Missed out on Meta’s big Quest holiday game sale that took place over Christmas? Well, consider this round two, as Meta is again tossing out some deep discounts to top Quest titles from now until just after the new year.

Update (December 27th, 2021): The Holiday Sale is gone, so we’ve plugged in the latest New Year’s sale info below so you can see the latest in Quest Store discounts.

The Quest New Years Sale goes from now until January 2nd at 11:59PM PT (local time here). The full list of individual games below includes over 20 titles. Some of the highlights: Demeo, Until You Fall, Moss, GORN, Arizona Sunshine, and Robo Recall: Unplugged.

If you don’t see the game you’re looking for, make sure to check out the New Years Bundles list too, linked below.

Individual Games

Title Reg. Price Discount Sale Price
Job Simulator $19.99 20% $15.99
Onward $24.99 20% $19.99
GORN $19.99 25% $14.99
Arizona Sunshine $39.99 35% $25.99
Jurassic World Aftermath $24.99 20% $19.99
Golf 5 eClub $19.99 20% $15.99
Moss $29.99 20% $23.99
Wander $9.99 20% $7.99
Demeo $29.99 20% $23.99
Drunkn Bar Fight $16.99 24% $12.99
Zero Caliber: Reloaded $24.99 20% $19.99
Vacation Simulator $29.99 34% $19.99
The Room VR: A Dark Matter $29.99 34% $19.99
GOLF+ $19.99 20% $15.99
Hand Physics Lab $9.99 20% $7.99
Real VR Fishing $19.99 20% $15.99
Gun Club VR $19.99 20% $15.99
Robo Recall: Unplugged $29.99 34% $19.99
Synth Riders $24.99 36% $15.99
The Climb $29.99 20% $23.99
Warplanes: WW1 Fighters $19.99 20% $15.99
Blaston $9.99 20% $7.99
Until You Fall $24.99 20% $19.99
Larcenauts $29.99 34% $19.99
Rez Infinite $19.99 25% $14.99

Here’s the list of both New Years Quest Bundles, also available from December 27th – January 2nd. Don’t worry if you already own a game in one of the packs below; Meta does flexible bundling so you don’t pay for games twice.

You can check out all of these bundles over at oculus.com.

Quest Game Bundles

Thrilling Adventures Pack I Expect You To Die 2 $24.99 20% $19.99
A Township Tale $9.99 20% $7.99
STRIDE $14.99 20% $11.99
TOTAL $49.97 20% $39.99
Challenge Yourself! Pack Pistol Whip $29.99 25% $22.49
Real VR Fishing $19.99 25% $14.99
In Death: Unchained $29.99 25% $22.49
TOTAL $79.97 25% $59.99

– – — – –

We’d like to wish all of our readers, those who make Road to VR possible, a very happy and healthy holidays. Thanks to your support, we’ll be looking forward to a productive 2022 and beyond. We simply can’t exist without you.

Make sure to join our coverage of CES 2022 in early January where we’ll be reporting from Las Vegas, with boots on the ground there for one of our first large tech conferences since global shutdowns began. Happy Holidays!

This article may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product we may receive a small commission which helps support the publication. See here for more information.

  • Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, Ben and Scott! You’re two amazing VR journalists

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  • Christian Schildwaechter

    As I haven’t seen it mentioned here before: Fanatical.com currently has their first Quest bundle, eight Quest games/experiences for USD 14.99/EUR 15.99, 88% off the regular price. You’ll get:

    – Zombielands: Headshot Fever (very descriptive title)
    – Death Lap (Combat racing)
    – Accounting+ (somewhat surreal VR game/experience with a lot of crude Rick and Morty humor)
    – Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl (single or multiplayer card based strategy)
    – Gadgeteer (physics based puzzler, kind of The Incredible Machine for VR)
    – Ghost Giant (VR story/puzzle/diorama)
    – SculptrVR (fun 3D sculpting)
    – Gloomy Eyes (a great 30min VR 3D experience/movie, not just 360° video)
    – 60% off coupon for Zero Caliber: Reloaded (military FPS)


    Fanatical is a legitimate site, you’ll get key codes that can be redeemed on your profile page on the Quest store web site. The bundle is well worth the price. The titles represent a nice mix of different types of VR experiences, so this would be a great starting point for all those that just got a Quest for Christmas. And a very good deal, as software sales on Quest are rare and titles usually only get around 20%-30% off, rarely 40%.

    • David

      This is a good bundle, though Death Lap is maybe the worst VR game I’ve ever played, and I couldn’t figure out how to get Skyworld to play in singleplayer mode. IMO Zombielands, Accounting+, and Gadgeteer are worth the price of admission.