Logitech today unveiled an XR stylus that comes as Meta Quest’s first third-party motion peripheral, targeting creatives working in both 2D and 3D media.

Called Logitech MX Ink, the spatially-tracked stylus supports Quest 2 and Quest 3, as well as “future headsets,” Logitech says. The company additionally confirmed it won’t support Quest Pro.

Logitech MX Ink is said to have a “natural pen-like feel and pressure-sensitive tip,” which allows users to create, annotate, and navigate in XR environments. The device allows the user to pair with Quest and use it interchangeably with Quest controllers too, making it effectively the first time Meta’s headset can support more than two paired controllers at a time.

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When it ships in September, MX Ink will come with a dedicated stylus customization page in the updated Meta Settings UI, allowing users to adjust pressure curves for the nib and the primary buttons, initial activation force, and double tap timing.

To boot, MX Link includes haptic feedback, and is spatially tracked in 6DOF, boasting “low latency and high accuracy,” said to have similar tracking performance to the Quest controllers themselves.

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The company is also offering a charging base designed to keep MX Ink charged and ready, however it also features a dedicated USB-C port so you can simply take the stylus when on the go. In the box is a pair of replaceable nibs, which allow the user to choose between a very fine nib as well as one larger nib.

Image courtesy Logitech

Logitech is also releasing a dedicated mat, called MX Mat, which is described as a “low friction 2D surface was designed specifically for the MX Ink’s tip.”

The company has listed a number of compatible Quest apps, which include Adobe Substance Modeler, Gravity Sketch, PaintingVR, Arkio, Engage, OpenBrush, GestureVR, ShapesXR, and Elucis by RealizeMedical.

Logitech MX Ink is slated to launch in late September, and be priced at $130 for the stylus, and $170 for the MX Ink + Inkwell base combo. Pre-orders are already available, though the product doesn’t launch until September.

Update (9:00 AM ET): We’ve included links, clarified that the Inkwell base is available in a separate hardware bundle, and detailed the MX Mat.

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  • Rodney McKay

    Meanwhile, Apple can't find a way to support using a version of their Pencil on the Vision Pro. Perhaps it will be Logitech that will rescue us from Apple's narrow-mindedness.

    • Jistuce

      The Apple Pencil is just a stick in VR. Digitizer styluses use a fundamentally different tracking mechanism, so there's no meaningful support they can add. This specifically isn't narrow-mindedness, just "can't drill a hole with a hammer".

      Now, there is definitely merit to recognizing "a hand holding a stick" as distinct from pointing a finger. Bonus if it can recognize the difference between holding the stick like a pointing tool or a writing tool. I'm just saying there's no reason to artificially gate that, and no realistic way to do so as any suitably sized and colored stick will look like an Apple Pencil.

      There is also merit to supporting tools in general, which does lead to a valid narrow-minded argument.
      I think the firm "no controllers" stance was a marketing-first decision that has notable limitations, though I also admit their hand-tracking is quite impressive.

      • purpleduggy

        works for me. sounds like you havent tried the spatial mixed reality painting vr apps. when you do, you will understand. this logitech pen is incredible for it. also VR 3d modelling. VR's real use case is music and art.

        • Jistuce

          I don't understand how you got here from what I wrote, and I'm not sure what "works for you".

          You are, however, correct that I haven't done any VR or AR painting or sculpting. I am not much of an artist, and while it is said that a poor sculptor blames his tools, I am pretty sure the fault lies with me.

          I will say, however, that VR's real use case is not music and art… VRs real use case is EVERYTHING.
          I'm not going to belittle anyone's use case by claiming mine is better or more "real", because I see so much potential for so many things. I want it to become as ubiquitous and diverse as I know it can be, not limited to the couple of random niches it has carved out so far.

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    When, why and for which device Logitech developed the MX Ink would be interesting to know.

    Basically no Quest apps support a stylus. Meta's Horizon Workrooms allowed using a backwards Touch Pro controller to draw on whiteboards, which (for unfathomable reasons) were recently dropped completely. With Workrooms' primary target Quest Pro now only build until components runs out, MX Ink not supporting the most fitting Meta HMD unfortunately makes sense.

    On the other hand a 6DoF stylus would give AVP input parity with iPad supporting touch, keyboard, mouse, trackpad and stylus. AVP has touch/keyboard/trackpad, is getting mouse support, with an Apple patent describing a 6DoF self-tracking XR stylus with very interesting features. Logitech already offers iPad pens, their 2018 Crayon stylus as a cheaper/less capable Apple Pencil alternative for students was available exclusively through Apple's educational channel, and the latest version is the only 3rd party stylus sold on Apple's web store.

    So MX Ink probably started as cooperation with Apple, with Logitech also working on Quest compatibility with Meta. Apple then screwed Logitech by delaying AVP again and again, now denying AVP support until their own XR stylus has launched. And Meta screwed Logitech by messing up their attempt at professional VR hardware/software, for now mostly scrapping both. Leaving Logitech with an XR stylus currently working with neither the "still behind schedule" nor the "already deprecated" HMD it was intended for.

    • XrFrUiTeCaKe

      No, Apple and Meta screwed themselves for not using this for their XR interface. Apple's a$$-pinching crap and Meta's double-fisted controlers are going to be laughed at by history, so now is the time to short any companies wasting money on eye-tracking!

    • XRC

      seems to be a development of 2019's $750 ‘VR Ink Pilot Edition’, unsure if this ever shipped in any numbers? steamVR has a driver and controller input option for this older Logitech model.

      • Christian Schildwaechter

        I unfortunately misread the article. MX Ink won't use inside-out tracking like Touch Pro, but relies on Quest tracking its IR-LEDs. Which makes it it even more similar to the "VR Ink Pilot Edition" also needing external devices for 6DoF tracking. Both are bound to specific hardware instead of being usable with anything with driver support.

        I am still hoping for vendor-independent self-tracking VR controllers hocking into OpenXR. Touch Pro and camera based Vive trackers prove self-tracking accessories are viable. And it would be great to connect self-tracking Touch Pro, Index 2 controllers or (updated) idiot-proof and near indestructible HTC Wands to Quest, AVP or any PC with bluetooth, depending on current use case/preference. OS support of course is in no way guaranteed, with Apple the most likely road block.

        We now have mostly universal gamepad support, not only allowing people pick their favorite controllers, but also things like Microsoft's brilliant accessibility "Xbox Adaptive Controller", opening games to people unable to the default options. This only took a few decades, so there is still some hope.

      • Erilis

        Yes, I remember that thing. A vive puck with a button for input, (can’t really pen anything unless there’s real resistance). Don’t remember if it had a little rumble. I can’t believe they charged 750 for that.

  • Foreign Devil

    Looking forward to pro artist reviews of this for both sculpting and drawing/painting. Definitely a solution I've been waiting for.

    • ViRGiN

      Let me know when you find any, cause I suspect we will get 'reviews' from vr tourist consumers with youtube channels who just have to cover the latest headstraps, lens inserts, and such wild accessories.

  • MasterElwood

    Still waiting for the logitech audio quest 3 Edition.