Quake (1996) from id Software defined the real-time 3D shooter genre, and now you can dive back into the ’90s head-first with this fan-built Quake VR mod.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Quake has been playable in VR at home since at least 2013, but never like this.

Created by indie developer Vittorio Romeo, Quake VR includes support for 6DOF controllers, and a host of other goodies that make it feel more like a proper port than the gamepad/3DOF headsets of old provided.

Now in its 0.0.4 version, Quake VR boasts dual-wielding weapons, which includes guns and melee weapons too. Punching, throwing axes, and force-grabbing objects is all supported. A body and holster system also allows you to easily store your weapons and switch between guns, just like native VR games do.

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Although the grappling hook is technically a cheat in the original game, which breaks some of the level progression if used liberally, you can use it in VR now too. Best of all, Romeo is making his work on Quake VR both open source and free to download, although he is also accepting donations.

Quake VR supports SteamVR headsets; users may need to modify controller setting in Steam’s binding menu first though to make sure all buttons are mapped correctly.

Romeo also says that since the VR version heavily relies on modified QuakeC files, mods or expansion packs may not be compatible out of the box, however they should be easy to port.

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  • VRagoso

    Shit! This is awesome! People are really doing cool stuff!! Gotta play!

    • Gabrielle

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  • brandon9271

    It’s super cool to “enter” a game in VR that you’ve already played for years. It’s familiar yet new and the sense of scale and presence is just an amazing feeling :)

  • Andrew Jakobs

    haha, this is very cool

  • This is very cool!

  • ComfyWolf

    I’d like to know if this has any plans to come to Quest

    • This is a PCVR game – there currently are no plans for a native Quest port. You can however play it on Quest by using SteamVR through Virtual Desktop.

      • Bob Smith

        Thanks so much for this Vittorio. Loved Quake back in the day. I’ll have to make a donation for your good work and generosity in sharing it with all of us.

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Thanks Vittorio Romeo! VR community is truly great.

  • Ragbone

    The only control that works for me on Oculus is Jump.
    Can anyone get this to work properly on Oculus?

    • This should work on Oculus Rift, and on Oculus Quest as long as you have a link cable and a desktop PC.

      • Ragbone

        I tried it on the Oculus Rift when I first saw this article. All you can do is jump, look around and open and close the menu lol. No movement etc.

  • impurekind

    Very cool.

  • impurekind

    Hmmm, I have it installed and running but now it seems like it’s going to be a major hassle to get it working with my Rift controls and stuff. I can’t even get it to let me select options in the game’s menu with the analog stick or pointing. So do I need to configure all the controls inside Steam manually, because it seems really convoluted and confusing to me.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Someone do this for avp 2000 classic.

  • impurekind

    Gave it a try and it seems very well executed for the most part, which is impressive considering it does a better job of most of the VR control stuff that most official VR games do imo.

    The force grab seems a bit strange to me though, requiring me to press both the trigger and grip at once, then it doesn’t quite come right to my hand, and I have to then release the buttons and then press grip again to finally grab it. Could do with a bit of a tweak, and obviously Half-Life: Alyx is the perfect example to rip off here.

    Also, snap turning seems to have a tiny bit of lag and/or not work some of the time. And I don’t mean because of any kind of dead zone as I’ve tried that at different settings already. Maybe just double check there’s not a bit of a code conflict, like maybe if you flick once you can’t quite flick immediately again in some cases or something.

    Other than that it seems very well done based on my brief time with it.

    • Ragbone

      Does it support smooth turning too?

      • impurekind

        From what I recall, yes.

  • Clownworld14