVR and they will send you one. Problem solved.

      • Zack71

        Oh, ya!
        Continue to play with moves, that are the best controller in the market!

        • kuhpunkt

          What does that have to do with anything? The move controllers are compatible with the PSVR. The PSVR2 or whatever it’s called will use the new camera for better tracking.

  • Ragbone

    Will it not just work with the Oculus sensors?

  • psuedonymous

    They announced months ago that the adapter will be made available for free on request.

    • Ragde

      And were do we do the request?, the post doesn’t say

      • kuhpunkt

        They will probably just set up a website where you full out a form.

      • Anon

        Just wait until Wednesday or Thursday, we are working on that ;)

  • Nothing to see here

    Will PS5 only PSVR games require a PS4 camera and controller?
    Will users who purchase a PSVR for their PS5 also have to purchase a PS4 controller?
    Seems like a bit of a mess to me.

    • kuhpunkt

      Your question is hard to understand. Who says there are PS5 only PSVR games?!

      • Nothing to see here

        Low-Fi and HitMan are PS5 games with PSVR support. Low-Fi will not be released for PS4 so it is a PS5 only game that supports PSVR.

  • Adam Broadhurst

    This is actually a good sign. Sticking with the rather hopeless idea of a single front facing camera was never going to do PSVR2 justice.
    I think its very likely PSVR2 will be wireless, the Quest/2 with Virtual Desktop has already shown this is viable right now.
    PS5 being Wifi 6 compatible hints at this possibility and if Sony are to continue to sell VR to the masses they will want it to be a user friendly as possible,no wires,cameras ,sensors,just pick up and play,similar to the Quest.

  • Zack71

    Ok, I can see there are many Sony fanboy in this forum.

    What are you talking about? We are speakin g of VR, not of Uncharted 10, TLOU 11 and all the remastered games that are offered by Sony.

    What are you worried about?

    If PS VR is so good, it will be sold in the next years and Sony will continue to support it.

    But you know that’s false.

    We are not in 2016.

    There is a new VR console, that is very cheap and that was 2020, not in 2016.

    With a good resolution, without screen door effect and without wires!

    • Amni3D

      You mean the Oculus Quest, that hurts like crap after less than 20 minutes of use, but no software on the system is good enough to use for more than 20 minutes?

      Never mind the PSVR has proved to be a bigger financial success than the Quest despite more or less being a “dead” system.

    • Dick Massive

      107 million PS4 owners, only 6 million PSVR owners, so no – VR was never that much of a wanted add-on for the PS4. On PS5, it will sell 100+ million units, have the best of the exclusive titles, 4k 60fps, I don’t think a lack of VR will worry many.
      When Quest can play titles like Gran Turismo 7, Uncharted, TLOU, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.. then you can shout. Until then, it will remain a mobile phone VR headset with mobile phone graphics, a few hours battery life, and have that Facebook account requirement.

  • Sy Burr

    EPIC disappointment. A new platform that relies on an old accessory? I’m out until they resolve this. How many years did you have to develop this Sony?

  • TrumpSupporter

    Sony is such a Hi tech company, its products have been considered as best.
    Its PSVR is great. Some say its resolution is low but for me it is the perfect considering it should match with computing power.
    However Sony should now try to develop PSVR like NReal glasses(why not buy it), the idea is that it should be light weight like spectacles with not much onboard computing, connected to a unit in pocket with a pair of optical fiber cable carrying line by line signal , and projecting images on to glasses using micro-projector which are simply rotating micro-mirrors.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Sony (as a big video games company) is dead according to most trend analysts and I agree. It started with worrying decisions after another during the PS4, then all the core governance and heads that made it a success leaving the company one after the other, now the PS5 is a catastrophe which once it’s juiced it fanbase that have become the donkeys of this generations, it’ll show.

  • Nothing to see here

    Does it also come with PS4 DualShock controllers in the bundle? You are dead in the water without them on a PS5.

  • Affe