Quill, Facebook’s VR painting and animation tool, is now getting a new and immersive avenue for sharing artwork created in the application. With today’s update, users can now share their artwork into Facebook Spaces, letting friends experience it together. Facebook VR artist Goro Fujita created a new short film animated in Quill and shared in Spaces as an example of the new capability.

In the latest version of Facebook Spaces, users will now see a ‘Gallery’ section in the menu where they can browse Quill artwork. Artwork can be drawings, animations, or even short stories, the Facebook Spaces team says. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Check out what's new in Spaces with the release of v43!

In addition to the update this week, Spaces is on display at F8, Facebook's global developer conference. Be sure to tune in at http://f8.com/ for the latest news about Facebook VR, Oculus and more from Facebook!* Quill in Spaces! We've added the ability to view Quillustrations – amazing art created in the VR application Quill – in Spaces. Quillustrations can be still drawings, animations, or even stories. Visit the 'Gallery' menu from your table dock to discover amazing Quill art from artists all over the world, including Beyond the Fence, an interactive short film created entirely in VR.* Bug fixes and optimization. Want to create and share your own Quillustrations for Spaces? Quill is available for Oculus Rift through the Oculus Store and artists of all levels are welcome and encouraged to submit their Quillustrations publicly to the Quillustrations in Facebook Spaces Group directly from the application. All of the posts in the Group will be available in Spaces.

Gepostet von Facebook Spaces am Montag, 30. April 2018

Among the ‘Quillustrations’ that users can see in Facebook Spaces is a new short film, Beyond the Fence, by Facebook VR artist Goro Fujita. The piece was drawn and animated inside of Quill and Fujita says he directed the experience so that users could watch it together but each get a different perspective on the action. Here he is breaking it down:

"Beyond the Fence"I’m so excited to finally be able to share the VR film I created for multi user consumption called Beyond the Fence! I created it entirely in Quill and it’s now available in Facebook Spaces for you to enjoy in VR with your friends. Check it out! (login to facebook spaces, go to the drawings tab and click on Quill Art.) And as of today you can also share your quillustrations from Quill into spaces! 
Join this group to be able to share Quillustrations yourself! https://www.facebook.com/groups/quillinspaces/

Gepostet von Goro Fujita am Montag, 30. April 2018

Quill artists can also submit their own works from within the app to be shared with friends and the broader Facebook Spaces audience. Along with the new Facebook Spaces sharing functionality, the updated version of Quill (1.5) brings with it a host of other improvements and fixes.

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