Sony announced last month it was bringing PC VR support to PSVR 2 sometime this year, although the company didn’t specify how or exactly when this would happen. According to the headset’s latest firmware update, all signs now point to a direct wired connection—holding a few implications for Sony’s VR strategy.

Update (March 25th, 2024): iVRy, the leading third-party project dedicated to bringing unofficial PC VR support to PSVR 2, announced on X the headset’s latest firmware update seems to show that Sony is indeed enabling support for NVIDIA GPUs ahead of its own official solution for PC VR. Previously the headset only supported AMD graphics since that’s what is built into PS5 consoles.

It remains to be see what sort of hardware adapters will be required however, and whether they will be provided directly by Sony or not.

This further suggests Sony is fully untangling PSVR 2 from PS5 by letting users directly plug their headsets into a PC, and not offering a dedicated streaming solution, which would otherwise need both the console and PC to do. The original article detailing the firmware update follows below:

Original Article (March 21st, 2024): According to the latest PS5 firmware update, PSVR 2 now works without needing Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) and DisplayPort Compression (DSC), two things which were baked into the headset’s firmware for use with PS5 consoles.

Here’s hardware analyst and YouTuber Brad Lynch’s (aka ‘SadlyItsBradley’) take on it:

As Lynch rightly asks, is Sony washing its hands of PSVR 2? It might be.

Supporting PC VR through a direct tether and not a console-based streaming solution completely frees PSVR 2 from the PS5 ecosystem, letting users ditch the console entirely, which admittedly locks users into a fairly lackluster game catalogue. While this sounds great for consumers in general, it may point to troubled waters for the company’s VR strategy moving forward.

Of course, Sony hasn’t tipped its hand just yet, although it’s clear that the company is looking at it from a cost-cutting perspective, as it recently laid off eight percent of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which shuttered its London Studio (Blood & Truth) and, among others, reduced headcount at Firesprite (Horizon Call of the Mountain).

Why 'Embodiment' is More Important Than 'Immersion' – Inside XR Design

Unlike Meta’s Quest platform, Sony ostensibly hasn’t subsidized PSVR 2 hardware in effort to recoup on costs with software sales though—putting the MSRP of the $550 headset likely at or above the cost of production. Granted, we haven’t seen the hardware cost breakdown, although it’s at least clear that from the outset that Sony wasn’t beholden to funding the sort of anchor content that it needed in order to convert a significant portion of ~50 million PS5 owners.

Provided Sony is really untangling PSVR 2 from PS5, the company may even see it as a way to wind down its VR efforts. If instead the company went with a PC VR streaming solution that required PS5, it would only really provide choice to existant PSVR 2 users, and not attract new users from helping to flush its backlog of unpurchased stock, as Sony has reportedly paused production on PSVR 2 due to low sales.

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  • gothicvillas

    Hopefully eye tracking works on pc too. Im sad to see PSVR2 in troubled waters, i was super hyped for its launch :/
    For VR to succeed, 90% of the games should be playable either flat or vr. Same games. Not some watered down Horizon clone but full game same as flat. Rdr , gta, the whole lot
    Same for online, warzone, hell let loose etc, both flat or vr. Consumer choses what they fancy.

  • Nevets

    An interesting thought experiment:
    If GTA 6 were released as a VR-only title, and ignoring the resulting fury, what difference would this make to the mid-term future of VR?

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      GTA6 would have 20 times larger impact than alyx ever could, and gta6 is a game worth getting headset for. Game will last 100 times longer than alyx with mods ever could.

      • Gabe Zuckerwell

        I am angry at the world and PC players. And I need the ViRGiN’s and the two other people I pay to be by “friends” in this world to make me feel worthwhile.

        But my mum is my best friend.

        • Gabe Zuckerwell

          Madly it’s Bradley who couldn’t afford avp and a monitor

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      We had one VR-only release from a hugely popular AAA franchise. 2020 Half-Life: Alyx was the first HL game since 2013 HL2 Ep2, with people demanding a sequel for so long that HL3 and anything involving Valve and the number 3 became a meme that even people who never played it recognize. PlayTracker estimates ~30m players for HL2, ~21.5mn for Ep1/Ep2 and 3.5mn for HL:A, so 12%-16% of the players followed to VR, while 84%-88% didn’t bother.

      HL:A is consider one of/the best VR game, the HL franchise has cult status, and Valve designed HL:A alongside the Index, basically a best-case scenario for a VR-only title. HL:A lead to a sustained doubling of Steam VR user numbers, with a massive jump on release, followed by only a small decline. But it was pretty much a one-time effect. The image shows long time achievement-activity from PlayTracker for HL2/Ep1/Ep2/Alyx. All saw huge spikes in 2020 with the HL:A release, but while the older titles showed increasing activity in the first years and never dropped below 50%, HL:A fell to about 20%.

      GTA V is of course much more popular. PlayerTracker estimates 38mn players, rather low considering that it sold 195mn copies, with GTA Online the real money maker. But taking this estimate of a 25% (HL2) to 75% (EP2) larger player base, and (without any statistically valid reason) applying this to the HL:A doubling factor, you’d get a 125% to 300% increase of the current VR user base. We are still below 10mn active users for Quest+PSVR+PCVR, so GTA 6 VR-only would get us to ~25mn-40mn, or about 5%-8% of the 2023 Fortnite player base, with no clear indicator whether it would later rise further or drop again.

      • Nevets

        It’s only a thought experiment of course, but I think you’re missing out the people who would want to play GTA 6 and would therefore buy VR hardware as a result.

        • Christian Schildwaechter

          Like people dropping USD 1000 for an Index to play HL:A, and all PCVR HMDs suddenly being in short supply, even WMR HMDs no one wanted before?

          The whole comparison is of course questionable, with many impacting factors. HL hadn’t seen a release in 13 years, making fans older/more flush with money. GTA V is 10 years old, but shifted to the still actively developed GTA online, generating billions and adding new heist missions just weeks ago. HL:A released while Quest 1 offered games like Beat Saber and Job Simulator. Today Quest 3/Red Matter 2 can convincingly fake a PCVR visual style with lighting/shadow trickery, and Quest dominates VR so much that a VR-only GTA would have to launch there. But while HL:A offered a significant visual upgrade over EP2, any GTA on current Quest HMDs would be a downgrade compared to PS4 GTA V, making it a hard sell for fans. We’re still waiting for GTA SA on Quest.

          HL:A was pretty much a best case scenario for a VR-only game from a high value AAA franchise, with Valve willingly giving up the piles of money a flat version would’ve made. I doubt even a VR-only GTA 6 would turn things around for VR. While the player base is huge, it isn’t as well suited for VR, so I’d expect the vast majority would rather drop the franchise in protest than buy an HMD, or just stick to GTA Online.

          • XRC

            HLA not my favourite VR game, but looks absolutely stunning in 35ppd PCVR headset, you really get to appreciate the sheer quality of Valve’s work at higher resolution.

          • Nevets

            Perhaps. Good and analysis. Interesting to think about at any rate!

  • Walldude

    a fairly lackluster game catalogue.

    Name one other gaming launch year that had 170 titles and more than 100 still in the works.
    I’m a little unsure why all these supposed “VR” supporters keep up with the easily proven LIE that there are no games on PSVR2. All VR is good for our community and I see headlines like “Sony Stole Your Money” and wonder why you would want that kind of bullshit out in the ether. It does no one any good. Not to mention the Bloomberg article was just dumb. Do you think Quest has never stopped manufacturing at any point over the last few years? You think they are still cranking out Q3’s by the millions?
    Anyone who thought VR was going to start flying off the shelves this year is a fool. We aren’t even close to mainstream acceptance, and until we get to that stage of VR we will all continue to be early adopters with all that entails. Deal with it, or get out of VR until the tech catches up with the Ready Player One fantasy you have in your head.

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      Stop being toxic brainwashed psvr2 fanboy.
      If people say there are no games, they have right to feel so.

      • Walldude

        LMAO… Sure they have a right to say that they 170 games that came out in the first year just aren’t enough for them. Average of 3 new games a week in the first year just sucks… As far as “toxic fanboy” I have PSVR1, Q2, Q3, PSVR2 and PCVR, what I am is a VR gamer who has been gaming since long before you were even a glint in your daddy’s eye. Maybe it’s you who should check your toxic fanboy bullshit and support the format we are all trying to enjoy.

        • Gabe Zuckerwell

          Apple vision pro launched with millions of apps.

      • dean

        There are games though and if they just reduce the price a bit I would buy them

    • FrankB

      160 of them were quest shovelware titles.

      • Walldude

        LMAO… sure, well, you folks enjoy your Fortnite, I’ll be busy playing GT7, REVIII, RE4, Saints and Sinners 1&2, Synapse, NMS, Light Brigade, Switchback, Arizona Sunshine 2, Legendary Tales, Pavlov, Tetris Effect, Walkabout, Breachers, Moss 1&2, Red Matter 1&2, Vertigo 2, Among Us, Hubris, Ancient Dungeon, Horizon COTM… Not to mention the upcoming ALIENS, Arken Age, MetroVR, Wanderer, Zombie ArmyVR, Behemoth, Lo-Fi, Madison, Compound, and whatever Flat2VR has up their sleeves. On my dead platform. Have a nice day.

        • ViRGiN

          You think you are impressing anyone?

          • Walldude

            Nope. I’m a little too old to worry about you. What I am is happy with my current gaming situation, and walking away to leave you all to your devices.

          • ViRGiN

            It’s nice that after more than half a decade you finally get a chance to experience the stuff millions have already done years prior.
            Better late than never I guess!
            But no, PSVR2 library isn’t impressing anyone.

        • FrankB

          Hey man, nobody wanted PSVR2 to be a success more than me, I absolutely loved PSVR1, I’ll probably get a PSVR2 at some point just for GT7 and the RE games but it’s obvious to all that Sony has done the bare minimum to support this thing and are dropping it hard.

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      Complaints about “no PSVR2 games” don’t mean “zero games”, instead point to most PSVR2 games being ports from other platforms, not fully utilizing the advanced PS5. People expect a new console generation to get games designed specially for it, and so far that’s mostly HCotM as VR-only and RE4/8, GT7 as hybrid. Sure, 170+ titles are available, but what counts is how desirable those are, not the absolute number. Steam lists 7587 titles with VR support, but that doesn’t equal to 45x more interesting VR content than on PSVR2.

      And Sony pausing production is very different from Meta slowing it. Meta won’t buy more components for Quest Pro, but for the more successful Quest 2/3 they adjust production to demand, building them in advance before the holiday season, when many will be bough as presents, and afterwards slowing production, as keeping unsold stock wastes money. Companies don’t let production facilities sit unused, instead try to spread production to always have just enough to meet demand.

      Sony’s PSVR pre-order system allowed for waiting lists, but so few people ordered that Bloomberg quickly reported Sony halving sales predictions. The report was wildly chastised, countered by Sony with a non-denial denial, but of course proved to be correct. Sony apparently miscalculated demand so much that they still haven’t sold through the inventory they had planed for the launch.

      • ApocalypseShadow

        I still think people are having double standards when it comes to PS VR 2. They want it to do well but discredit everything released.

        They say it only has VR games from other platforms but that is what you would want so that PlayStation fans won’t miss out on those titles other headsets have. And, those titles are offered in higher quality that Quest and nearly matching PC in graphics. And, many gamers never played on PC or stand alone VR. So, it’s all new to those individuals wanting console VR.

        Gamers also discredit GT7, RE4, RE8, etc as VR games. But then say they want those very same flat games in VR. Skyrim was hybrid. And I would take that game in VR over any new RPG VR game or short indie RPG title. Many play No Man’s Sky in VR. That’s hybrid. I don’t hear any complaints that’s it’s not a VR only game made from the ground up.

        PC modders try their best to offer modded flat games in VR. Pray Dog has done his best to do that. Many games on Steam announced are flat games modded to VR. The Unreal Engine attempt was too offer more flat games in VR. The new mod studio is saying they are trying to offer more flat games to VR as official titles. The new Tomb Raider mod is attempting to give us the same game we played years ago in VR.

        Yeah. I know most hybrid games don’t offer full immersion of pushing, grabbing and holding VR objects. But the games still offer immersion over flat screen that’s still enjoyable. I’d bet if stand alone had the power and ability to play many of the games we love in VR, no one would discredit them. But since Quest, Pico, etc can’t play many modern games out even older games on its own, many gamers will claim these aren’t VR games. And keep pushing the narrative that they don’t count. I have a Quest 3 and would love as many hybrid games as they can make. Because many flat games are much deeper that most cheaply made and short indie titles.

        Yeah. Sony deserves a lashing for not pushing more, possibly subsidizing more to get the headset into more hands. Or making more titles instead of paying developers like Capcom for exclusivity or publishing. But PS VR 2 has been bashed since its inception with all it’s tech included from the jump. Bashed because you need a PS5 to use it, bashed for price when all that tech is offered at a reasonable price. And bashed for offering many popular titles gamers already love and discrediting being able to play full flat games we call hybrid. But many will say they want the headset to do well. I don’t think they ever wanted it to do well. Only still want Facebook to do well above anyone else and show it every day in their comments. Not saying you. But we can clearly see it every day with bashing of PC or Sony’s VR.

        • Christian Schildwaechter

          People indeed show double standards and favoritism, despite multiple platforms with different strength and weaknesses offering an important choice for people with different needs and preferences. I haven’t noticed recent complaints about hybrid games though. It’s hard to deny that the (unmodded) Skyrim VR inventory wasn’t (well) adapted for VR, or melee combat more than fumbling in the air. But implementations improved, with people now rather happy about finally getting decent out-of-the box VR experiences from VR-also RE4/RE8/GT7.

          I very much disagree about the PSVR2 price, IMHO a colossal fuck-up. Looking at features and hardware teardowns hints it must be cheap to produce, a USD 300 BOM would be surprising. Selling it for more than the PS5 clearly contributed to lackluster sales, erasing any potential gain from a high margin. I still believe that PSVR2 is a conceptually brilliant HMD, balancing specs and VR-specific ETFR performance boost to enable VR modes in AAA titles, finally allowing to play current hybrid AAA games in either VR or flat. I’d be willing to give it the years it takes for hybrid games to emerge from long AAA development cycles. But while the tech and hybrid approach were very clever, Sony then made a number of stupid decisions endangering those good concepts.

        • Gabe Zuckerwell

          If you’re regularly playing longer than Quest 3 battery last, you do have other issues. Tethered vr failed massively, whatever you want, doesn’t matter.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            This is the dumbest take ever this week. If I’m playing longer than the battery lasts then I have a problem. Don’t be an idiot. Wait. Too late. You’re already there.

            The battery life in this thing is no better than the Sega Nomad. Sure, the tech is great in many areas. But if you have to constantly charge the thing than play, that’s a problem. There’s many complaints that the battery drains too fast. And Facebook has known charging issues that they had to address.

            The other problems also exist. There’s no big games announced for the headset. GTA has become vaporware with no new information. Assassin’s Creed bombed that Ubisoft is backing off of full VR support. That’s not even counting the fact they canceled Splinter Cell. Not wanting is perfect in stand alone land. And you can put your fingers in your ear and la la la like a fool acting like there’s no problems with stand alone. Mixed reality is cool. But there’s barely anything worth playing in mixed reality. Where’s the content?

            There’s nothing wrong with a wire. Only a nose turned up snob would say there’s a problem with a wire. When wires produce better graphics, produce better relay of information above wireless any day. And wires provide full power without constantly charging a battery.

            So what you have to say doesn’t matter.

          • Gabe Zuckerwell

            What are you yapping about? Quest 2, Quest 3 delivers everything expected from mobile device. You seem butthurt about Meta success.

            Both of these headsets combined at full retail price are still cheaper than tons of pcvr headsets released. And pcvr attachment rate is non existent, cause for unlimited processing power you get gorilla tag and beat saber as the most popular games ever on the pcvr planet.

          • dean

            Current VR headsets can be divided into three categories: mobile, tethered or standalone. Tethered VR headsets have a connecting cable linking the headset to a PC. Because the graphical processing is done on the PC, tethered VR headsets are generally more powerful than their untethered counterparts.

      • dean

        I have a ps5 and and bought a psvr2 2nd hand for a few hundred. As much as I would love to get into pc gaming, I cannot afford to. For many, psvr2 is a choice between vr and no vr so that’s a win. If it’s opened up to pc then all the better.

    • STL

      Because its true. PSVR2 came with the promise of PSVR games becoming available on PSVR2 as well. It was supposed to be a hardware upgrade ONLY, not an entirely new „forth“ system in addition to PCVR, AVP and PSVR.

  • Gabe Zuckerwell

    For competition sake, I hope it won’t work with SteamVR. We need more storefronts, not bigger valve monopoly

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      I love SteamVR, and Gabe- it’s in my name after all. But I worship Mark, and would love to polish him off.

      So, other storefronts, we have Epic, GOG, Origin, Microsoft, UPlay off the top of my immature head, I don’t know what I’m talking about do I…?

      • ViRGiN

        sorry, i drank too much with my homies and gayfriends in vrchat last night and i dont know what im talking about, plus the added weight from dickhard headset aint helpin’

        • kakek

          My dudes, things have gottent a bit strange with you lately. I’m getting worried.
          Hope you remember this is just shitposting for gigles, about a micro sub-market of videogames, with no influence on anything serious.

          • ViRGiN

            i don’t know why are you taking unserious comments seriously posted in a response to an imposter.

  • impurekind

    This sounds like a great move to me, and something I actually think all VR headsets should be able to do. I wish the Quest headsets could plug directly into PC and play games basically natively and without any compression just like the first Rift did. As far as I’m aware, not even the Link cable allows that properly.

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    Dropping the EDID check has no drawbacks, as this is just a unique device ID. The original Oculus SDK only showed an image if it recognized the EDID of the Rift DK1 (easily spoofed with micro-controller). Besides enabling automatic configuration, EDID checks just artificially limit the use.

    DSC/DisplayPort compression on the other hand provides real benefit. The PSVR2 showing 2000*2040 per eye @120Hz has a bandwidth requirement that just fits within the limits of DP1.3, an increase to 2040*2040 would already put it over budget. PSVR2 connects via USB-C using DP-Alt mode, bundling several USB data lines for video, and all four superspeed lines needed to transfer the full, uncompressed resolution of the PSVR2.

    But using all four causes problems, like not enough bandwidth remaining to send back camera data to be analyzed on the PS5/PC. According to iVRy, PSVR2 therefore only uses two lines for DP. It compensates the lacking bandwidth with a high compression factor, though DSC is much less visible than the h264/h265 compression used for wireless streaming, with typical factors of ~1.25 being unnoticeable. The PSVR2 firmware dropping the DSC requirement increases compatibility, but using PSVR2 with uncompressed DP1.3 could interfere with eye tracking (if four lines can be used for DP), or significantly reduce either resolution or frequency, plus you wouldn’t be able to use HDR. Most modern GPUs support DP1.4/DSC, so I hope this is not an artificial limitation on PC.

    • iVRy

      It doesn’t drop DSC requirement, it just tells the PC that it supports it now. Previously we had to spoof that with hardware.

    • iVRy

      PSVR2 does not have pin connections for USB-C USB2, and they stream too much data over USB for USB2, even if it did, so the only option available is 2 lane DP and USB3 RX/TX.

      • Christian Schildwaechter

        In theory the SoC integrated into PSVR2 could have a mode enabling using all four lanes for DP, at the cost of only being able to send back limited sensor data like IMU data or positional data from spatial tracking done on the HMD itself over the slow USB auxiliary channel. It would basically turn PSVR2 into something like the Rift S, though there would have been very little reason to do so, unless they had planned for PC DP1.3 compatibility all the time.

        The sole reason I even mention it is that the 2*2000*2040*120Hz fits the DP1.3 uncompressed bandwidth so exactly that it has to be by design. Though it is more likely that they started the design with DP1.3 in mind, then later switched to DP1.4/DSC on 2 lane DP to solve both the back channel problem and enable HDR, with the display specification already fixed by that time.

        • iVRy

          The AUX channel has never been used in this manner, and at 1/10 of the speed of USB1.0, it would be completely useless for anything that PSVR2 does (like 2000Hz IMU data for example).

          DSC is part of the (DPRX) module that MediaTek used in the design, and there’s no indication of anything else being used at any point.

          So we are clear (as you don’t appear to have read my other replies), DSC is *REQUIRED* to use PSVR2 on any platform. Nothing has changed, read my other replies for more details.

    • iVRy

      Sadly just picked up on developer conversations and gazumped the announcement, they are not speaking from a position of having analysed anything.

  • eadVrim

    Good news, specialty for players of MFS VR that works in bad performances with Quest 3 even with link cable, that not the case for HP Reverb G2.

  • MeowMix

    How is the tracking processed ? Since the PSVR2 lacks onboard processing, it’ll need a host device to process the tracking. Does SONY release a PC app ? Will Valve create their own software stack to process the tracking of a 3rd party headset ? (that’d be a first).

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      At no point in history there ever was a word about playing PCVR games, just PC.

    • Christian Schildwaechter

      PSVR2 includes a custom Sony SoC for controller/haptics handling, DP decoding, display etc., significantly smaller than e.g. the XR2+ in Quest Pro, with a small cooler. It’s not performing any heavy computation, but is capable of (cheap) room and controller tracking, something the 2017 SD835 in Quest 1 already did with just its Hexagon DSP (~10% of the chip area). This basic onboard tracking is visible when connecting the PSVR2 to a PC, resulting in a large, floating screen showing the image send from the PC, correctly projected inside VR and positionally stable, without the PC doing any of the projection.

      But this makes PSVR2 just a large virtual display. To be used with PCVR, Sony has to release an OpenXR stack/software that allows using PSVR2 as a SteamVR headset, just like HTC or Bigscreen did. Which shouldn’t be that hard/expensive, considering that all VR SDKs provide similar functionality, making it easy to translate between them.

      The big question is whether Sony will offer the (Tobii) eye tracking for PC, which is essential for huge performance gains from ETFR on PS5. Titles like HCotM or RE4/RE8 are only possible in VR because of ETFR, and the needed motion estimation is too computationally heavy for the SoC, do it has to run on PS5/PC. Without it, the PSVR2 would only be another 2K PCVR HMD.

  • Alex

    I hope that this will motivate Praydog to port its VR mod to RE4 Remake, since it won’t be exclusive to the PS5 platform. Does anyone have news about that ?

    • Andrew Jakobs

      You can do it yourself using his UEVR mod. And people are already playing it in VR.

      • Alex

        But without full motion control. I’m clearly asking about the full VR gaming experience.

  • Ardra Diva

    Sony should have created a wireless link instead of tethering. Meta and Steam links work great for my Quest 3.

    • Alex

      At that price, I agree they should have.

  • Dr Dub

    From a business perspective, this seems to be appealing to a tiny subset of gamers. Can’t see Sony offloading much surplus stock.

    I mean ignoring that VR is a niche already, the only people buying this are PC gamers who also own a PS5, and didn’t think that existing Steam/Meta offerings, or the PS5 VR library offered enough to warrant a purchase alone.

    So just the guys who own both platforms, but required access to all the exclusives on both platforms to justify buying a headset.

    A PC gamer who doesn’t have a PS5 or isn’t fussed about the PS5 titles, will get a Quest 3 every single time.

    As an owner of both headsets, if I owned neither I’d get the Quest 3 and sacrifice the PS5 exclusives, such is the technical advantage of the Quest 3 with massively superior optics and wireless.

  • This, together with the suspension of production… are not good signs

  • DimSumOfNothing

    this information can’t be found in any patch notes


    Im so happy that i waited with Quiest2 purchase
    If this indeed going to work, ill buy me a PSVR2 for PC [I also have PS5, but its shit hardware, when PS5Pro comes out it will be better for VR]

    • STL

      The same. Colors & Comfort – PSVR2 is leading in both.

  • STL

    PC VR is only poor, because it is open for rich tech nerds only. It is NOT a consumer product. Not yet! Sony could change that. Will re-buy PS VR2.

    • XRC

      PCVR isn’t affordable because it requires a gaming PC with discrete GPU capable of supporting VR.

      You are suggesting the solution is Sony’s £529 headset?

      Doesn’t change anything, because Meta Quest 2 performs the same function when tethered (cable or wireless) to PC, but only costs £199.

      You’ll still need an expensive gaming PC for either headset….

  • polysix

    Don’t know what plebs thought it would be a ‘streaming solution’ requiring the PS5 too. It was quite clear from the initial statement they meant ‘will work on PC as a PC HMD’. All this speculation and mental fussing for no reason.

    Anyway, it’s good news. Even though I returned my (2) PSVR2s for awful lenses and even more awful MURA and am currently happy with my Quest Pro for wireless PCVR (dedicated router), there are certain things I miss about PSVR2 (haptics and OLED).

    GT7 was great in VR but the PS5 is a bit underpowered for VR, the PRO will help there I hope.

    PSVR2 needs a revision with better screen quality control (MURA calibration or better OLED supply) and revised comfort/lenses. Tracking algos need improving too (was always having to rescan room), better batteries in controllers. Triggers were awesome of course.

    If Sony also release GT7 and the proper RE ports on PC for PSVR2 (or any other HMD for that matter) then THAT is great, GT7 on a PC 2-4x faster than even a PS5 PRO should finally do it justice.

    Oh and the PSVR2’s head haptics are no gimmick, they really DID add immersion in GT7.

    • Candy Cab

      I’m curious as to what the HMD haptics are replicating in GT7 ?
      I don’t think anyone is doing any sort of HMD haptics in the sim racing space on PC.

    • ViRGiN

      Hold your horses. If Sony meant PCVR, they would say PCVR, not PC. It might be just a theather gaming of flat titles.
      Why would Sony work with valve to add PSVR2 to SteamVR support?
      There is no “VR” support on Windows machines, WMR is extinct, it’s not going to rely on Oculus app either.

      If it was going to work through SteamVR, who is going to guarantee compatibility? Controls? steamvr despite ‘automatic remapping’ still struggles with games that were built only for quest/rift controllers for example.

      PSVR2 is a flop, and it will be even bigger flop after it’s made to work with PC, whatever the form it takes.