Since the launch of Quest 3, Meta has included a free copy of its latest and greatest first-party game, Asgard’s Wrath 2. Originally with a redemption deadline in January, the company has extended the offer several times, now pushing it out to the end of June.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is perhaps the most ambitious Quest game yet launched, and for anyone who has bought a new Quest 3, the game has been bundled for free (normally $60).

The original bundle offer was set to expire in January, but Meta extended it several times. Today the company announced it is extending the free Asgard’s Wrath 2 offer again until the end of June, 2024.

The game is included for free with both the Quest 3 (128GB) and Quest 3 (512GB). But it’s important to remember that customers must redeem the game (which means going to the game page and ‘claiming’ the game) before the deadline, which is now June 30th, 2024.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is also available on Quest 2, but not for free.

Asgard’s Wrath 2, developed by Meta’s in-house VR studio Sanzaru Games, is in many ways the most ambitious game to ever launch on the Quest platform. It has been critically acclaimed for scale and production quality that exceeds most of what else is available on the headset. We liked it enough to give it our 2023 Quest Game of the Year award.

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  • vancleefmustache

    Ugh. Packaged with a Quest 2 game from their previous headset. This is not a good look, Meta.

    • Corey Reynolds

      Asgard’s Wrath 2 is a complete system seller. You’re just out of touch if this is your actual opinion.

      • vancleefmustache

        Maybe. Still, it’s a Quest 2 game with Quest 2 graphics. It’s fine for a mobile VR game and I know the kiddos will like it but anyone who has played vanilla Skyrim or above in VR has already seen all this.

        • NL_VR

          With that logic why make new games at all if the risk of “having seen this earlier in another game”.
          At least you didnt bring in flatgames in as argument really dont understand those.

      • ViRGiN

        Maybe it would be 10x better if it required tethered displayport headset, and was exclusive to Steam.

      • Andrey

        But it’s not? I just completed it a week or so before and it’s totally mediocre game, much worse compared to the first part (and I am not talking about graphics). And if my words mean nothing to you, just go and read the post on Reddit from a month or two ago where hundreds of people agreed with topicstarter that they never got back to AW2 because it was “boring” (won’t provide a link because my comment won’t get through then, look for it for yourself). And there are two proofs to it:
        First one is leaderboards for those minigames on your “base”. For the first game that appears early in a game (with a slingshot) ratings are for thousands of players (at least it was when I was trying it at the time). Then, for the second game with air hockey-like thing ratings are for hundreds of players. Of course some people could just skip trying those minigames in general, but even if we are talking about those who did try it, it’s still pretty much shows how many people dropped the game on earlier stages and never came back to it.
        Second proof is an ability to place your avatar or whatever it called in any place during the story. Even on Saga 3 or 4 I already never saw even one of those avatars so I though to myself: “I probably switched it off”. Then during Saga 5 or 6 I suddenly saw one single avatar and understood that I never switched it off. It’s just that dozens, hundreds of people who played the game on release and weeks/months after and were spamming their avatars on the first locations never made it to later parts of the game to do the same.
        So, yeah, this is not a “system seller” for your average player by all means and this is probably the exact reason why Meta extends this giveaway – this game isn’t that popular and certainly can’t hold players’ attention well, so probably it doesn’t sell well as it is (not as a part of Q3) and Meta think that they won’t loose much by giving it away for free for a longer period of time.
        And of course people will get bored when you only need to run through empty corridors that looks the same and solve the same types of puzzles/fight the same 5 or so kinds of enemies 90% of the time (for “around 60 hours of “gameplay”” by the way) with “parkour” here and there. When there are only what, 6 partners compared to around 20 in the first game and only one – Subira – is charismatic enough to be liked (and in general useful on the battlefield) and doesn’t irritate you like others. When all – and I repeat – ALL characters, both villians and good guys, are plain as hell and you don’t care if something will happen to them at all (do you know what I was doing when Horus was killed right in front of me? I was yawning). It’s not what people call “fun”; not to mention horrendous game-design flaws and choices in some moments like the whole last Saga with this undead oldman – after a pretty great part in Muspelheim when I was going to rate the game at 8/10 the next saga was so bad that I dropped the game for two months straight and came back to it just because I have an urge to finish all the games I started and to kick Loki’s butt too. After it – and a ver average last battle and ending in general – I rate it only 5/10 for the whole game.
        So a sane person won’t recommend someone to buy Q2 or Q3 just to being able to play it. AW1? Sure. Lone Echo series? Absolutely! Assassin’s Creed Nexus? Without a doubt! But not this. THIS is not a system seller. Gorilla Tag and Beat Saber are (or were) better system sellers than this.

        • VR5

          The only thing that was better in Wrath I was the tavern exploring in human form. The equivalent in Wrath II wasn’t quite as cool but everything else they improved and added on so much in the sequel.

          The first one had 10 companions btw, not 20. Wrath II might have less but they’re more interesting personality wise. Wrath I was criticized for the companion writing.

          That you’ll encounter less avatars in later Sagas should be no surprise, progression achievement percentages also drop off a lot for even the most successful flat games. And maybe players just didn’t bother to project themselved after a while? This really doesn’t tell you how many people completed the game, as opposed to achievements.

          For me, Wrath II was the perfect substitute for Zelda. I don’t play that anymore because it isn’t just confined to a flat screen, but also a small one. Not even cinema mode available.

          Wrath II is the best action RPG (leaning on action more than RPG) game of recent memory, flat included.

        • NL_VR

          Different tastes. Some of your “proof” dont really tell anything but your personal speculations.

    • VR5

      Quest is not a game console. Does it bother you that all the apps on your new phone also played on your old one?

      Other than AC:N, Wrath II is the best looking game on Quest. It is also higher res on Q3 and is getting a 10GB texture update in a few weeks.

  • Hussain X

    Article should also mention it comes with pcvr Asgard’s Wrath 1 free too, another one of the best vr titles ever.

    • Ben Lang

      Wasn’t this only for pre-ordering the game / purchases before it launched?

      • Hussain X

        Hi. Nope, it’s also free with purchases of a Quest 3. I just re-confirmed it with a friend now who is a new user. He claimed the Asgard’s Wrath 2 free offer for his Quest 3 just earlier this week, and the Rift version was automatically added to his library.

    • Radiopup977

      I hope this is true.

      I’ve been waiting over a week and a half for amazon to ship mine out. :( Glad they extended the date on the free game/s.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    I got it with the headset. But where’s the Quest 3 updated textures? Looks good. But it definitely has Quest 2 graphics. Because I know the headset is capable of more.