Firewall Zero Hour (2018), the tactical team shooter for PSVR, is headed to PS Plus members for free starting today, February 4th.

Update (February 4th, 2020): Firewall Zero Hour is now free for PS Plus members who download the game between today and March 2nd. Like all PS Plus bonus games, if you download it before the expiration date, it’s yours to permanently keep.

In addition, developer First Contact Entertainment also launched the game’s promised ‘Operation Black Dawn’ content update which includes a new contractor (Saul), a new map (Oil Rig), new weapons (Custom XM-R and Saul’s CQB), and custom optics. Check out the reveal video below:

Original Article (January 29th, 2020): The 4v4 team shooter arrives alongside Bioshock: The Collection and The Sims 4 as February’s free games. Like all free PS Plus games, the whole lot is entirely free to keep forever as long as you download them in time, which lasts from February 4th until March 2nd.

Developed by First Contact Entertainment and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Firewall Zero Hour brings some classic team-based shooting action to PSVR, which includes support for PS Aim.

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If you haven’t played, here’s the simple breakdown of main game mode: one team defends while another tries to infiltrate and hunt down hidden objectives. We were so happy with it at launch in August 2018 that we gave it a pretty strong [7.9/10] in our full review.

Firewall Zero Hour is also slated to receive another big update on February 4th called ‘Operation: Black Dawn’ which features a new map called ‘Oil Rig’ in addition to other free content. If you don’t already own it, this is a great time to jump in on a game that typically costs $20.

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  • ra51

    Well i’m sure glad I just bought this last month.

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  • Ad

    How good is this game compared to Pavlov? I hope they release this for PCVR. I feel like Sony doesn’t need exclusives against PC, just against consoles. Games that are on PC too would have more updates and cross play.

    • It feels very polished and the community is great, good map designs and lots of content updates like new maps, guns and only cosmetic DLC purchaseable

  • PJ

    Excellent game, I’m really looking forward to there next game ‘Solaris Off world combat’ which i believe is also coming out on Quest and PCVR, hopefully with full crossplay for a good boost to the player count

  • Cool!

  • JesuSaveSouls

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