Vertical Robot announced that the sequel to its critically-acclaimed VR adventure game Red Matter (2018) is landing on Quest 2 and PC VR headsets next month.

The studio announced the news in a tweet, saying that it will arrive on both platforms on August 18th.

Vertical Robot previously mentioned it was coming to Quest 2, so PC VR headset owners can also now look forward to jumping into the exciting continuation of the game’s off-world espionage adventure.

First announced at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase in April, the studio says it wants to provide Red Matter 2 with the “best graphics on mobile VR to date.”

The original Red Matter was initially launched on PC VR headsets in 2018 and then later ported to the Quest platform a year later, in the process making it one of the best-looking PC VR-to-Quest ports yet. Red Matter 2 however is being built for Quest 2 from the ground-up.

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At its April unveiling, the studio said Red Matter 2 would include a “rich narrative-driven adventure with excellent voice-over work and new gameplay mechanics.” It’s said to include brand new and challenging puzzles, a new jetpack, a new terminal-hacking tool, a projectile weapon, and a heavy emphasis on physics objects.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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  • This is quite an underrated VR game IMHO. If you at what was being produced when it was released this is quality work. I might even have another look at RM1 for the fun of it.

  • dextrovix

    I really enjoyed the first one, certainly freaked me out in the best context of the phrase, so looking forward to the sequel.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Looking forward to it. Can’t remember if I already own the first one.

    • Tommy

      Lol, right there with you.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        haha, I found out I do have the first one in my library, so I really need to play that one ASAP, haha..

        • Tommy

          Nice! See, it pays to buy games on sale for future use!
          I have a gigantic backlog and could not run out of stuff to play for a year or two. That won’t stop me from buying more though, lol.
          Red Matter is one I will have to pick up. Thought I already had it.

  • 3DHeinz

    Why it’s so good? It’s a secret (???) or it’s so hard/ lot work and knowledge to do “such” too?…

  • I can’t wait to play this one! Red Matter 1 is still one of my favorite VR games!